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Some Encouragement At the End of a Hard Day

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Some Encouragement At the End of a Hard DayI understand that longing.

You want to be a good parent

You want to be that parent who has all the patience in the world, who never yells, or uses words that harm.

You want to be that parent who finds a way to connect deeply with your children.

Every. Single. Day.

You long to be that parent.

I have some good news.

You are. You’re better parent than you can ever imagine.

When you have those terrible days. When everything goes wrong. When you find yourself yelling at your kids in total frustration. Learn from those moments, but don’t stay there. You are not alone. We all experience those dark parenting moments. Remember that learning comes from making mistakes. Be gentle with yourself as you learn.

Please don’t replay those moments over and over in your memory.

Instead, think about what you did right today. Dwell on the things you did right this week.


  • The time you spent with your child
  • The hugs and kisses you dispensed
  • The food you prepared
  • The times you talked over dinner
  • The jokes you told
  • Tucking your child in at bedtime
  • That story you read AGAIN for the ten millionth time

Remember those things? Those things count more than you know.

Focus on those things.

Let’s chuck the parent guilt. It serves no purpose, except to make you feel miserable.

Life is too short. And you have to get on with the job of being a fantastic parent.

Some Encouragement At the End of a Hard Day.

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  1. Oh, I *so* needed this one today! Yesterday was one of those hard days 🙁 Thank you for this wonderfully encouraging post!

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