Bonding With Family: The One Thing You Need to Know
The One Thing You Need To Know About Bonding With Family

The One Thing You Need To Know About Bonding With Family

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Bonding with family nurtures deep connections that last a lifetime and helps build a firm foundation for kids. Here’s one important tip that will bring your family closer.

The One Thing You Need To Know About Bonding With Family

When I think about bonding with family, one important thing comes into my mind.

We need to nurture deep connections.

And, in order to build those bonds we have to love deeply and be fully present.

So today, I want you try ONE thing.

Put connection FIRST. Just for today. Then see what happens.

Before you correct, criticize, or discipline.

Offer the gift of grace. Practice acceptance.

Before the business of the day pulls you in a thousand different directions.

The One Thing You Need To Know About Bonding With Family

A little gift for you

I’ve gathered together 14 ways of connecting with your kids into a mini eBook for you. These activities are really simple, so you can easily incorporate them into your every day life.

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A little Book of Connections For Families

Bonding with family

Put connection first and watch those family bonds start to grow.

Put it before the to do list. Before the clean house. Before the text messages. Before the electronic devices.

Play with your children. Read them a story. Be generous with the gift of time and presence.

Try some fun family activities or do something kind for someone else

Try it today and see what happens.

Watch connection weave it’s magic.

Because, isn’t that what we all long for? To know that our family love us and wants to spend time with us?

Bonding with family

Want More?

Check out my Building Family Connections Pinterest board for lots of helpful ideas about creating strong family bonds.
Building Family connections




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  1. I love this beautiful reminder Sharon. Connection is what we all long for, yet we tend to reach for “comforts” that take us away from what we really want…deep and lasting connections with others.

    1. Thanks Liz! You are so right about those “comforts” they really can distract us from what we really want.

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