25 Insanely Fun Activities To Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

25 Insanely Fun Activities To Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

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Need to get your kids outdoors this summer? Try this list of outdoor activities. Entice your kids away from the screens and let them enjoy some art, nature, science and water play instead. This is simple fun and so beneficial for your children. It’s time for some summer fun!


Who wants to have a great summer with their kids? School is out (well almost) and it is time to think about what you might want to do this summer.

I have wonderful memories of long summer days spent playing with with my brothers outdoors, long walks with my family, and building secret hideouts with my friends.

I wanted my children to enjoy the long summer days in the same way. So my kids spent loads of time outside using their imagination and enjoying the fleeting summer days.

Sadly many children will spend this summer staring at screens, but you don’t want your kids to do that right? So let’s get down to business. What should our kids be doing?

Turns out that it is good for them to have loads of free play and even get a little bored from time to time.

That sounds easy right?

But what about family activities and trips? The good news is that when children were surveyed about their favorite summer activities all they really wanted to do was hang out with friends and spend more time with their parents.

list of outdoor activities

I’ve rounded up a great list of outdoor activities that you can do with your kids. Most of them are easy to prepare and you probably already have most of the materials on hand. Many of them can be started with you and then you can leave the kids to get on with it while you sip a cool drink on the deck. Sound good?

Outdoor activities don’t have to be elaborate, so browse these activities with your kids and decide which ones you want to do this summer. Maybe you can create a summer ideas list and pick one to do each week.

The Ultimate List of Outdoor Activities 

To make things super easy for you, I’ve grouped the activities by type. Have fun!

Awesome Art Activities for Your Backyard

Swing Painting | Homegrown Friends

Water Pistol Painting | Messy Little Monster

Cotton Round Splatter Art | A Crafty Living

Exploding Paint Bombs | Kids Activities Blog

Fly Swatter Painting | Reading Confetti

Bubble Painting | Living Well Mom

Nature Resist Tye Die | The Pinterested Parent

list of outdoor activities


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Summer Science to Take Outside

Make a Sand Volcano | Growing a Jeweled Rose

Set Up a Potion Lab | Inner Child Fun

Make a Solar Oven | I Can Teach My Child

Turn Kids into Human Sundials | Rhythm of Play

Make Rainbow Bubble Snakes | Housing a Forest

Anemometer Craft – Measure Wind Speed | Piikea Street

Make Sand Slime | Paging Fun Mum

Get Your Kids Outdoors

Nature Activities Perfect for Summer

Nature Paint Brushes | Messy Little Monster

Make Nature Portraits | Adventure in a Box

Frozen Flowers | Crafts on Sea

Make Nature Walk Bracelets | Kitchen Pantry Scientist

Rainbow Stick Wind Chimes | Happy Hooligans

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt | KC Adventures

land art

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Fun Water Play Ideas for Outdoors

Sponge Bombs | Inner Child Fun

Make Tin Foil River | Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Set Up a Bubble Pool | Two Prince

Cool Down on Mini Water Blobs | Hello, Wonderful

Make Water Balloon Pinata | Paging Fun Mum

Make the summer easy

Summer is supposed to be a slower time for everyone. Make it easy on yourself and only pick one or two things a week. Actually the best thing would be to let your children pick!

The rest of time is open for your children to enjoy in their own way. Don’t forget that your children need lots of free play as it will help them do well at school. Provide some cheap toys to encourage outdoor play and have this response ready for any child who complains of being bored.

If you are looking for something no prep and easy try these playful activities.

Your turn

Help me expand this list. What are your favourite outdoor activities? How do you get your kids outdoors?