Could It Be Time For A Family Dance Party?

Could It Be Time For A Family Dance Party?

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When was the last time you held an impromptu dance party with your kids? Children have oodles of energy, so why not take advantage of it and build some memories? If you have had a hard day then a good song with a fast beat can quickly turn the mood around.

Turn off the screens, and gather the whole family for an impromptu all-ages dance party! These songs are child friendly and fun for the whole family.

The best thing about this activity is that it is super easy to do. Just put on your favorite music, crank it up, and yell “dance party!” Invite everyone to shimmer and shake with you. You don’t have to impress anyone, so let go and show your kids some of your famous dance moves.

To help get you in the mood I went to some of my favorite writers and asked them what music got their family dancing. Together we’ve put together the ultimate list of family-friendly tunes to help kids AND parents rock out together. It’s time to kick up your heels and have some fun.

  • Jen Burns from So They can Fly  reports that her kids like Overtime by Cash Cash
  • Natalie Alleblas from Unbusy Me said that she and her kids enjoy dancing and being silly to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars! They’ve even made up a dance move that she does if her kids are throwing a tantrum and she needs to change the mood. Brilliant tip!
  • Emma Craig from P is for Preschooler  said that anything by the Wiggles is usually enough to get everyone up and moving! I chose the Shimmie Shake
  • Liz Smith from The Connected Life observes that, “Spontaneous dance parties are a regular thing in our house.” Their song of choice was  Happy by Pharrell Williams
  • Author extraordinaire Kayla Thomas  and her daughter enjoy dancing to “I Like To Move It” by
  • Lisa Kiebe from Mummy 2 Mum added Mony Mony by Tommy James and the Shondells.
  • Niki Morgan from Play and Learn Everyday added Firework by Katy Perry
  • Of course I had to add a few songs. My suggestions are I’ve got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay and of course Twist and Shout by the Beetles

For your convenience I have gathered these songs into a single Playlist on 8Tracks, so you can play it from your devices. You can find it here .

8 thoughts on “Could It Be Time For A Family Dance Party?”

  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy. Bobby. Mc????
    Three Little Birds. Bob Marley
    789 Bare Naked Ladies
    Allergies. Bare Naked Ladies

  2. So much fun to be included in this Sharon!

    Natalie, yours is another one my kids love to boogie to. In fact my 3 year old loves to sing the lyrics (Uptown Funk) all the time (but it comes out sounding rather naughty to onlookers ears) 😉

  3. When my boys were 2 & 4 we relocated from the UK to Australia, leaving behind family and friends to start a new life. We spent many Saturday mornings with the music crancked up dancing around the house. We had a favourite album ‘The In Crowd’ and even now the boys are 12 &14 they have an impulsive desire to dance when they hear those particular tunes again! Our all time favourite to get everyone moving Tommy James and the Shondells ‘Mony Mony’.

    1. Sharon Harding

      Wow that was a huge move for your family! I came to Canada from the UK and it was quite an adjustment. Love your suggestion and have added it to the play list.

  4. If you ever want to get an entire roomful of people moving, adults or kiddos, unleash the joy of being Footloose. Great post Sharon.

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