Science Experiments For Kids: 25 Gloriously Messy Ideas To Try

29 Gloriously Messy and Exploding Science Experiments For Kids

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What kid doesn’t want to make a mess or explode something? Check out these 25 gloriously messy and exploding science experiments for kids. They are perfect summer activities because you can take them outside. It’s a great way to have fun with your children.

If you are a regular reader you’ve probably realized I really like doing science activities with kids. Okay, so I did train as a science teacher, but that’s not the only reason. Kids LOVE doing FUN science activities.

Children also enjoy making a mess, so when you combine the two you have a guaranteed win on your hands.

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27 Messy and Exploding Science Experiments for Kids

If you want to be the coolest parent on the block this summer, you’ve got to check out these gloriously messy and exploding science experiment for kids. Put on some swimsuits and head outside to make a serious mess. then when you are done turn the hose on your kids to clean up. Easy peasy!

Download a free activity sheet with two more science activities you can enjoy with your kids. You’ll find it in the library.

A collection of exploding science experiments

Vinegar and Baking Soda Experiments that FIZZ and Explode

Do you love baking soda and vinegar exploding science experiments? I do and so do kids! The fizzing woosh never fails to impress. The best part? The ingredients are cheap and easy to get. In fact you probably have them already. Check out these fizzing explosions.

  1. Who doesn’t love simulating a volcanic eruption right in the safety of their own home or backyard? This easy to assemble fizzy experiment is the perfect way to introduce your kids to science concepts. Construct a Mini Volcano using common kitchen ingredients and plastic container. You even get your choice of color, thanks to food coloring. Your kids will love this bubbly experiment!
  2. Construct a papier-mâché volcano for a larger version of the exploding volcano experiment. Using newspaper, a plastic bottle, flour, water and acrylic paints, build the volcano and let it dry completely.
  3. Kids and adults will have a blast with this simple yet effective Easy & Fun Fizzing Moon Rocks. Baking soda, food coloring and water are mixed and then formed into colorful rocks. You can even hide coins or small plastic toys in each rock for a surprise when they’re dropped into vinegar for their fizzy reveal. Awesome!
  4. Wondering what to do with all the watermelon rind cavities left after your summertime fruit fest? Save them for Watermelon Science Activities! It creates an oozing and bubbling mess that kids will love. Using half of an empty watermelon, let the kids fill it with baking soda. Add some food coloring to glasses of vinegar and pour it in the watermelon. Let the fun begin! This experiment is a hit every time!

Tip: this is a great outdoor party activity for kids, too.

  1. This exploding baggie science experiment is a fun twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar reaction. Kids love it because the baggies explode with a pop and splatter the contents everywhere. They will want to do it over and over.

EXPLODING Science Experiments

Children love exploding science experiments. After all, how often to you get the chance to cause an explosion on purpose? All of our explosive science is safe and uses materials that are easy to find.

A collection of exploding science experiments
  1. If you’re looking for an exploding experiment, Mentos and Diet Soda Experiment is perfect. It’s really messy, so outside is where you should be. Don’t forget your safety glasses for this one.
  2. Physics, forces, and motion are all explored in this Kid’s Water Rockets Science Experiment . You will need an empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, plastic eggs, tin foil, tape and a water hose. Kids will construct a simple rocket and then make it fly. Force and gravity come into play when you add the hose in the “rocket” and turn on the water. It’s the perfect activity for a hot afternoon!
  3. This exploding watermelon experiment looks amazing! Your kids will be so impressed! They will also learn about potential and kinetic energy. You will need a lot of rubber bands for this one.
  4. There’s a lot of fizzy exploding with the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment. This experiment that uses household ingredients. Food coloring will make it more impressive, so be sure and add that! Best done outside, you’ll need an empty plastic bottle and funnel to load all the ingredients according to the instructions. Note: the stronger the hydrogen peroxide solution, the higher the explosion. Experiment with altering the solution and see what happens.
  5. Film Canister Rockets explode into the air in a very satisfying way. They launch quickly once the experiment starts, so make sure you stand back straight way.
  6. Have you tried the erupting soap experiment yet? This is an explosive experiment you can do indoors and you will need a microwave. It is astonishing to watch. All you need is a bar of Ivory soap. You may want to get more than one, because your kids will want to do this again and again!
a collection of oobleck science experiments

Oobleck Science Experiments

Are you ready to get into the messy science experiments? Dive into these gooey, messy science experiments that kids will love.

  1. Kids will enjoy learning about viscosity with this messy but fun non-Newtonian fluid experiment. Oobleck is a type of slime that morphs from liquid to solid. Made with cornstarch and water, kids will feel the properties change to solid when they squeeze it. Conversely, they will experience it slipping through their fingers like sand when they stop squeezing or applying pressure. Awesome!
  2. Kids will love getting messy with this simple experiment that needs only cornstarch and water. Add some food coloring though because that will make it even more interesting! It’s a fun introduction to the concept of oobleck. Is it Liquid Or Solid?
  3. Oobleck is fun to play with. It is also a fascinating substance to explore. This oobleck science fair project tests a number of ingredients and recipes in a series of experiments! This is a fun way to introduce the scientific process and include some learning
  4. Kids of all ages will love sinking their hands into this Edible Magic Melting Slime (which is actually oobleck) This recipe mixes the ingredients and then let them sit for an hour before handling. Oh, and add some colorful neon food coloring, too, just to jazz it up!
 a collection of slime science experiments

Slime and GOOEY Fun

This collection features a number of slimes and gels. I’ve tried them with kids of all ages. They are always a hit!

  1. Everyone who has watched the Harry Potter movies knows that troll boogers are disgustingly gooey. Recreate them all their gooey glory with Troll Boogers Magnetic Slime Recipe. The Magnetic properties make this mixture really fun to play with. You know it will be a big hit with your kids!
  2. Take an imaginary trip to the ocean with this coastal-inspired hands-on experiment. Glue, baking soda, saline solution, blue food coloring and a dash of blue glitter will simulate an oceanic experience. For fun sensory play, add tiny sea life toys to the slime. Making the slime is a fun part of the activity as well as selecting the small creatures to add to the mix. Get the recipe here.
  3. Kids tested and approved by parents! It’s a safe, non-toxic recipe for ooey-gooey silly putty that’s actually edible. That’s right Edible Silly Putty! It doesn’t matter if your kids lick their fingers, because it’s made with a powdered jello mix! You’re just 3 ingredients away from having a slimy and edible mess on your hands, literally!
  4. This polymer gel experiment requires a disposable diaper, water, salt and a large container or glass bowl to contain the experiment mess. You’ll cut open the diaper to remove the sodium polyacrylate crystals. Add them to the bowl along with water. Presto! You now have gel. Want to return it to just water? Add salt. Awesome! Get the instructions here.

Looking for more science fun? Check out all my science posts here.

a collection of water experiments

WATER Science Experiments

Water has so many interesting properties and invites all kinds of explorations. Some of these experiments are messier than others, but they can all be taken outside. Have fun!

  1. Let kids explore the principles and properties of colors, solutions, stratification and dissolving with Skittles Science Experiment. Watch as the dye on the Skittles transforms into awesome designs that can be changed by rearranging the candy. Learn how different solutions and temperatures change how long the transformation takes. It’s loads of fun for kids and adults!
  2. This water bottle fountain is very cool. It is a creative way to demonstrate that air takes up room even though we can’t actually see it. The fountain is impressive as well!
  3. A mason jar full of water and materials invites kids to figure out how to separate mixture without touching it with their hands. What could they insert into the mixture that would help them remove the materials? Are there other ways to remove materials besides inserting something into the mixture? No doubt you’ll be amazed at some of their ideas!
  4. My boys would have loved Splatter Patterns. It combines art with physics for a fun filled experiment. Will a water balloon dropped from a greater height create a bigger splatter pattern than a water balloon dropped from a lower height? You can substitute water for paint if you wish.
  5. This experiment may be messy, but it’s so much fun for the kids. You won’t even mind the cleanup. Water, baby oil, food coloring and shaving cream help simulate the clouds and formation of rain.  The Water Cycle Rain Cloud Experiment allows your kids to watch as the “rain” forms and falls. Don’t forget to use a large glass bowl, so you can see everything.
a collection of miscellaneous messy activities

Miscellaneous Messy Science Experiments

This last set of experiments don’t really fit into any of the other categories. Still they are all fun and one of them is gross enough to really appeal to kids! Nothing like a bit of mold to spice up your science!

  1. Kids are fascinated by mold and rotting things. Try out this gross but very cool science exploration of rotting pumpkins. Yuk right? Still rotting is an very important part of our eco system.
  2. Growing a bacteria and mold garden must be one of the top contenders for the grossest science experiment award. The mess is contained, but it is glorious. Kids will be able to watch the bacteria and mold grow before their eyes. You don’t even need a microscope.
  3. Sometimes gross-sounding experiments are the ones that catch the kid’s attention, right? Try this one that demonstrates how the stomach breaks down food in digestion. The mess is contained in a plastic bag, but it is still cool. will Kids love this one!
  4. Pop Rocks Expander looks really fun. Anything the involves candy and balloons is bound to be a hit right? Take a peak at this teaser video and grab a bag of pop rocks.

Will you try one of these experiments? Which one will you choose? Do you have a messy experiment that is not listed? Please leave a comment below,

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