Nature Gifts For Kids: Awesome Selection for 2022

34 Awesome Gifts for Kids Who Love Nature

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Are your kids fascinated by nature? Nature is a great way to get kids away from screens and engaged with the outside world. The best part? They do not have to go far! There are so many things around us that can be explored and appreciated by our little ones. Today we will share some of my favorite nature gifts for kids.

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Here are our top 6 picks that are sure to delight your young naturalists.

Nature gifts are perfect for kids who love to explore and have a strong connection to the great outdoors. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially when you are looking for something both creative and educational. The best nature gifts for kids are toys that nurture their natural curiosity and help them explore the world around them.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, these suggestions for kids who love nature are sure to give you some inspiration! We will help you find something special. Does your child loves bugs, rocks, animals, or all three?! We’ve got you covered. Our list has everything from board games and activity books to bug boxes and all kinds of outdoor activities!

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Gifts for Kids Who Love Nature: Indoor Activities

Sometimes you have to bring nature indoors. Encourage nature exploration with nature-themed toys, including nature puzzles, science kits, crafts, and other nature play products. These are perfect activities for kids who love nature and want something to do when they can not go outside!

Activity Books

Kids are all about exploring the world around them. Whether they are curious about nature or want to learn more about a particular animal or habitat, activity books are a great way to bring education into playtime.

I love this series of Nature Activity Books by Olivia Cosneau. Each book tackles a different habitat and is full of interesting facts and activities for children to enjoy. The books are very inexpensive, so use them as stocking stuffers or combine several with some coloring pencils.

Here are a few others

Indoor Nature Science Kits

There is nothing like a nature science kit to get kids interested in nature and science. It is hands-on learning at its best. Science kits are perfect for nature-loving families who want to share a love of nature with their children. Here are a couple I found for kids who love rocks.

Crafts for Children Who Love Nature

Gifts that inspire creativity are a great way to encourage a sense of wonder. Flower presses and rock tumblers, for example, help preserve beautiful natural treasures and inspire creativity. Here are a few ideas that your kids will love.

My middle son spent hours tumbling rocks with a tumbler just like this. He wasn’t interested in making jewellery, but displayed his polished stones proudly. This set does includes some jewellery findings for children who want to make something special to wear.

There are a lot of bird feeder kits available, but many of them looked very flimsy. This one looked study and many reviewers commented on the quality and sturdiness of the finished project.

Nature Lovers Tip: You can also buy kits for making solitary bees nest. Please do not buy them. Most of these kits use bamboo stems, but the rough edge of the bamboo can shred the wings of young bees as they emerge. If you want to get a solitary bees nest that is safe, try this one.

Nature Journals and Coloring Books

Keeping nature journals is a wonderful way of encouraging children to observe nature over time. Nature journals give kids the chance to learn more about the nature around them and can be filled with drawings, paintings, photographs, and observations.

Why not pair the books with a very special set of coloring pencils. These are gorgeous to color with and are just the right colors for botanical art.

Coloring books encourage creativity and increase focus. Coloring is the perfect quiet time activity. You do not have the pressure of drawing something from scratch. All you do is color. Lots of people are using coloring as a way of relaxing. Here are some beautiful coloring books with a nature theme.

Board Games For Families That Love Nature

Nature board games allow families to have fun together and learn about nature. Enjoy exploring animal habitats and learning more about plants and animals from around the world with this selection of games.

Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

Magazine subscriptions are fun for kids because they come to the home in the mail. Kids love getting mail! The other great thing about a gift subscription is that it keeps the gift going all year. Magazines offer short articles with compelling photography that encourages children to read. Many of them also have puzzles and other interesting activities for kids to try. It is a great way to learn all kinds of new and fascinating things about the world we live in. I particularly like National Geographic for Kids and For Little Kids.

Outdoor Nature Gifts For Kids

Outdoor nature activities are a great way to help children discover nature on their own terms. Nature gifts that encourage your children to head outdoors are always a hit, especially if they can learn more about nature in the process.

Every nature-loving kid has their favorite outdoor activities, from nature walks to playing in the dirt. Get them involved with gifts that keep nature exploration fun! Here are two gifts to help you spend time outside as a family.

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Outdoor Science Labs and Explorations

Outdoor exploration kits are the perfect introduction to natural science. They are great for kids who love nature and want to learn more about nature through experience. We have bug boxes, worm farms, butterflies, and labs to help your child explore dirt and plants.

Every nature-loving kid will love their own bug box! They provide the perfect opportunity to learn about nature and insects.

Looking for some inexpensive toys that will entice your kids outside? Check out our list.

Gear To Help Your Child Explore Outdoors

One of the best nature gifts you can give is the gear kids need when you head outdoors and explore nature. Whether they love exploring or just playing in the dirt. We have some fantastic nature gift ideas for kids who want to get out there and discover nature!

I took a look at some of the all-in-one explorer kits. To be honest, I was not impressed. The items looked to be of poor quality, and I was not sure they would last. Besides all that plastic! So, I decided to list the few basics I thought would give your kids what they need to get out and explore.

BackPack and Water Bottle

Every young explorer needs a backpack. Look for nature backpacks that are lightweight and sturdy, with plenty of pockets and compartments to hold all the treasures they find (and other goodies). A water bottle is also a must. Here are my recommendations.

Rain Gear and Hat

A nature gift that keeps on giving! Your kids will love nature, all the more, when they are protected against the elements. This rain gear is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. I liked that it is breathable, so your child will not overheat while keeping dry.

Sun Hat

Sun hats are a must in the summer. They protect the head and neck from the sun and help protect against UV damage.


Every child will be thrilled to receive their own set of binoculars. A good pair completes an outdoor adventure kit, and this set is designed specifically for children. They are lightweight and durable, with a magnification of 8 x 21. Ideal for bird watching, camping, trekking, hunting, spy games, and other outdoor activities. These beauties will encourage both scientific investigation and creative play.

Magnifying Glass

Watch your child explore the wonders of nature with a magnifying glass! Magnification makes everything look so different. Watch them discover new things that were previously invisible, like the bugs feeding on flowers or the texture of the fallen log. A magnifying glass encourages children to explore nature up close and discover all of its intricacies. Children love pointing out details they spot, from mushrooms sprouting in the undergrowth to a spider’s web in all its glory. Watch their sense of awe and wonder grow in leaps and bounds!

Field Guides

Field guides are the natural gift that kids will use year after year to discover nature on their own terms. They provide an opportunity for kids to learn more about nature through observation and experience. They are also wonderful gifts for older nature-lovers. Here are 3 beautiful guides written with children in mind.

Membership to A Local Nature Attraction

I am a huge fan of experience gifts that last all year round. A family membership to a local nature attraction is a wonderful gift. These would include a local zoo, botanical garden, nature center, or wildlife sanctuary. Memberships are timely, educational, and fun gifts for nature-loving kids! Many sites provide special pricing and benefits when you join up, including event tickets, early entry hours, discounts on meals/snacks, and free parking.

A Donation to a Nature-Based Charity

Children care about nature and often want to help. One idea is to donate to a nature charity in your child’s name. Your nature lover will feel great about making a difference, plus you might even get a tax receipt! This could include a wildlife sanctuary, local nature association, or wetlands advocacy group. Here are some national charities

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The Benefits of Giving Nature Gifts

Nature gifts are perfect for children who love to explore the outdoors. Offering them a nature-based present will help with their development in these ways:

  • Promotes curiosity
  • Increase physical activity and self-esteem
  • Entices children outdoors to explore and learn
  • Help develop a sense of wonder
  • Provides the opportunity for play-based learning
  • Encourages family bonding time

So, consider giving one as a gift for your child or someone you know.

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What to Look For in a Nature Gift for Kids

Nature gifts for kids can be a great way to encourage creativity and exploration outside. Here are some things to consider when searching for the perfect nature gift:

  • Does it have limited play value? You will not see things like telescopes or microscopes on our list. Why? Because they are expensive items that will often be put aside after just one or two uses. We wanted gifts that encourage exploration and play. For example, a microscope has limited play value for a child. What do you do with it once you have looked at the prepared slides? Compare that with a magnifying glass. It can be used to examine everything from bugs, to rocks, to deer poop!
  • Does it stimulate a child’s natural sense of curiosity? Getting a child curious about the natural world opens up the whole world. We opted for gifts that encourage observation or hands-on play. The magnifying glass encourages children to stop and look closely at things they usually pass by. While smashing open a geode could start a lifelong passion for geology.
  • Does it encourage independence discovery? Along with stimulating curiosity, we looked for gifts that encourage children to explore nature on their own. This type of investigation leads to wonderful learning opportunities!

These are just a few things to think about when buying nature gifts for kids.

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In this post, we explored some of the best gifts for nature-loving kids. If you want to buy a gift for your earth-loving kid this holiday season, these are the perfect choices! They promote self-esteem through discovery and exploration while providing an opportunity to teach children about their world. We hope that our list has given you some ideas for something special to delight the children in your life.

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