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Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids: The Ultimate List

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Looking for a fun family game that is super easy to play? Never Have I Ever fits the bill perfectly. The rules are super easy to learn and the game is fun for both older and younger children to play.

Family laughing together

Read on if you want to learn how to play this game, or if you are on the hunt for new questions! We’ll give you a quick explanation of the rules and throw in some suggestions for playing the game in different ways. After all we don’t want it to get boring.

The best part? We have compiled a massive list of never have I ever questions that you can use. We’ve even divided them into categories, so you can easily pick a theme if you wish. Or mix it up. It is completely up to you.

Are you ready to begin?

In a Hurry?

What Are Some Good Never Have I Ever Questions?

Here’s the thing? Anyone can come up with Never Have I Ever Questions and compiling a list might be a fun family activity Still I think it is helpful to have a huge list on hand. That way you can play the game at a moment’s notice.

There are dozens on-line and many of them are not family friendly. So, I set out to create a list of the best Never Have I Ever questions for kids. 

Some will make your kids laugh and a few of them are quite outrageous. There questions that are perfect for younger kids and others that are better for teens and tweens (check out the confessions).

You can take a quick read through and pick the questions that are just right for your children!

Over 200 NEVER HAVE I EVER QUESTIONS FOR KIDS. This fun family game is easy to set up and play. We’ve even divided the questions into categories, so you can pick a theme if you wish. Or mix it up. It is completely up to you.

The Ultimate List of Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids

Never Have I Ever Confessions

These are probably best for older kids and tweens. Only use them if you are willing to accept the answers without comment or lectures. It might be fun for your kids to see how many of these you did!

Never have I ever

  • slid down a stair rail?
  • climbed out a window?
  • sniffed my underwear to see if it’s clean or dirty.
  • secretly wished I were a wizard at Hogwarts
  • wiped my nose on my clothes
  • not done my homework.
  • not showered for more than two days
  • laughed at the wrong time
  • watched a film that I wasn’t allowed to watch
  • pretended to like something when I didn’t
  • pretended to laugh at something that wasn’t funny
  • stayed up all night playing video games
  • fed my dinner to the dog when parents weren’t looking
  • faked needing the bathroom to get out of something
  • said I cleaned my teeth when I didn’t
  • pretended to do my chores
  • made silly faces at my parents and teachers when they weren’t looking
  • blamed my brother or sister for the mess I created
  • faked being sick to get out of school
  • scretly eavesdropped on my parents
  • been told off for messing around in the class
  • eaten my boogers
  • not done my homework.
  • brought something to school I wasn’t supposed to
  • tried to hide my report card.
never have I ever questions for kids

Food Flavored Never Have I Ever Questions

Food is always a good topic and suitable for all ages. Challenge your kids to come up with their own food related statements.

Never have I ever

  • eaten a lemon?
  • smelled a rotten egg?
  • tried artichokes?
  • eaten the hard popcorn kernels
  • roasted marshmallows
  • eaten stale chips
  • had dessert for dinner.
  • eaten an entire box of cookies in one sitting.
  • eaten Nutella with a spoon.
  • used too much salt
  • drank milk right from the carton.
  • eaten an insect on purpose
  • dipped my finger into the peanut butter jar then put it back on the shelf
  • tasted blue cheese
  • eaten something dropped on the floor

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Dad and daughter laughing at never have I ever questions for kids

Never Have I Ever Experiences

These are great questions to use as ice breakers with a group of kids.

Never have I ever

  • Built a fort?
  • Climbed a mountain?
  • Gone zip lining?
  • Climbed a rock wall?
  • Explored a cave?
  • Flown on a plane?
  • Gone inside a castle?
  • Hiked to a falls?
  • Seen the Pacific Ocean?
  • Moved to a different state?
  • Gone tubing?
  • Moved to a different town?
  • Pitched a tent?
  • Ridden on a train?
  • Rode in a boat?
  • Seen the Atlantic Ocean?
  • Skied down a mountain?
  • Slept under the stars?
  • Surfed?
  • Swam in the ocean?
  • Seen the Grand Canyon?
  • Swung on a rope into the water?
  • Traveled out of my country?
never have I ever questions for kids

Animal Themed Never Have I Ever

These are grood for all ages, but particularly good for younger kids. You can expect to hear a lot of stories!

Never have I ever

  • been pecked or chased by a chicken or rooster?
  • kissed a frog?
  • milked a cow?
  • petted an elephant?
  • kissed a seal
  • seen a dolphin
  • swallowed a bug by accident
  • been stung by an insect?
  • like spiders
  • held a snake
  • eaten the dog’s treats
  • licked my pet when no-one was looking
  • stepped on a dog poop while barefoot
  • caught lightening bugs
  • picked up a worm and chased someone with it
  • found a bug crawling inside your shirt
  • touched a slug
  • seen a cat or dog throw up
  • run into a flock of birds to make them fly away
  • dressed up a dog or cat
Mom and child laughing at never have I ever questions for kids

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids

Because giggling over a shared joke is one of the best ways to connect with your kids.

Never have I ever

  • laughed so hard I cried
  • made a funny phone prank
  • accidentally worn my clothes inside out
  • danced in front of the mirror
  • had an embarrassing haircut
  • blamed the dog
  • stuck my tongue to a frozen pole
  • wiped my nose on my clothes
  • farted in the car
  • tried cutting my friend’s hair.
  • done a duck face selfie.
  • had a drink come out my nose
  • spit out food because it tasted so bad
  • played a practical joke on my friends
  • walked into something.
  • accidentally laughed out loud with earphones on.
  • tripped for no reason
  • put something other than my finger in my nose
  • danced in front of a mirror
  • burped words

Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids (free printable)

Download a free list of Never Have I Ever Questions from the library.

You’ll get 100 Never Have I Ever Questions to use as you like. You’ll find the free list with the Printable Family Activities.

Never Have I Ever Learned …

These bunch of questions are a mixed bag, but can generally be grouped as things you learn. They are great for all ages.

Never have I ever

  • cleaned a toilet?
  • counted to 500?
  • crocheted?
  • drawn a cube?
  • folded origami (japanese paper folding art)?
  • hammered a nail?
  • identified any birds?
  • identified any wildflowers?
  • kept a diary?
  • learned how to swim?
  • loaded a dishwasher?
  • looked through a microscope?
  • made a collage?
  • made a stamp out of a potato?
  • measured with a ruler or a yardstick?
  • played a piano?
  • played an electric guitar?
  • reused a plastic bottle?
  • ridden a scooter?
  • tied a square knot?
  • used a hammer?
  • used a stencil?
  • vacuumed my room?
  • washed windows?
  • written a paragraph?
  • written a poem?

How Do You Play Never Have I Ever With Kids?

For the classic version of the game you don’t need anything except a list of questions. The aim of the game is just to have fun and maybe learn something new about the other players. Get ready for lots of giggles!

Girls holding up fingers for a Never Have I Ever Game

Invite players to hold out both hands with all fingers and thumbs outstretched. One player reads out a Never Have I Ever question, so for example, “Never ever have I eaten a lemon.”  Any player who has eaten a lemon, must fold down one finger or thumb. You can choose one player to read out the questions or take it in turns.

Continue playing and asking questions until the first player has all finger and thumbs folded down. A player is out when they have folded down all their fingers and thumbs. The last player with fingers outstretched is the winner.

Of course, some questions have stories attached to them, so encourage kids to tell their stories. Seriously, aren’t you curious to know what kind of prank call your kid made? Or maybe not!

Of course, there are many variations of this game to keep things fun. Try these!

Different Ways of Playing Never Have I Ever For Kids

Playing with candy

Each player is given 10 pieces of candy. Play as before but players must eat one piece of candy instead of folding down a finger.

Playing with Water Balloons

This is a fun one for summertime birthday parties. Each player is given 10 water balloons! Play as usual, but everyone who has done it, throws a water balloon at someone else.

Worried about the impact of balloons on the environment? Use a water blasters instead. You are out when your water is gone.

True or False

This one is a fun twist on the game. Players take it in turns to read out “Never have I ever” statement. The other players must guess whether they think the statement is true or not.

Each player that guesses correctly gets a point.

Playing As Teams

You can also play as teams. This is great for large gatherings and birthday parties. Divide into two teams. Each player gets 5 points. A player on one team reads the first never have I ever statement. If anyone on the other team has done it, then their team loses points as follows.

  • For 1 person the team loses 1 point.
  • When 2 people have done it, then their team loses 4 points.
  • If 3 then 6 points

And so on.

What Are The Rules For Never Have I Ever?

  • Have fun
  • Keep it light, particularly when using the questions in the confession category. Don’t use those questions if a positive answer will upset you.
  • Each player starts with 10 points.
  • Each player loses a point for each never have I ever statement they have done.
  • If you want to make the game competitive, continue asking questions until all the players except 1 are out of points; the player with points is the winner. Or switch it around so that the person who loses their points first wins.

Never Have I Ever Generator

If you run out of questions, then an on-line generator can be helpful. The following sites produce random questions suitable for kids. Both sites have the option of adult and “dirty” questions, so I would suggest that an adult use the question generator.

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