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102 Of The Best Would You Rather Questions For Kids

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Have you ever found yourself playing “would you rather” with your children. I swear this game has magical properties. Not only do kids love it, but the questions seem to get even the most reluctant child talking. As a Mom and youth group leader I’ve found that Would You Rather questions are a great thing to have up your sleeve.

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Why do I say this? You can pull them out on road trips, in the doctor’s office, at the restaurant, or standing in line to ride the Sky Scream roller coaster (not me!) Or use them as

  • Conversation starters
  • Icebreakers
  • To provide impromptu entertainment for any group of kids
  • A way to get to know your kids a little better

How Do You Play Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a game in which players have to choose between two options. These questions can range from simple, to funny, to thought provoking. Would you rather

  • eat a raw potato or a lemon?
  • sneeze cheese or laugh jellybeans?
  • live in Narnia or go to school at Hogwarts?

I’m not sure about that last one. I mean how do you choose between Narnia and Hogwarts? Seriously, though, this game is a lot of fun and is a great way to connect with your kids.

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Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Just For Fun

Watch Jeff Kinney (The Diary of a Wimpy Kid) answer some Would You Rather questions

And you know what? Anyone can come up with Would You Rather questions and kids are particularly good at it. Still it is good to have a whole wack of them ready to go, so you don’t have to think. You know those days when your parent brain is fried. So you simply cannot think of anything more original than, “Would you rather eat an apple or an orange?”

So, I set out to create a list of the best Would You Rather questions for kids. It turns out that you can find lots of these questions online. Unfortunately you end up wading through quite of the most boring questions ever. Things like “Would you rather go on a slide or swing on swing?” or “Would you rather play hide and seek or dodge ball?” They were rather boring and not likely to elicit discussion or giggles.

I spent hours reading through dozens of Would You Rather questions for kids. Then I put together a list of the best questions for you.

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My Criteria For Selecting Good Questions

I didn’t have a long list of criteria, but I wanted to make sure that all the questions were

  • Clean and family friendly.
  • Fun and light. This isn’t the kind of game that you want to bog down with difficult scenarios.
  • Questions that parents would enjoy as much as the kids. There’s nothing worse than trying to muster up enthusiasm for a game that is dull.

Some are good icebreakers. Others will make your kids laugh and a few of them will make the whole family think. There are questions for younger kids and others that will be perfect for tweens and teens.

All you have to do is take a quick read through and pick the questions that are just right for your children!

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions For Kids

To make this super convenient for you. I have created a free printable with the complete list of questions.

All you have to do is print it and keep these questions handy at home or in the car. Then ask a question at dinner, in the waiting room, or any other time you want to have fun with your kids. That’s easy isn’t it?

Download the free Would You Rather Questions from the library. You’ll find them in the Family Activities printables.

Need Something More Portable?

The list is available free. BUT if you want something that is easier to carry around, check out the Would You Rather cards in my shop. They don’t cost much I promise.

  1. Download your cards here.
  2. Print. Cardstock will last longer, but paper will work just as well. If you want to make them super durable you can laminate the pages.
  3. Cut out the cards.
  4. Pop them into your container of choice and keep them close at hand. It is that simple.

Want to take them with you? Punch a hole in one corner and put the whole set on a book binding ring like this. This keeps the cards together, so you can throw them in your purse or keep them in the glove compartment.

Get your own set of these Would You Rather Questions here.

102  Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Without further ado, here are the questions

Would you rather

  1. eat a can of dog food or a rotten apple?
  2.  have grass for hair or a banana for a nose?
  3. hop around everywhere or only be able to walk backwards?
  4. be able to turn into a cat or a dog?
  5. have hands instead of feet or feet instead of hands?
  6. have a dragon’s wings or a unicorn horn?
  7. hold a snake or kiss a jellyfish?
  8. have a pig nose or a pig tail?
  9.  always talk in rhymes or sing instead of speak?
  10.  learn to be a clown or an acrobat?
  11. fly high in the sky with a huge kite or go on a swing as tall as a building?
  12. be able to fly or become invisible?
  13. not be allowed to wash your hands or your hair for a month?
  14. be the worst player on a team that always wins or the best player on a team that always loses?
  15. go to Disney World for a day or go see your favorite singer in concert?
  16.  be brilliant at water skiing or snow skiing?
  17. have an extra finger or an extra toe?
  18. be the funniest or the smartest person alive?
  19. have the chance to design a new toy or direct a movie?
  20.  be a famous magician or a famous actor?
  21.  have control of the weather or be able to talk to animals?
  22.  be the best at painting or dancing?
  23. speak every language or play every instrument?
  24. eat a raw potato or a lemon?
  25. live without a TV or a phone?
  26. be a detective or a pilot?
  27. live in a tree house or a secret cave?
  28. go anywhere in the world (your choice) or buy ten expensive toys (your choice)?
  29. visit a haunted castle or stay in an underwater hotel?
  30. have no elbows or no knees?

Would you rather

  1. perform with your favorite singer or star in a movie?
  2. be a wizard or a superhero?
  3. own a castle or a private jet with a pilot?
  4. be able to climb like a monkey or hold your breath as long as a whale?
  5. be able to talk to dogs or talk to cats?
  6. have a never-ending supply of chips or candy?
  7. win an Olympic gold medal or win a million dollar in the lottery?
  8. be a pilot or fire fighter?
  9. eat a dead bug or a live worm?
  10. sneeze peanut butter or cough up chocolate spread?
  11. live in an amusement park or a zoo?
  12. give up your computer or have no junk food for a month?
  13. be the author of a best selling a book or star in a movie?
  14. live in Narnia or go to school at Hogwarts?
  15. be the best student in your school or be the captain of one of the sport teams?
  16. have to sing instead of speaking or dance instead of walking?
  17. save your country from an invasion or a terrible disease?
  18. be very short or extremely tall?
  19. never have homework again or be paid to do your homework?
  20. have to eat a bowl full of worms or a whole frog?
  21. live without your phone for two weeks or your computer for a month?
  22. be invisible or be able to fly?
  23. live in a huge tree house or beneath the sea?
  24. have the power to run as fast as the speed of light, or the power to walk through walls?
  25. live one hundred years in the future or one hundred years in the past?
  26. have extremely small eyes or a ginormous nose?
  27. have flowers growing in your hair or your belly button?
  28. have a magic carpet that flies or a time machine?
  29. be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?
  30. be able to type/text very fast or be able to read really quickly?

Would you rather

  1. be able to control fire or water?
  2. hold a big hairy spider or a gigantic snake?
  3. invent a new holiday or create a new sport?
  4. turn into a bear or a bird for a day each week?
  5. become five years older or two years younger?
  6. have ninja-like skills or be able to talk any language?
  7. be able to remember everything you read or solve any math problem?
  8. have a tail or wings?
  9. be bulletproof or be able to survive falls from any height?
  10. ride a dragon or a broomstick?
  11. have hair that changes color with your mood or skin that changes color with the temperature?
  12. have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?
  13. have super strength or super speed?
  14. be able to move things with your mind or turn invisible?
  15. be able to find anything that was lost or know when someone is lying?
  16. have a holiday in a castle or a lighthouse?
  17. be able to read minds or see one day into the future?
  18. visit a new country every summer or get an extra month of summer break?
  19. be brilliant at art or science?
  20. have no homework or no tests?
  21. be able to control the length of your hair or your height?
  22. have the power to shrink things to half their size or make them twice their size?
  23. be able to change colors like a chameleon or hold your breath for as long as a whale?
  24. eat your favorite food every day or find 5 dollars under your pillow every morning?
  25. Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?
  26. be able to make plants grow very quickly make it rain whenever you wanted?
  27. lick a dirty trash can or the bathroom floor?
  28. have a magic bicycle that flies or your own personal robot?
  29. have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses?
  30. be the fastest person in the world or able to freeze time?
  31. have 3 legs or 3 arms?
  32. be able to skip any class or get as much screen time as you want?
  33. be a friendly ghost or a scary monster
  34. get to eat whatever you want or go to bed whenever you want?
  35. know the answer to every question or be able to play any instrument.
  36. be able to talk to animals or fly?
  37. have a big head or a small body?
  38. kiss all the people or animals that you meet.
  39. be able to walk up the side of a tall building  or jump right over in a single bound
  40. eat a bucket of apple cores or 20 banana peels?
  41. find a chest full of treasure or a magic lamp that gives you 3 wishes
  42. have a magic wand or a cloak that makes you invisible?

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Bonus: 12 Silly Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Silly would you rather questions are very popular with kids. In fact the sillier the better! Here are some extra silly questions to get the whole family giggling!

Would you rather have

  1. a pie smushed onto your face or silly string sprayed all over your body?
  2. eyeballs made out of jello or a nose made out of fruit loops?
  3. 10 fingers on each of your hands or 10 toes on each foot?
  4. to sneeze or burp every 10 minutes?
  5. tiny feet and huge hands or huge feet and tiny hands?
  6. sound like a cow every time you laughed or a chicken when you screamed?
  7. drink with your ears or eat with your bellybutton?
  8. live a house built with graham crackers or drive a car made from jello?
  9. wear shoes on the wrong feet or someone else’s smelly shoes?
  10. have ears that turned blue every time you got sad or a nose that turned purple every time you got angry?
  11. have eyebrows that kept growing or no eyebrows at all?

Would You Rather For Kids Online

I went looking for some would you rather for kids online. To my surprise there were very few options, particularly for kids.

Random word generator had the best options. You can set the number of questions you want, but you can’t select an age group. I didn’t see any wildly inapporiate questions, but there were some question that kids wouldn’t really understand. You can always click past those.

This site generates random questions, but they are not all suitable for kids. Obviously, you will want to select casual mode and I would make sure the adult is in charge of clicking next question.

Need More Would You Rather Questions?

Your Turn

What do you think? Will you try some of these Would You rather questions for kids?

would you rather questions for kids

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