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43 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids To Try

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Looking for ways to get your kids outside and away from screens? Here are 43 fun outdoor activities for kids of all ages! There’s something for everyone, from playing tag to going on a nature scavenger hunt. So, pack up some snacks and sunscreen, and get ready to have some fun!

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It can be tough to find fun outdoor activities for kids to keep them entertained as a parent. With so many screens and gadgets available, it’s no wonder that children often prefer to stay inside. But with a bit of creativity, you can get your kids outside to enjoy the fresh air! This blog post will share 43 fun outdoor activities for kids of all ages. From nature walks to bike rides, there is something here for everyone!

Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids- Active Games

Do your kids love being active outdoors? So, grab your kids and get outside for some good old-fashioned fun! Here are some fun, energy-busting games, and activities to keep them entertained all day long!

  • Hide and Seek: One of the all-time classic games for kids! This fun game is great for all ages and can be played in any outdoor space.
  • Tag: Another classic game that is fun for everyone! Tag is fun, fast-paced, and active. There are loads of variations. This link will take you to a post with 10 fun tag games for kids.
  • Hopscotch: A timeless classic that never goes out of style. Click on this link to find the rules for hopscotch.
  • Obstacle Course: Design your own obstacle course with anything you have around the house. Jump ropes, boxes, and hula-hoops are all great options for this fun activity that’s sure to get kids excited! Then encourage them to create their new courses.
  • Jump rope: Jump rope is fun for kids of all ages, and it really is a great way to exercise. This link will take you to a post with fun jump rope games and rhymes.
  • Kicking ball: Kicking the ball around can be fun and competitive! You could play soccer or make up your own game rules.
  • Blowing bubbles: Kids love bubbles, and we have the ultimate list of bubble activities for you to try with your kids.

You can find lots more outdoor games here. They are great for families to enjoy.Sometimes all you need is the right equipment. We’ve got loads of ideas for active, outdoorsy kids here.

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Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids- Art Projects

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your kids and encourage their artistic talents! There are so many fun outdoor art projects that you can do together. The great thing about outdoor art is that you don’t have to worry about the mess. Perfect for busy families. These ideas will keep your kids entertained all summer long. Let’s get started!

  • Combine swings and paint for swing painting. Your kids will love this fun and messy art activity.
  • Water pistol painting is a lot of fun for kids. Simply load some water pistols with paint and provide a blank canvas. Your kids will have a blast creating their own abstract masterpieces.
  • Use straws and whisks to puffy clouds of colorful bubbles to create fabulous soap foam prints. This is messy play at its best!
  • Take a walk to find the perfect rocks and then enjoy rock painting. It is the ideal outdoor art activity. Check out our list of easy painting rocks ideas for kids.
  • Pendulum painting for kids is a fun way to combine STEM and art. First, your kids must create a simple pendulum, and then they can use it to make a work of art. Find the instructions for this activity at There’s Just One Mummy.
  • Exploding Paint Bombs is definitely an outdoor activity! Simply fill some small canisters with paint and an Alka Seltzer tablet. Pop on the lid and stand back. Get the full instructions here.
  • Pour Painting: I love these bright and colorful pots decorated by pouring acrylic paint freestyle. Make sure your kids are wearing old clothes for this activity. You can find the instructions at Happiness is Homemade.
  • Have you ever made a sun print? You can create your very own piece of art by using sun print paper, natural materials, and the sun. It is almost a magical process. Get step-by-step instructions from Run Wild My Child.
  • Nature Resist Tie Dye Shirts are a fun outdoor art project. Combine nature items and some dye to create one-of-a-kind T-shirts.
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Fun Outdoor Nature Activities For Kids

Exploring the natural world is one of the easiest ways to get kids excited about spending time outside. They are also a great way to teach kids about the world around them. Here are some of our favorite fun outdoor nature activities for kids. We hope you enjoy these fun outdoor art projects with your kids! Get creative and let their imaginations run wild.

  • Creating Land Art is such a fun project for families. All you need is some open space and creative imagination. This post tells you how to get started with land art and has many inspiring pictures to spark the imagination.
  • Nature Mandalas are a beautiful form of Land Art. They are fun to create, and your kids will love the process. Our step-by-step guide will get you started and give you loads of inspiration.
  • Nature Journaling has so many benefits for kids! It encourages them to explore nature but also helps with their observational skills. This guide covers the essentials and will help you get started.
  • Making Fairy Houses is one of my all-time favorite activities to do with kids. It is a fun way to get creative and helps encourage imagination. The best part? Mother Nature gives you all the supplies free of charge. Our Fairy House post will provide all the information you need to get started.
  • Nature Paint Brushes are a fun way to use found natural treasures. They are easy to make (instructions here). This is a fun process art idea that will get kids excited to go outside.
  • I love these quirky Nature Portraits from Adventure in a Box. Just go out to gather supplies and then use them to create faces. What kind of faces will you make?
  • Making Nature Bracelets is a simple, fun outdoor activity for kids. These pretty nature bracelets are fun to make and wear! All you need is some duct tape! Then off you go exploring. Get the instructions from Sprouting Wild Ones.
  • The best way to get kids interested in nature is by showing them that it can be fun! This free Nature Scavenger Hunt printable will get the whole family outdoors and exploring in no time.
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Fun Outdoor Water Activities For Kids

Sometimes the best activities are the simplest. Fill some large tubs with water and provide some super soakers. Challenge your kids to an epic soaker battle!

  • Water balloons are a classic toy, but they can be messy. These sponge bombs are a fun alternative, and there is no clean-up afterward. You can find the instructions for making them at Inner Child Fun.
  • Make a simple catapult with a wooden plank and launch water balloons or sponge bombs. Talk about fun! The water balloon catapult is not hard to make. Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has the instructions.
  • Kids love a good water slide any day, especially in the summer heat. Backyard Sidekick shows you how to make your own water slide with plastic sheeting and pool noodles.
  • Water Cup Races is a fun and easy water game. It is perfect for parties or just to keep the kids busy on a hot day. Kids use water guns (or water squirters of their choice) to race plastic cups along a string. Get the instructions for setting this game up on MomBrite.
  • Water balloon piñata is a wet and wild water balloon game that your kids are bound to love. Get the details on Fireflies and Mudpies. It is super easy to set up as well.
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Outdoor Science Experiments

Get ready to have some fun! Summer days are the perfect time for outdoor science projects and activities! Not only is it a fun way to learn, but it keeps your kids entertained and active. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the mess! Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started.

  • How about some messy and exploding science? I don’t know many kids that would reuse the chance to make a mess or explode something? Check out 29 of the messiest and loudest science experiments for kids. You will want to go outside for these.
  • Ice cream in a bag is a delicious science experiment perfect for the outdoors. Why not try it on a warm summer day. It is easy to do, and you can find the instructions here.
  • Impress your kids with an exploding sand volcano. This one can be set up in the sandbox or on the beach. You can get the full instructions at Growing a Jeweled Rose.
  • Learn how to make a parachute and experiment with different designs. Hop over to Inspirations Laboratories to get full instructions.
  • Make your own Solar Oven and then use it to create some rainbow crayons. How cool is that? All you need is a box and a few household items. The Craft Train has step-by-step instructions.
  • Turn your kids into Human Sundials. This fun play-based activity packs in a lot of learning. Kids will see how shadows are created and measure the Earth’s rotation. Get all of the details at Rhythm of Play.
  • What happens if you walk on raw eggs? The answer will probably surprise you, and it will really wow your kids. You will need several dozen eggs in the egg carton for this one. Get the instructions from Housing a Forest.
  • Your kids will enjoy making an anemometer and measuring the wind speed on a breezy day. All you need are some paper cups and a few household items. Get the instructions at There’s Just One Mommy.
  • Make and launch a rocket. The rocket is made from a film canister powered by an Alka seltzer tablet. This experiment is bound to impress your kids. You can find the instructions at the Kitchen Pantry Scientist.
  • Make a wormery out of a plastic bottle and watch worms in action. This is a delightful squirmy activity. You can find the instructions at Rainy Day, Mum.
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How Do Kids Benefit From Outdoor Play?

It is fun for kids to play outdoors, but what else do they get out of it? Outdoors play has many benefits.

First, it gets them moving and active. This helps with healthy weight management. It also boosts children’s immune system helping ward off illness (which means less time lost at school). Active children who are given lots of free play do better in school. Exposure to bright natural light means less likely to develop anxiety or depression.

Outdoor play with others also builds social skills. They learn about cooperation and teamwork and how to share and take turns with others. They also learn conflict resolution and negotiation skills, which will help them in school, at work, or anywhere they contact others.

Finally, outdoor play helps children build healthy self-esteem. They get to do fun things, test their limits, and discover new talents in a safe space without judgment or pressure from others. This can help them grow into confident adults.

This article from Parenting Science talks about the many benefits of outdoor play.

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How Can you Entice Your Child Outdoors?

Turn off the screens.

Scientists have discovered that dopamine levels in the brain are doubled during gameplay. This hit of dopamine is the reason your kids are drawn to the screens and resist turning them off. It will be challenging to get them to do anything else when the screens are on.

Provide Some Good Outdoor Toys

If you have fun toys to play with, your kids are likely easier to spend time outside. There are many fun outdoor activities for kids that don’t take much more than a ball and some space. Here are some of my favorites.

Allow Plenty of Time For Free Play

Allowing kids plenty of time for free play is one of the best things you can do to encourage them outdoors. This unstructured play lets them explore their interests and try new things.

Set Up Some Play Challenges

An excellent way to entice kids outdoors is to give them a challenge. It is a great way to encourage teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving. It can also keep them occupied for ages.

  • Obstacle course: Gather an assortment of toys and household items. These might include jump ropes, bamboo supports, boxes, planters, hula-hoops, cones, tarpaulins. Put them in a pile with a note saying, “Use all these things (and anything else you can find) to create an obstacle course.”
  • Create a Game: Collect some outdoor game pieces. Things like bats, balls, jump ropes, croquet sets, and pool noodles. Challenge your kids to use them (and anything else they can find) to create a game.
  • Make a Fort: Provide the makings of an epic fort. You might provide tarpaulins, long sticks, blankets, rope, heavy stones, or stick-lets. Let them go to town and create their own den.
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Final Thoughts

We hope this list has given you some fun ideas to get your kids outside. There is no doubt that kids need to spend time outdoors. Not only does it make them happier and healthier, but there are many skills they learn and develop through outdoor play. Why not join them and create some memories?