A Surefire Way To Simplify Your Parenting

A Surefire Way To Simplify Your Parenting

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If all the conflicting parenting advice is driving you crazy, check out this easy way to simplify your parenting and get back to basics. It will help you figure out what matters, so you can let go of the rest.

A Surefire Way To Simplify Your Parenting

The overwhelming deluge of parenting advice

There’s a huge amount of parenting advice out there. I tried typing parenting into the Pinterest search to see what came up. There were thousands upon thousands of pins.

And every single one of them has a different idea or approach that will revolutionize the way you parent.

I saw posts like “10 things You Should Never Say to Your Kids” and “115 Ways to Be a Better Mom.” And I didn’t even start to scroll down the page.

I raised my children before the Internet really took off. But I do recall the feelings of overwhelm and the worry that I was “ruining my children.”

I remember thinking that there was no way of knowing if I was doing it right until it was “too late.”

A Surefire Way To Simplify Your Parenting

The fear of getting it wrong

I have to admit I’m glad I didn’t have access to the Internet, because the thought that there was 115 ways to become a better Mom leaves me feeling inadequate!

The notion that there were things you should NEVER say is scary. What if I’ve ALREADY said them?

How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the shoulds and musts? The dos and don’ts? The never do this and the always do that?

A simple solution

I have a suggestion. Let’s gather up all that parenting advice into one simple parenting principle.

Choose relationship.

That’s it! That one simple choice has the power to transform our families

Before we respond, plan, discipline, or worry about what we should or shouldn’t say.

Let’s just focus on the relationship.

What do Children Really Want?

A few years ago I wrote a post about the Top 10 Things Kids Really Want From Their Parents.

For 16 years a teacher named Erin Kurt asked her students to give her advice on being a parent. They were to name those things their parents or guardians did with them, which made them feel happy or loved.

Erin noticed that the same suggestions cam up time after time, so she created a list. You will find that list here.

I want you notice that there is no mention of the things we should or shouldn’t say. There isn’t an overwhelming number of ways to become a better parent. There are 10 simple suggestions.

And almost every one of them focuses on strengthening relationship.

[Tweet “Our children don’t want us to be perfect. They just want connection with us.”]

So let’s stop worrying about all that parenting advice. Instead just go with one goal – strengthening relationship.

This simple focus will help you figure out what matters, so you can let go of the rest.

How You Are Already Choosing relationship

If you are still worried just think of all the times you have chosen relationship. Remember

Remember those things? They count more than you know.

And you can stop worrying, because your children will grow up knowing they are loved and they belong.

Those are two of the greatest gifts you can give them.

A Sure Fire Way To Simplify Your Parenting

8 thoughts on “A Surefire Way To Simplify Your Parenting”

  1. Definitely there is too much advice out there, in fact I mentioned the ‘things you should never say to your kids’ posts in a post a while ago as I too felt this was not a good approach.
    Relationship building, time and love is a great way to focus back on your own parenting.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

    1. It is so true. I can’t imagine trying remember all the things you should never say! It would have driven me crazy! I think kidds just need to feel loved and accepted and we can do that even if we are saying the “wrong” things!

  2. I love your list near the end of the post. I feel like printing it our & framing it! We spend so much time with our daughter Magoo, we read, we play, we walk, we snuggle up in bed. It means everything to me & I’m sure it means everything to her. If all else fails, have a cuddle, everyone needs a hug 🙂

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