50 Of The Best Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Families

50 Of The Best Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Families

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Fun indoor winter activities for kids when you are stuck inside at home. Perfect for rainy days or for when winter cabin fever strikes. We’ve got fun ideas for children of all ages. Includes active games to burn energy, imaginative play, crafts, sensory fun and quiet games to play.    

Are you wanting some fun indoor winter activities?

Are you stuck inside trying to figure what to do with our child that doesn’t involve screen time? Below you’ll find a list of a variety of indoor activities for any child to do when they’re stuck inside!

Indoor Activities

Having a list of fun and easy activities that are ready to go at a moment’s notice is a sanity saver. To save you time I I scoured the Internet to create a this list of the very best indoor activities to help you when the weather is horrid.  You might want to pin this post, because you’re probably going to need it again. … and again….and again. AGHH!

50 Of The Best Fun Indoor Winter Activities 

Start with secret codes

Kids love secret codes and they are the perfect activity for a rainy day. Check out 6 Amazing Secret Codes Your Kids Will Really Enjoy

“Secret Codes For Kids” introduces 5 fun ciphers. Each code has an instruction sheet and a fun activity page for practice. There are also 2 pages of tips and links for parents that will help you create coded messages really quickly.

Spark the Imagination

Most kids have great imaginations and love to use them. Here’s some great activities that will get those creative juices flowing.

  1. Get out some blankets and cushions and create a blanket fort in your living room. Once constructed invite your children to join you in some imaginative play. What will your fort become? Will it be a pirate’s lair, secret agent headquarters, or will you go exploring the jungle? Let your children take the lead and follow their imaginations into wondrous lands. When you are done it can simply become a place to snuggle and read together.
  2. Make some puppets and create a show. You’ll find some great ideas here and here.  Alternatively challenge family members to make puppets out of household items. If you want to go one step further head over to P is For Preschooler to find out how to make a puppet theater from an old cardboard box.
  3. Set out a large cardboard box and some markers and see what happens.
  4. Make fairy houses.
  5. Raid your recycling box and invite your kids to create a cardboard city . Barley and Birch provides great instructions. This should get the creativity going.
  6. Buy some road tape and invite your kids to create a road system all around the house.
  7. Older kids might enjoy making these adorable tin can robots. This activity requires a little more planning, but it would be super fun to do. Why not build robots from common household items and toys?

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Indoor Activities
Burn Off Some Energy

When kids are stuck indoors they need to get that energy out. Here are some great indoor games to get them active!

  1. Turn on some lively music and have a crazy dance party. Move the furniture back to create a large open space.  Raid the kitchen cupboards to create some impromptu musical instruments and have a parade.  Perhaps you could even learn how to dance the Charleston
  2. Have a dirty-sock fight. Take the socks right off your feet, ball them up and challenge your kids to a throwing battle. This activity is almost guaranteed to get everyone laughing. Raid your laundry hampers for extra ammunition. Make up teams to help out younger children.
  3. Hand out some balloons and see how long they can bat it back and forth before it hits the ground. Older kids can have more than one balloon or use one hand only.
  4. Set up indoor activity stations! Make signs for different activities: jumping jacks, planks, crawling through tape/rope, balancing activities. Set a timer, and have your kids move through the stations.”
  5. Make a ginormous pile of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals, near a couch or the bottom of your stairway. Then invite your kids to jump away!
  6. Invite your kids to create an obstacle course using furniture and household items. How fast can you go through?

More energy busters

  1. Escape Room for Kids| Teaching Ideas
  2. Indoor Active Game: Land, Sea, And Air| What Do We Do All Day
  3. Treasure Hunt with Rhyming Clues| Kid’s Activities
  4. Contact Paper Ice Skating Rink|Joy in the Works
  5. Hallway Laser Maze| Always Autumn
  6. Balloon Tennis|Little Bins For Little Hands
  7. Indoor Scavenger Hunt| Moms Collab
  8. Giant Floor Maze for Kids| Craftivity Designs
  9. Flashlight Hide-n-Seek Game | SchoolTime Snippets
  10. Bean Bag Toss|Dirt and Boogers
  11. Shape Hopscotch| Housing a Forest
  12. Indoor Foot Volleyball

Indoor Activities
Get Creative

Bring out the art supplies. It’s time to get creative!

  1. If you feel like something creative why not make some art inspired by a favorite book. Meri Cherry shows you how to do that with some Eric Carle inspired mixed up chameleon art. Now bring out the art supplies and make some of your own. What pictures will you create?
  2. Rachelle from Tinkerlab shares some pictures from a collaborative sketchbook that she and her daughter are working on. In the post Rachelle describes how she and her daughter work together to produce the art. This is family connection at its best. I loved the conversation and bonding that occurs during the process.
  3. Introduce your children to Picasso by creating Picasso style portraits. Create a gallery by mounting the picture on the wall.
  4. Read the book Swatch:The Girl Who Loved Color by and then Go wild with color.
  5. Have some fun making your own comic strips. Kids love making comics and we have a step by step guide.

Includes 12 different layouts, planning pages and speech bubbles /sounds effects. Super easy to use. Just print off the pages you need. 

More Creative Activities

  1. Craft for Kids| Play-Based Parenting
  2. Monster Bookmarks| Red Ted Art
  3. Shoebox Dioramas|Artful Parent
  4. Adventure Writing Prompts | Journal Buddies
  5. Make Grassheads| Red Ted Art
  6. Painted Wood Sculpture| Artful Parent
  7. 12 Easy rock painting ideas for kids

Indoor Activities

Quieter Indoor Games

These are a great few indoor games to play. Some of them double as learning activities, which is always a plus.

  1. Dots and Boxes Game| What Do We Do All Day
  2. Card Games For Kids| Delia Creates
  3. How to play vintage kids games: Beetles and Five Stones| Kiddy Charts
  4. Button Golf | JDaniel4’s Mom
  5. How to Play MASH With Your Kids|It’s Always Autumn
  6. 102 Would You Rather Questions for Kids
  7. Play Fishbowl
  8. Catch a Bug Game| Picklebums
  9. Lego Challenge Cards|Life Over C’s
  10. 10 Family Board Games|Kids Love Board Games
  11. 200 Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids

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Sensory Games

I know lots of kids that just LOVE hands-on, sensory play. Here are a few fun ones I’ve found to share.

  1. Sand Play with Natural Materials| Mother Natured
  2. Play Dough Fossils Identification Game| The Soccer Mom Blog
  3. Kinetic Sand|Momdot
  4. ChalkboardSlime| Bable Dabble Do
  5. Rainbow Dyed Noodles| Growing a Jewelled Rose

Science Fun

Kids love doing science experiments and they are remarkably simple to set up. Here are some fabulous ideas from Babble Dabble Do We also have

Your Turn

fun indoor winter activities

What are some of your favorite fun indoor winter activities for kids on a rainy day? Share them below, would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. Oh my gosh! This list is huge! Your burn off some energy ideas are awesome because most of it is stuff people have around their house anyway. I have six kids and they have done almost every one of those activities and more than once.

    One of my favorites is the MASH game for an independent activity especially for a group of girls. I love it so much I created 19 more games just like MASH. You can check it out here https://www.growingplay.com/product/mash-game-20-fun-games-to-predict-your-future/

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