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Positive Parenting

We all want to be a good parents. I imagine, that like me, you always envisioned a home full of joy and love. And you are desperate for your kids to look back fondly on their childhood. You know that these ARE the good old days for your children.

Then you find yourself burning the midnight oil and Googling, “How to get your kids to listen without yelling?” You know that this is not how you envisioned parenting. After all, doesn’t raising a child come naturally?

This positive parenting category helps you learn  about the qualities of good parents.

  • Discover what positive parents do to build a healthy parent child relationship.
  • Identify positive ways of disciplining and guiding your child.
  • Find out how to create a positive home environment and raise happy children.

Learn how to be a good parent amid the normal chaos of family life.

The Effects of Technology On Your Child’s Brain (and how to set limits)

Screens have become a huge part of our lives. Have you ever stopped to ask, “How does technology affect us?” I went looking for answers and discovered what recent studies and brain scans have to tell us about the impact of screen time on our brains. For your family’s sake take a moment to read what I learned and get some tools to help you find a healthy balance (includes free info sheet and helpful tools).