Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats To Make You Smile

Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats To Make You Smile

Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats

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Do you like your Halloween treats to be “scary” or “cute?” These Halloween Cinnamon Rolls fit the bill either way.  They are a snap to make.  And did we point out how gooey and sweet they taste?  Grab a package of cinnamon roll dough and whip up a batch of these easy kid friendly Halloween treats today.

easy kid friendly Halloween treats.

Who else wants to make easy kid friendly Halloween treats with their family? My Halloween cinnamon roll spiders are unbelievably easy to make.


I’ve been focused on Halloween treats lately. Pinterest is full of ideas, but many of them require a great deal of skill. I watched in awe as someone made a cupcake with complete with crooked cone hat. Super impressive and totally unreachable for me! You too?

Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treat

Bottom line: I’m interested in kid friendly Halloween treats that can be put together without a lot of fuss and muss. To begin with you will not see anything that requires piping icing in intricate designs!   Actually you won’t see anything that needs a icing bag and piping nozzle!

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I’m super excited to share these fun Halloween Cinnamon Rolls with you!  All you need are a few simple ingredients and some candy eyes. They are sure to be a hit with children of all ages!

We made our Halloween spiders in three colors … purple, orange  and Black.  All you need to change the color of the frosting to make a completely different look. See how easy they are to make? I’ll walk you through the whole process.

a few simple ingredients

The base for our Halloween cinnamon roll spiders is a package of cinnamon roll dough. How easy is that? Of course, if you wish, you can make your rolls from scratch, but bought dough is fine.

start with Cinnamon Rolls

Bake your rolls as instructed on the packaging. Remove from oven and cool.

Preparing the frosting

While they are cooling take your frosting and divide it into separate bowls. Add food coloring  to make your colors. I recommend letting your kids go wild with colors of their choice.

Frosting the easy kid friendly Halloween treats.

Use knives and spoons to spread frosting on the cooled cinnamon rolls and add candy eyes.

easy kid friendly Halloween treats.

Finally poke in some short pretzel sticks  and you are good to go. It really is that simple.

These spiders are easy kid friendly Halloween treats to make. Are you ready to whip up your own batch? I love that these are simple enough that even toddlers could enjoy making them. But they are a fun project for older kids too. They would be great to make together for a class party or Halloween gathering (If they last that long).

Click the button below to download the recipe. Here’s a hint. Create a recipe folder in Google Drive and save the document there. Access the folder with your phone and you will always have the recipe on hand.

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easy kid friendly Halloween treats.


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