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13 Free Halloween Printables That Your Kids Will Love

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Are you looking for simple and fun activities to do with the kids this Halloween? Check out this list of 13 free Halloween printables! Just print off what you want and get busy! Easy peasy!


13-free-Halloween printables Are you excited for Halloween?

I love all the awesome Halloween activities for families.

There are literally dozens of ideas to be had.

Trouble is that can rather overwhelming for hard pressed parents looking for something easy to do.

How can we keep it simple?

FREE printables are your secret weapon. They help you keep the fun and ditch the pressure to be perfect.

They’re simple to use and don’t require hours of preparation.

All you need is a printer, some scissors, glue and few household items. Just print off what you want and get busy. Easy peasy! Let’s get started.

13 Free Halloween Printables That Your Family Will Love


1. The whole family will enjoy these Halloween shadow puppets from First Palette. They take just minutes to make and encourage imaginative play and story telling.

2. Look at these nifty Monster Playdoh Mats from Picklebums. All you need is some playdoh, a few bits and bobs from around the house and you are ready to create. Inside tip: If you don’t have playdoh decorate the monsters with crayons.

3. Looking for something to keep little hands busy? Try this adorable Build A Monster! Everyone can make a unique creature.

4. Look at these cute Halloween Finger Puppets! Make the puppets and then come up with some stories.

5. Have you discovered cone dolls yet? They are printable paper dolls that fold into a cone shape. They are the 3D version with all the dressing up fun of classic paper dolls.

  • Download the printable for the dolls here.
  • And some Halloween outfits for them here.


6. Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt idea with free printable clue cards. It’s a fun activity to do with your kids

7. Looking for another game? Try this Halloween Memory Game Set.

Just For Fun

8. Looking for a super cheap, super easy decorating idea for Halloween? Try these Cardboard Spinning Ghosts from One Creative Mommy.

9.These Halloween Masks are fun and not too scary if you are looking for something to make with little ones

10. Invite your kids to help create Halloween cards for friends and family. You’ll find a wonderful selection of free printable cards here.

11. Need a simple Halloween gift? You’ll find some great Halloween bookmarks here. They make great gifts.

12.Pop these Halloween Jokes into your kid’s lunch boxes.

13. Your kids will love hamming it up with these Free Halloween Photo Booth Props from One Creative Mommy. They are perfect for parties or for goofing around before trick-or-treating!

13 Free Halloween Printables

A gentle reminder

There is a temptation at this time of year to get drawn into the Pinterest ideal.

We don’t need that kind of pressure.

We are looking for connection not perfection.

We don’t need to get stuck scrolling through the Internet looking for the perfect decorations and activities. Instead we can find simple ways to have fun with our children.

These printables are SO EASY that any family can use them (even if you are craft challenged).

Now if we could only find some costumes that would MAKE themselves we’d have it made.