36 Magical Science Experiments To Do With Your Kids Right Now

36 Amazing Magical Science Experiments Kids Will Love

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Try these magical science experiments for kids. Simple to set up at home and loads of fun for families. You kids will feel like they just got their letter from Hogwarts.

Magical science experiments

I recently organized a Harry Potter event for tweens. It was a blast! We made wands and dressed up in robes. The best part of the event was the magical activities. These were actually science experiments in disguise. We had a lot of fun with them and the tweens were super impressed.

Sometimes science can be downright magical.

Download a free Science Activity Sheet from the library. You’ll find the Activity Sheets in the free printables.

Set up some of these magical science experiments and impress your kids by bringing gummy worms to life, changing the colors of liquid, growing crystals, or magically inflating balloons with a simple spell.

Have fun! Enjoy the wide eyed wonder and the exclamations of delight. I know I did!

magical science experiments

36 Magical Science Experiments To Wow Your Kid

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble (Fizzing Experiments)!

  1. Bitz and Giggles has instructions for great experiment that lets you make gummy worms come alive!
  2. Don’t have gummy worms? DO the same thing with raisins
  3. Baking soda and vinegar science is always magical. Simple ingredients and loads of fun!!
  4. Magic rainbow rocks are a fun way for kids to discover a hidden surprise and demonstrate the reaction of combusting baking soda with vinegar.
  5. A bubbling lava lamp really wowed our library group and was so easy to put together.
  6. Of course we had to include the Elephant Toothpaste chemical reaction.
  7. Here’s another baking soda eruption. This time it is powered by a lemon.

Growing Magical Crystals

magic tricks for school
  1. Transform eggs into sparkling geodes. Wow!
  2. Make some crystal snowflakes with borax
  3. Head over to Happiness is Homemade to learn how to make crystals you can eat.
  4. Make a galaxy in a jar with these crystals.
  5. Grow a crystal rainbow.

Magical Slime

  1. Have you ever seen slime that changes color in response to heat! How cool is that? Head over to toLeft Brain where you will find a tutorial. This will really wow your kids.
  2. Babble Dabble Do combines art and science and transforms slime into a beautiful sun catcher.
  3. This magnetic slime from Frugal Fun For Boys looks like something you’d see on a horror movie (which means it is guaranteed to impress).
  4. How about some slime that glows in the dark?

Magical Liquids

  1. Did you know you can make magic with milk? Try this simple experiment and your kids can watch as milk dances right before their eyes! Free printable included!
  2. A magical Skittles experiment helps you explore colors, water stratification and more! This cool STEM activity perfect to do at home during the summer!
  3. Kids love this magic pepper and soap science experiment! You have all the supplies you need in the kitchen. Try it today!
  4. We made this potion that changes color. All you need is a purple cabbage and some vinegar and baking soda. This one really does look like magic. The kids were awed when it changed color.
  5. Use a special tea to make this color changing lemonade.
  6. Transform liquid into a solid and make ice cream in the process. It doesn’t get more magical than that!
  7. A similar experiment turns juice into a slushie.
  8. Make ice grow and create an ice tower

Want more Magic?

Check out our amazing Harry Potter Science Experiments. Create your own potions class, explore magical creatures, or enjoy some herbology. You can even try your hand at charms and transfiguration!

Science Magic Tricks For School

Science based magic tricks are a lot of fun and easy to do. These science magic tricks are great for a school project or set up your own magic show at home.

  1. I did this magical plastic bag experiment with some tweens and it was huge success. We used bamboo skewers instead of pencils. The record number inserted in a bag was 35.
  2. Defy gravity with magnets and a paper clip. This is a very cool magic trick.
  3. Use a magic spoon to separate salt and pepper. It is very impressive.
  4. Make a coin disappear with a jar and some water.

Some Final Experiments

  1. Make an egg shell disappear without ever touching it. Pure magic!
  2. How do you inflate a balloon without using breath? With science of course? At our Harry Potter event we inflated balloons by capturing Fungus Breath. The kids were really impressed with the results. It’s super easy to do. Download a free activity sheet to find another simple way to inflate balloons.
  3. Shape tooth picks into stars without touching them. This is a cool trick from Rookie Parenting.
  4. Use magnets to make a pen balance on its point and spin.
  5. Transform a sewing needle into a compass that points north.
  6. Turn a penny green – this happens over the course of a few days, but it is still impressive.
  7. I love these magical color changing unicorn noodles.
  8. Watch an egg get sucked into a bottle by air pressure

Your Turn

What is your kid’s favourite science experiment. Have you found any experiments that seem magical? Please leave some links in the comments below.

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Magical Science Experiments

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  1. The plastic bag experiment was huge during during a kindergarten science class as our library. They also loved “Polident Pop” – put coke and Polident in an old film canister, and as it builds pressure the lid shoots off! It’s so fun to see kids that excited about science!

    1. The plastic bag experiment seems to be a hit with every age group. The Polident Pop sounds like a lot of fun. Any ideas where to find film canisters?

      1. I agree with that one, Sharon. I’ve tried the plastic bag experiment on both kids and adults and evryone is amazed by it. Although I have to say the wide-eyed surprise and amazement on kids is so much more fun to watch — and of course, they’re more open to being sprayed on by the water when you start taking the pencils out. 🙂

        1. Sharon Harding

          It is such a great experiment! Our tweens also loved the bonus of the spraying water when they took the skewers out 🙂

    1. Click on the links to find the instructions. The links are the words in red. Just click on them.

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