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Really Cool Toys For Kids To Make Themselves

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Have you ever spent good money on a fabulous toy only to have your child play for hours with the box? Children are naturally creative and have fantastic imaginations. Provide your children with hours of fun with toys they can make themselves.
Editor’s note: This post contains affiliate links. I would recommend that you borrow the books from your library before buying them on Amazon.

Have you ever spent good money on a fabulous toy only to have your child play for hours with the box? Children are naturally creative and have fantastic imaginations. They can make toys out of anything.

When I was a child some of my favorite toys were the ones I made myself. My parents did not have a lot of money, so we had to make do with the basics. Still my mom was really great at encouraging us to make our own toys.

  • Why don’t you make a puppet theater out of this box?
  • Do you think you could turn this shoe box into a dolls house?

I would spend hours and hours making puppets and crafting doll’s houses.

I love this kind of open-ended play.

  • It stimulates the imagination.
  • Helps children solve problems
  • And discover that they can make their own fun
  • It is also really inexpensive.

A few weeks back I saw a great post from P is For Preschooler about making toys from shoe boxes. It inspired me to put together my own list of toys that children can make for themselves.

Most of these projects are really simple, but there are a few that may need some adult assistance. They would all make great family projects – hint-hint.

Flying toys

I love these flying helicopters from Babble Dabble Do. They are really simple to make and kids love them.

Another simple flying toy are these paper straw airplanes. They are easy to make and work really well.

Then there is Lego

Frugal Fun For Boys has loads of ideas for making toys out of Lego. Encourage your children to try making a zip line for their Lego people

If you want something a little more challenging try a rubber band powered Lego car?


Puppets can be made from anything. You can make them from cardboard, rubber gloves or paper bags.

For more inspiration take a look at the Ultimate Sock Puppet book by Tiger Kandel

Make your own board game

Do your children like board games? Why not invite them to make their own. This is something I did when I was a kid. It would keep me occupied for ages!

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Toys Your CHildren Can Make ThemselvesGardening Without Skills explains how she helped her older children make their own game.

Using Cardboard boxes

Handmade Charlotte has an inspiring post about making doll’s houses and furniture from cardboard boxes.

Then of course there is the post that inspired me to go looking for toy making ideas. Look at all the toys that can be made from shoe boxes.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest Board Cardboard Capers or browse through the Cardboard Box Book by Roger Priddy


If your children enjoy playing with cars why not give them a roll of road tape and let them create a system or roads on the floor.

Toys Children Can Make For Themselves

If you have some spare boxes you could also make a city.

Homemade Robot


This homemade wigglebot caught my eye. It looks really cool and would really impress your kids. I mentioned it to a few tweens at our library and they gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. We are hoping to make some in the fall. This is a project that will probably need some adult assistance.

I’d love to hear from you. What toys did you make when you were a child? What toys would you like to see your children make?



16 thoughts on “Really Cool Toys For Kids To Make Themselves”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my wigglebot! If you run into any trouble in the fall or have any questions, please let me know. It really is easy. These are all great suggestions and I’m loving your site!

    1. Sharon Harding

      I think the kids are going to really enjoy making the wigglebot. It is brilliant! I always try things out first, so thanks for the offer of help if I get stuck.

  2. Oh I wish this was written before school holidays, the kids have just gone back to school today after two weeks off…so many fun ideas in this post.
    Thanks for putting this one together 🙂

    1. Sharon Harding

      Sorry about the timing Liz. Maybe I will repost it during your summer break 🙂

  3. We love making toys and have a few things planned for the holidays. My children get more fun out of making their things than they do out of playing with expensive toys.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. Sharon Harding

      My boys were the same. It’s something that the toy makers would not like to hear!

  4. I love watching my girls get creative and design their own games and toys. I always keep a stash of recycled goods for them to use (carboard boxes and tubes and bottles etc) and they always astound me. Love these ideas! #TeamIBOT

    1. Sharon Harding

      A stash of recycled goods is the best. I love to see things repurposed and the creativity it inspired is always wonderful to see.

    1. Sharon Harding

      I hope you enjoy making some of these toys Isabella. I enjoyed reading about your adventures in the garden. That snake looks very scary!

  5. Oh, so many great ideas! I love the wiggle bot and the flying straw airplanes. 🙂 x

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