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Love Clips: The Easy Way To Brighten Someone’s Day

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Brighten someone’s day with our kindness clips? They are easy to put together and your kids will love distributing them. This is the perfect project for home or in the classroom. Join our conspiracy of kindness and spread some love.

brighten someone's day

Have you tried a family kindness project yet? They are a great way to encourage kids to be kind. It doesn’t have to be a big project. Small everyday acts can be very powerful. This project is really simple!

Just decorate the clips and put them together. Then leave them for others to find. The clothespins make it easy to clip them in all kinds of places. It’s a simple way to spread kindness and encouragement in your home, classroom or community.

I designed the kindness clips with a Thanksgiving theme, but the messages are good all year round.  Where will you leave your love clips?

How to brighten someone's day


So let’s get started. The clips print out on standard size paper. I would highly recommend that you print them out on cardstock. You have three options

free printable makes things easy
  • Full color design (use this when you are short on time)
  • Black and white design (so kids can enjoy coloring)
  • Blank (so kids can choose their own message and design)

I must confess I like the last option best as I am a big fan of open-ended art. Still I know that life is busy. Sometimes I find myself strapped for time and need an easier option.

close up of printable

Download the Free Kindness Clips file from the library. You’ll find them with Family Activities printables.

Download Now


Have you discovered glue dots yet? They are a parent’s best friend. You can use them anywhere you would use a hot glue gun. There is no mess and you don’t have to worry about burning little fingers.

Brighten someone's day


  • Download the file from the Library.
  • Choose which page you will use and print it on card stock.
  • Invite kids to decorate the clips and cut out the circles
  • Use the glue dots to attach the clips to spring clothespins

That’s all there is to it! It really is that simple. Now comes the fun part! Where will you clip them?

how to teach kindness and empathy
on a cup?


Anywhere you can clip a clothespin.

  • On bags
  • Pillowcases
  • Horizontal blind
  • Cups
  • Bookbag
  • Books
  • Socks in the sock drawer
  • Curtain
  • Plates
  • Cushion
brighten someones day with a kindness clip
on a school bag

I can guarantee that your kids will have loads of ideas. They will love taking the kindness clips out into your community and finding places to clip them.

Remember that the clips are not waterproof, so leave them inside.

How to brighten someone's day with a kindness clip


I really like this little project. It is a low-cost activity and allows kids to experience what it is like to brighten someone’s day. While you are making the clips, talk about the impact your project might have. Invite your kids to think about the people that will find them.  Ask:

  • What kind of day might they be having?
  • How do you think our clips will make them feel?  
  • What do you think they will do with the clip?
  • How else could we do to brighten some’s day?
  • What else could we do to be kind?

These kinds of discussions help children to put themselves in another shoes. It is an easy way to teach kindness and empathy. I was always amazed at the answers my boys gave to open ended questions like these. Children often see things that adults miss. It is always worth listening.

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kindness clip on a purse
clip them to a purse


1. As a Dinner Ritual

Pass a love clip around the dinner table after eating. Each person can name a small blessing, or repeat the affirmation,

The world is better with me in it

2. As a bedtime blessing/affirmation

Pass your child the kindness clip and repeat the message,

  • (Child’s name) the World is better with you in it
  • Together we can do anything
  • (Child’s name) you are a blessing to me

The child repeats the blessing or affirmation as they pass it back.

3. Give them as gifts

Share the clips them with people that make your life better! Clip them to a small pot holding a plant, to a basket of treats, or to a plate with cookies. If you have time, write a little note expressing your gratitude.

4. Leave them for others to use

Fill a basket with kindness clips and leave for others to take (make sure you get permission first). This could be

  • The building where your faith community meets.
  • A senior’s home
  • Community center
  • School
  • Workplace
how to teach kindness and empathy


Are you ready to spread some kindness and brighten someone’s day? Join our conspiracy of kindness and try the kindness clips. It’s a great family project. So, go out there and share the love.

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Did you make the kindness clips? Where did you leave them? How did it go? I’d love to hear about your experiences. What other kindness projects have you done with your kids? Leave a comment below.

brighten someone's day with a kindness clip