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How To Draw Comic Strips: A Step By Step Guide

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Your Kids will have loads of fun creating their own comics! We’ll show you how to draw comic strips in seven easy steps. Includes templates, story line ideas, and video tutorials to help with drawing. Click through and get everything you need to start making your comics.

How to draw comic strips

Who else needs a simple activity that keeps kids occupied and doesn’t take more than a few minutes preparation? What if you could print off a few pages and get your kids engrossed in a fun and creative project? Sound good?

Well you’re in luck, because I have the prefect activity for you. Making comic strips. It is one of the simplest kid’s activities I know. All you need are some pencils and paper. You will also need a printer if you want to print out one of the templates.

And the best part? Kids love this activity. They enjoy it almost as much as making books or board games.

I’m going to show you how to draw comic strip in 7 easy steps. You don’t necessarily need to do all these steps as kids usually know what to do with blank comic book template. Still our step by step guide can be helpful.

How to draw comic strips
Everything you need to create your own comics

In a Hurry?

To make things really easy, I’ve created a Comic Book Activity Kit. It gives you everything you need to create your own comics and will help make each step really easy.

Includes 12 different layouts, step by step guide, ideas bank, planning pages and speech bubbles /sounds effects. Super easy to use. Just print off the pages you need. 

Are you ready to get started? I’ll walk you through the whole process

How to draw comic strips

How To Draw A Comic Strip In 7 Easy Steps

So, let’s get down to business. How do you draw a comic strip?

You Will Need:

1: Find Inspiration for Your Comic

First off you need to choose your theme for your comic. What is the setting? Who are the characters? What happens to them?

How To Draw Comic Strips

Comic strip ideas

Click here to get a list of 10 ideas that will get your creative juices running

2:  Plan your comic strip

Now you have your idea. It’s time to make a quick plan.

Comics are like any other short story. They have three parts:

  1. Beginning- Introduction
  2. Middle-Build-Up
  3. End- Punchline

It can be helpful to have a plan for your comic, but your kids may just want to leap straight into the drawing. That is fine too. It’s not as if they are doing this professionally and we want to keep it fun!

The Comic Book Activity has three planning pages to help you brainstorm and get your ideas in place.

planning pages

3 Make Your Comic Panels

Comic panels are the individual frames in the comic strip. They are usually separated by a small whitespace known as a gutter. There are dozens of different layouts and arrangements. You can make your own using a pencil and ruler

I’ve made two sets of comic book templates for you to use.

Free printable template

The first set is free. It has 4 different templates. Two with speech bubbles and two without. The first two has fewer panels. These are great for younger kids or anyone that needs space to add details. The final two templates use smaller panels. This is great for older kids who can draw smaller pictures or for anyone who wants more scenes. You can download the free set from the library. You’ll find it in the Family Activities section.

Printable Comic Activity Kit

The second set can be found in the store. The Comic Book Activity Kit is a fun and creative way to get kids writing. Kids love comics and this kit gives you everything you need to get started.

Includes 12 different layouts, step by step guide, ideas bank, planning pages and speech bubbles /sounds effects. Super easy to use. Just print off the pages you need. 

The Activity set includes

  • 12 pages of templates.
  • A page of speech bubbles, exclamations and arrows.
  • 3 brainstorming pages to help with planning
How to draw comic strips

4: Draw Your Comic

This is the point where it gets really fun! Now it’s time to create some art and draw your comic!

Encourage your kids to experiment and have fun.  Invite them to go crazy with the faces and expressions. Keep reading and you’ll  find  a whole bunch of video tutorials to help with drawing. At this point you are just drawing the most important things. You can go back and add details.

Tip: Don’t forget to leave room for the speech bubbles. Some templates have those built in, so you don’t have to worry. Otherwise cut out the speech bubbles or sound effects and place them on the template, so you know where they will go.

Video tutorials to show you how to draw comic strips

This video shows you how to draw cartoon faces

Christopher Hart has a whole series of videos about drawing cartoon people and animals

Stick figures are an easy way to start. Here is a video that shows how to add dynamic action to simple stick figures

Artist Pete McKee has a series of videos showing how to create cartoons with simple shapes.

5: Add in the speech and lettering

Now add in the lettering for your speech into your speech bubbles. Don’t forget that the size of the lettering can show whether a character is shouting or whispering. Large letters in capitals shows that someone is shouting.

How to draw comic strips

6: Add the details to your cartoon

Now it is time go back and add any extra details, such as expressions, backgrounds, movement lines, or shadows.

7: Inking

When you are happy with your drawing, take a fine tipped marker and draw over your pencil lines. It will make it easier to read the text and see the characters.

Download the Comic Book Activity Kit

By now you’ve realized it’s pretty simple to create a comic. Download the kit for your kids today.

Why Make a Comic Strip?

Most kids are natural storytellers. They love to tell stories from their own lives. What they did yesterday, what happened at Christmas, and the time a parent dropped the spaghetti sauce and said a rude word!

They also love to create imaginary worlds populated by quirky characters that do amazing things.

A comic strip is the prefect way to channel this creativity. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if your art isn’t perfect or looks a bit childish. Because that’s ok for this art form!

Besides, they are loads of fun!

Your Turn

Are you kids into comics? What are some of their favorites? Please leave a comment below.

How to draw comic strips