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My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

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My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015One of the reasons I started this blog was to help you on your parenting journey. That means lots of parenting posts. It’s always interesting to go back over the year and see which ones were the most popular, so I took a look. Without further ado I present to you

The Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

1.Treasuring the Precious Moments With Your Children

My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

The time you have with your children goes by a lightening speed. Although you cannot stop time, you can slow down your days and learn how to treasure the precious moments you have with your children.

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2.The Quiet Beauty of Ordinary Days

IMy Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015.

It was a few days after the Christmas holidays and I was already seeing Valentine’s Day merchandise in the store. I wrote a short reflection about cherishing the ordinary days.

Celebrations are great, but they bring a certain amount of pressure with them. Ordinary days give us time to lean into the daily rhythms of work, family and friends. We can find happiness and contentment in the day-to-day rituals and life.

3. 15 ways to be silly with your kids

My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh with your kids? We can all use a little bit of crazy silly in our life. Inject some fun into your family with these suggestion. Kids love it when adults are silly with them. Have fun!

4. 5 ways to nurture Contentment

My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015Can you imagine what your family life would be like if everyone was happy with what they had in the moment? Where no one was wishing for something else? This post suggests five simple ways to help you nurture contentment in your family.

5. Some Encouragement at the End of a Hard Day

My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

We all have those terrible parenting days. When everything goes wrong. When we feel as if we have messed up big time. This post has some good news and a word of encouragement for you.

Now it’s your turn

What parenting post did you finding helpful this year (it doesn’t have to be one of mine). What parenting topics would you like to read about? Write your suggestions in the comments below.

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My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015

8 thoughts on “My Top Five Parenting Posts of 2015”

  1. The quiet beauty of ordinary days is my personal favorite. We love making “big” memories, but often it’s the “let’s just hang out and do nothing in particular” days that we cherish.

    Thanks for participating in the Top Parenting Tips series with The Jenny Evolution and for being a part of our online parenting community!

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  2. Great article.. Parenting is comprised of ordinary and extraordinary moments of connection and growth as I try my best to love, help and treasure my children.

  3. Great read. My sister is having a hard time keeping up with her 3 toddlers due to work. One of them has ADHD, so I also help out whenever I can. I think these articles would greatly help us out in maintaining a strong bond with them. Cheers!

    1. Sharon Harding

      ADHD is such a challenge. Your sister is blessed that you are there to help out. I’m glad you found the articles helpful.

  4. Thanks for the great posts Sharon, these will definitely help me with parenting my first and only child (5 years old). He is my primary reason for giving my best each and everyday. I’m looking forward to seeing your top picks for 2016.

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