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50+ Zero Waste Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Looking for Easter basket ideas for kids that won’t add more plastic to the landfill? We’ve got 50+ Zero waste gifts that are perfect for Easter. Includes homemade, budget-friendly, and organic items. Click through to see all the goodies. This is an Easter basket you can feel good about giving to your children.

Zero Waste Easter Basket Ideas

I know the feeling. You’re trying to cut down on plastic, but you really want to create a fabulous Easter basket for your kids. You look at what’s available in the stores but can’t quite bring yourself to buy more cheap plastic novelty toys and Easter candy with a ton of packaging.

Wouldn’t it be great to create an awesome Easter basket with NO waste!? I know the stores are filled Easter stuff that is anything but waste free. So, you may wonder if it is possible to find sustainable gifts that you kids will love?

You bet it is! I did it for years and I have some excellent tips to help you do just that. It’s going to take some creativity. It may mean changing the way you find the stuff to fill it, but your kids are worth it. and you can feel good about ditching the waste.   Are you ready to begin?


Let’s jump right in and set out some simple guidelines to help you keep waste to a minimum this Easter. I’m sure these are things you already do, but it is worth reminding ourselves before we buy anything.

Our goal is to reduce waste, and do something more sustainable, right?

We will do this by

  • Reusing what we can (this means “shopping our house” or finding things second hand.)
  • Recycle or up-cycle wherever possible.
  • When we buy something, choose eco-friendly products with as little waste as possible.
Zero Waste Easter basket ideas


First of we are going to need a basket. What do you have in your house that you could use?

Eco tip: It doesn’t need to be an actual basket

  • A toy pail
  • Used gift basket
  • Toy container
  • A small book bag

Can you up-cycle something to make a basket? I love this list of up-cycled DIY Easter basket ideas at Rhythms of Play

Thrift stores are a good source of baskets. Brighten them up with soap and water and add some paint if needed.

If you need to buy something, try to find a basket/bag that can be reused year after year. Here are some options.


Easter grass is not necessary, but I’ll admit it looks great lining the basket. Here are some waste free options.

  • Paper grass that can be re-used and recycled. The colors are gorgeous!
  • Grow some wheat grass
  • Use a play silk. They come in all colors and can be used as a toy once Easter is finished.

The other thing that is fun to do is to grow your own grass. It is great project to do with kids. You can find instructions here.

Eco tip: Do you have a shredder? Why not shred up some Easter flyers?


This is where it gets tricky. You can always reuse refillable plastic eggs that you have at home. If you are looking for something new try decorated tin eggs or wooden ones. All of these can be used year after year.


My boys always love decorating eggs and some of those eggs ended up in their Easter baskets. We tended to use natural dyes whenever possible. This video shows you how to make beautiful eggs using onion skins. (You can also try red cabbage leaves. It turns  the eggs blue.)

Eco tip: Collect used eggshells and grind them up. Put a handful of the shells in when you are planting tomatoes. They love the extra calcium.


The bulk food store is your best bet. Candy can be presented in small cloth bags, in wooden eggs, or fill up small mason jars. I love this Mason Jar Easter Basket from Hello little Home. Here are some more ideas (click on the images to go straight to the pins on Pinterest).

Easter basket ideas
Easter Basket Ideas
Easter Basket Ideas


I discovered very early on that my boys didn’t care what form their chocolate came in. They didn’t get upset at the lack of eggs and were just as happy with their favorite chocolate bar. Most Easter eggs come with loads of packaging and very little chocolate. The everyday chocolate bars taste just as good, have far less waste, and are about a third of the price.

You could also try your hand at making sweet treats. Hello Rice Krispie, Jello and Nutella Cream Eggs!

zero waste Easter basket ideas


It is nice to put some non-candy gifts into our basket. How can we do this in a sustainable way? Here are some perfect candy free Easter basket ideas. First let’s shop the house

  • Has your child been given a gift for Christmas they didn’t get around to using? Can it be put in the basket?
  • Do your older kids have gently used Easter basket gifts they don’t use? Ask for permission to use them for a younger sibling.
  • Gather random art and craft supplies and use them to make mini art kits.


You can also make some small gifts if you have time. I love these pocket felt rabbits.  You could also mix up a batch of

Eco tip: All of these home made gifts can be stored in mason jars if you want to go truly waste free.

Garden Gifts: One of the themes of Easter is new life and renewal, so seeds to plant are perfect. Planting a garden is a great family activity, so it is a gift that keeps giving. Here’s some ideas. Click on the images to purchase.

Then there is my personal favorite- pencils you can plant! I kid you not!

Soft toys: My boys could never get enough small soft toys. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand they are very cute, but they aren’t always environmentally friendly. If you have Easter plush toys from previous years, why not re-use them? If not try a farm buddy made from organic materials.

Creative Toys: Anything that encourages creativity is always welcome and provides the perfect indoor activity for rainy spring days. Here are some eco-friendly ideas. Click on the images to purchase.

Books: Books will always be on my list. Though I really cut down on the number of toys, books were something we never skimped on. I wanted my boys to have access to plenty of good books.

Eco tip: If you want to give the gift of books in a waste free manner, why not gift a library card and a book bag.


Do you plan to make a waste free Easter basket this year? What kinds of things will you put in it?

zero waste Easter basket ideas

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