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12 Really Simple Halloween Activities Your Kids Will Love

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Are you looking for some spooky and fun activities to keep your kids busy this Halloween? We’ve scoured the Internet for BEST games, crafts, and activities and compiled a list of 12 simple ideas that your family will love. Read on for Halloween fun that’s easy to prepares. There’s something here for everyone in the family.

Halloween is coming up fast, so you need to find some fun activities for your kids. If you’re like me, then you want something simple that can be set up quickly for your kids to enjoy during the spooky season!

Let’s make it easy on ourselves by choosing activities that don’t need a lot of preparation. I’ve rounded up 12 really simple Halloween activities to enjoy with your family. All of them can be set up quickly and most of them don’t require any special supplies. They are also perfect for a neighborhood party!

Save the pin below for when your kids want to get into the Halloween mood this October.

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Easy Halloween Crafts

Jacky over at Happy Hooligans put together some adorable toilet roll mummies. They are a breeze to make: All you need is tissue paper and a toilet roll tube. Get ready for lots of winding and wrapping around and around. These mummies are fun for kids of all ages to create.

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft? Try your hand at these these cute mummy jars. These jars make adorable gifts or party favors for Halloween.

Next up is are instructions for silly stone spiders from Rebecca over at Simple As That. These cute creepy crawlies are a fun Halloween crafting project for kids! You’ll need just the right supplies and then follow these easy instructions to create them. Just need a few items, and they’ll be ready in no time. The finished product makes an adorable decoration that is perfect for your Halloween celebration

easy Halloween activities for kids

Only have a few minutes to make a simple Halloween craft with the kids? Do you collect bread tags, because you can’t bring yourself to toss them out? Then this goofy bread tag monsters are made for you!! I really want to try them with the children at our library. What fun!

Noreen from Crafty Journal gives instructions for creating  milk jug ghosts. Make a host and hang them in your trees. They are perfect decorations if you need a ghostly touch-up before Halloween! Start saving those milk jugs!

I loved this easy pumpkin craft from Nurture Store. super easy to do AND it helps kids practice their scissor skills. Make a batch to decorate your home for Halloween. Make a garland out of them, or place them around your house–the kids will love it!

Easy Halloween Snacks

Mummy pizzas

Try our easy Mummy Mini Pizzas. They are easy enough for little hands to make. Serve them for Halloween parties, play dates or a fun family supper. 

Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Treats

Looking for a super easy Halloween treat? These Cinnamon Roll Spiders. fit the bill.  They’re simple to make. And did we mention how gooey and delicious they are? Whip up a batch of these simple fun Halloween snacks from a package of cinnamon roll dough.

ghost cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a delicious treat? These simple ghost cupcakes will huge hit this Halloween. They are so easy to make that even littlest monsters can help you make a batch. The hardest part is not eating them all before trick-or-treating.

Halloween Games and Activities

Create a variety of spooky and disgusting things for your guests to touch. Valeri at Inner Child Fun describes how to create fake eyeballs, maggots, zombie blood and a whole host of other disgusting things. My boys loved this kind of activity.

Bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween game that will keep everyone entertained and engaged! I loved playing it when I was a kid. Head over to Trick or Treat for instructions. Be prepared tp get wet

My favorite Halloween memory is the one where my boys played Donuts on a string. It was a Halloween favorite for them. They got so excited about how messy they would get and they played this game until every last bite was gone.

Finally the Mummy Wrap Game. is always a hit. All you need to play is lots of toilet paper. I would suggest you also bring the camera.

As Halloween approaches, you’re probably feeling the pressure to plan something special for your kids. I hope that this list of Halloween activities for kids has provided you with some quick and easy ideas to get your family in the spooky spirit. The best part? You don’t need any special supplies and most of them can be set up in minutes! 

They are also perfect for a neighborhood party!  The countdown is on, so start planning now! Remember to keep it simple. You are going for fun, so it doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect! If you enjoyed reading about our fun idea, please share it with others who might enjoy them too.

easy Halloween activities for kids


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