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50+ Christmas Activities For Families Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy

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Get everyone into the holiday spirit with these fun Christmas activities for families. Includes crafts, decorations, DIY gifts, acts of kindness, fun Christmas games, crafts, and loads of free printables. Want to make memories that will last a lifetime? Click through for the best ideas on the web.

Christmas Activities For Families

I love the holidays. Bring on cheesy music, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and eating way too much homemade Almond Roca.

The countdown to the holidays is the perfect time to enjoy some special Christmas activities with your family.  Well it was in our house. Once I figured out how to simplify our holidays I finally had time to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

What Should I Do With My Family For Christmas?

I’ve scoured the internet to find the best Christmas activities for families.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it together. If you are looking for really simple Christmas activities try these 24 Simple Christmas Traditions for Families.

Christmas Crafts

Make Ornaments

Every year my boys and I would make ornaments together. It was a lovely afternoon activity and we still hang many of these decorations on our tree. The trick to making Christmas ornaments is to keep it simple.

Enjoying Christmas activities for families

Make Your Own Christmas Decor

Making gingerbread was one of our favorite Christmas activities. This is something that continued for many years, even when the boys grew older.

Sometimes we would have a party, and each boy got to invite a friend. We used the recipe and instructions from Canadian Living Magazine. If you want to make things easy on yourself skip the gingerbread and use Graham Crackers or even pretzels.

Need a few other ideas for decor you or your kids could make?

  • These Dollar Store Topiary trees are easy, look adorable – and are a high impact cheap craft!
  • If you are looking to start a new Christmas tradition this year, why not make this easy Toilet Paper Roll Nativity?
  • This colorful Christmas stocking craft is a fun and simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make for the holiday. Kids will have a blast using leftover paper from your scrap bin to help decorate their cute stockings.

Make gifts

Making gifts together is a wonderful Christmas activity. One year we made cinnamon sugar to give to the boy’s teachers. It is super easy to do and was very much appreciated by the recipients. You can find an easy recipe here.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest board: Gifts That Kids Can Make

Christmas Activities For Families

What Are Some Fun Christmas Activities?

Kids are always open to new ideas and activities. Try some of these scavenger hunts:

Or work on other activities to keep the kids from going stir-crazy:

Hanging ornaments

Advent Calendars

Christmas Inspired Play-Doh Fun

Grab/make some Play-Doh and a few supplies and let your kids go wild.

Christmas Activities For Families

Free Printables

  • Enjoy a sweet treat and have a free printable for a free ice-breaker game.
  • Looking at Christmas light is such a fun thing to do as a family during the holidays. This free printable Christmas light scavenger hunt will help make it even more fun!
  • This I spy activity is perfect to keep the kids busy while waiting for the Christmas meal to be served.
  • Play an easy game that the whole family can enjoy with these free printable Christmas Count-it cards!
  • Super fun and easy Elf Paper Puppets! Make these adorable little puppets – choose from “colour your own” or full color ones. These make a great toy or connect them all for a quirky elf garland.
  • Use this Roll a Reindeer free printable along with a pair of dice to play a fun game with your kids (and help them learn their numbers too).
  • This free printable Christmas Matching Game will help your kids have fun and practice their own memory skills.

Learning Activities

You can combine Christmas crafts and games with learning.

Enjoying Christmas activities for families

Family Together Time

Host a game night

I know this isn’t the most original idea. Still, most kids love board games and the Christmas break is the perfect time to dig them out. Let each family member choose their favorite. Alternatively, try some of these fun Christmas games:

Have a Movie Night

  • Something a little special: The Dating Divas have created a special movie night inspired by the movie The Polar Express—complete with (free!) printable “train tickets,” games, and yummy snacks and beverages. Get the details here.
  • Make it super easy: Make some popcorn and put on your favorite holiday movies. Honestly, your kids will enjoy it just the same either way.
Reading a Christmas Story

Fine-tune Your Routines with a bit of Holiday Cheer

Listen to a Christmas story at bedtime

Choose a Christmas audiobook and listen to it each night. My boys loved snuggling under blankets by the Christmas tree to hear the story.

Audio books are a busy parent’s best friend. Your kids get to hear a wonderful story and you get to relax by the twinkling lights of the tree and cuddle with your kids. FANTASTIC.

I’d love to hear from you

What is your favorite activity at this time of year? Do you have any fun Christmas activities for families? What special family traditions do you enjoy?

Looking for More Ideas?

Follow My Christmas Pinterest Board: Christmas

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10 thoughts on “50+ Christmas Activities For Families Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy”

  1. Thanks for the link! I love the snowman lunch too. Our family has almost too many fun traditions to count, but one of our favorites is our memory tree. On each vacation we collect an ornament. For each big event, like when our daughters danced in the Nutcracker Ballet, we collect an ornament. For things we always want to remember, like the births of our children, including our sweet stillborn baby, we collect an ornament. Then when we decorate our memory tree each year we share stories and memories of all our family’s history.

    1. I love the idea of the memory tree – sharing stories together is so important for families. I loved it when my parents did that with me. It gave me a sense of who I was and helped me understand that I belonged.

  2. My daughter is 25, and is coming home for Christmas this year. When I asked her if she wanted to do anything special, the answer was to make a gingerbread house. I would make the ginger bread, she would come up with the idea of the structure, and together we’d build it. Then she’d love to take the candies to decorate it. (We built a stable, castle, log house, even a working windmill) Then after it was all done, and it did its stint of decorating, we would take it to church for the kids to obliterate at coffee time. Good memories.

  3. I have started a tradition with my grandchildren making gingerbread houses. This will be our third year. The first year we made a traditional gingerbread house. Last year we made a gingerbread train. This year I got some cookie cutters from Ikea that make stand-up Christmas trees, stars and reindeer! We will also make a small cabin to complete the scene! It is a lot of fun and gets easier as the grandkids get older 7 years and 4 (almost 5) years old now! BTW – that picture of your boys is hilarious! I had three boys also and I have seen that kind of silliness before! Such joy!

    1. Oh I love this tradition! What a wonderful thing to do with your grandchildren! I loved having 3 boys, we had loads of silliness!

  4. Stopping by from the Family Friday linky. I like the idea of taking the family to a store and letting everyone choose a decoration.

    We are putting out tree up next week and I’m going to enlist the kids’ help to make some ornaments. I’m armed with green paint chip samples from Home Depot! LOL

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