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35 Gifts For Active Kids To Get Them Moving

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Finding the perfect gifts for active kids can be a challenge. They always want something new and exciting, and it can be hard to keep up with their ever-changing interests. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This post will share some of the best gifts for active kids to get them up and moving. These gifts will keep them entertained and engaged no matter what time of year!

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What Do You Give An Active Child?

It’s hard to find the perfect gift for an active kid. You want something to keep them entertained and moving, but you don’t want anything dangerous or destructive.

We’ve got you covered with this list of the best gifts for active kids. We’ve got something for every child on your list, from bikes and scooters to sports equipment and outdoor games. Plus, many of these items are super affordable so that you can stick within your budget.

Here Are Our Top Picks

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Gifts For Active Kids-Strength, Agility, And Balance

Toys in this category are my favorites. Strength, agility, and balance help children master new tasks and become more independent. The following toys will keep your kids moving and encourage them to work on those essential physical skills!

Stand Up Surfer Swing

The Stand Up Surfer Swing allows kids to experience a surfing experience without the water. Just stand on the curved platform, hold onto the handles and start swinging. Kids can fly with this thing. It’s a fantastic addition to your garden, and it aids in developing muscular strength, balance, and coordination.

Slackline Kit

This slackline kit is a tightrope for kids. A slackline kit includes everything you need to set up, including a tree protector. Reviewers reported that their kids played with this toy for hours! The equipment is perfect for beginners or experienced slackliners.

Juegos Climbing Rope Swing

The Juegoal Climbing swing is a fun alternative to traditional swings. It is made of sturdy plastic and has footholds built to make climbing easy. Climbing rope is a great strength and confidence booster. Having one in your yard will make it easy to get your kids outside.

Geospace WALKAROO Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts

These stilts are loads of fun and perfect for active kids! They can be adjusted to different heights and are made of steel for durability. These stilts help to improve strength, agility, and balance, but kids love them because they get to be taller! These stilts are sure to get your little one moving and grooving!

Wooden Wobble Balance Board

The Wooden Wobble Balance Board provides hours of open-ended play. Learning to balance helps with the development of gross motor skills. But children can also use this toy for imaginative play. Use it as a slide, desk, racetrack, lounge chair, and more.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Do your kids dream of being Ninjas? Now they can train with this fun Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course! With rings, climbing ladders, and more, this kit has everything they need to turn their backyard to hone their skills. Let them burn off all that energy while learning coordination, balance, and strength.

Slackers NINJALINE Ninja RICKETY Bridge

Here is another great toy for budding Ninjas. It attaches to your Ninja obstacle course. The bridge sways around as your child navigates across. It is a great way to build strength and coordination.

Eastern Jungle Gym DIY Swing Set Hardware Kit

My brothers and I spent hours on an old swing set my dad put together. It can be hard to find a good-quality swing set at a reasonable price. The Eastern Jungle Gym DIY Swing Set Hardware Kit makes it easy to build your own. It includes all of the hardware you need to build a swing set, including swings, rings, and a trapeze bar. The kit is easy to assemble and perfect for anyone looking for an affordable way to create a backyard swing set.

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Gifts For Active Kids – Balls, Hoops, and Things That Fly

Kids of all ages love playing with toys that allow them to throw, spin, and send stuff flying through the air. Simple activities such as tossing a ball or diving to catch a frisbee help develop their hand-eye coordination. Plus, they can be great fun for kids of all ages! We’ve got something to fit every budget.

Shark Rang Boomerang

The boomerang is a classic toy that never gets old. This one is a solid foam boomerang that is easy to throw and comes back every time. It is safe, light, durable, and perfect for beginners.

Hoola Hoop

The Hoola Hoop is another classic toy that has been around for generations. It is excellent for developing strength, agility, and balance in kids. Hoola Hooping is a fun way to get active, and kids love to see how long they keep the hoop spinning.

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

The Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings are easy to throw and catch. They are designed to fly straight and won’t hurt young hands. They’re perfect for players of all ages and even float, so they are a great toy to take to the beach or lake.


Kites have been around for centuries and provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. There is something spectacular about seeing them soar. Kites encourage children to get active while also developing their gross motor skills. This kite is designed for beginners, so it is easy to fly.

EZGoal Folding Hockey nets

My boys spent hours playing hockey with nets like these. They are perfect gifts for active kids, as they are easy to set up and fold down quickly and easily. Heavy-duty steel tubing and polyester net ensure that this set will withstand some serious playtime. Pair it with street hockey sticks and a ball for hours of fun.

Adjustable Basketball Hoop

The kids in our neighborhood spend hours playing with basketballs and hoops. If you are looking for a gift that will get your children moving, this adjustable basketball hoop is perfect. It can be set to different heights, so it’s ideal for kids of all ages and abilities. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble, so they can start playing right away!

Gifts For Active Kids- Let’s Get Them Jumping

Jumping has all kinds of benefits for kids. It builds bone density, balance, and muscle development, and it’s also a great way to release energy. Here are some great options for every budget.

Pogo Stick

This pogo stick is perfect for kids who love to jump and bounce. It is sturdy and well made and can support up to 90 pounds. This pogo stick will have your youngsters bouncing about for hours!

SIERLIKY Skip Ball for Kids

Skip balls were trendy when I was a kid. But these take it up to a whole other level. They are easy to use. Just slip a foot in the loop, start the ball spinning and hop over the rope. This one lights up as it turns, giving it a wow factor. This toy is cheap, inexpensive, and easy to use. Plus, it helps kids burn off all that excess energy.

Jump Rope

This one needs no explanation. It is a classic toy that has been around for centuries. It is inexpensive, portable, and provides hours of fun. Jumping rope is a great way to improve coordination, balance, and fitness.

Bouncing Hopper

Oh, these are fun! Just inflate and invite your kids to jump on and bounce. They can have races, see how high they can go, or play tag. Bouncing on a hopper is excellent exercise and gets the heart pumping.

Mini Trampoline for Kids

If you want to spend a little more, this mini trampoline is a great option. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is perfect for kids who love jumping and bouncing. This trampoline is small enough to fit anywhere but still provides plenty of play value.

Outdoor Trampoline For Kids

The outdoor trampoline is the most expensive item on our list and will take up a fair amount of space in your yard. Still, what could be better than having your own backyard trampoline? It comes with foam-covered safety pads and an enclosure net to keep your kids safe. Kids will love spending hours bouncing and turning somersaults on this.

Gifts For Active Kids to Ride Around the Neighbourhood

One of my favorite activities was riding around on my bicycle or scooter when I was a kid. These toys kept me active and allowed me to discover my sense of independence and freedom. Of course, I also gave my kids the same opportunities to explore and play. And as it turns out, all that time on wheels wasn’t just good for our physical health. It also helped us build muscles and improve balance and coordination. In short: riding these toys truly is an incredible gift that all kids should enjoy!

Radio Flyer Cyclone

The Radio Flyer Cyclone is an excellent toy that kids will love. It has two wheels in the front and a small one in the back, so it’s easy to ride and do 360 spins. This set of wheels is arm powered and will get your kids to let your kid zoom, spin, and do all kinds of tricks.

EzyRoller Ride On

The EZyRoller Ride On is an excellent toy. Kids propel it by pumping their feet back and forth on the foot bar. It’s great exercise and lots of fun. The middle bar extends to grow with your kids. These are great alternatives for kids who don’t have the confidence to ride their bicycles yet.

Classic Toys On Wheels Kids Love

Do you remember those classic toys on wheels that we all loved as kids? They are still around and are just as popular as ever. These gifts will keep your kids active and engaged. Riding around on a bike or scooter is excellent exercise and builds coordination and balance. It can also give older children a sense of freedom as they can roam further afield with their wheels.

Here are our favorite picks.

Tip: Don’t forget to purchase some protective gear if you gift toys on wheels. They won’t stop falls, but they will help prevent serious injury.

Gifts For Active Kids – Burning Off Steam Indoors

There are always those days when your active kids cannot go outside. It could be extreme temperatures. or maybe it’s just raining. That doesn’t mean your kids have to sit around and be bored. These gifts will help them burn off some energy indoors!

Indoor Doorway Gym Set

This clever indoor gym set is a great way to keep your kids active indoors. It includes a swing chair, rings, hanging trapeze, ladder, swinging rope, and a pull-up bar. Now you can create a playground inside your home. This set fits most standard doors.

KO-ON Infrared Laser Tag Set

I’m not a huge fan of toys that need batteries, but this is an exception. The Ko-on Infrared Laser Tag Set is a great way for kids to get some active play indoors. This set includes four laser guns and vests so that multiple children can play with it at once. The vests also vibrate to make things even more incredible. And, since it uses a safe infrared signal, there’s no need to worry about it hurting your child’s eyes. It takes 6 AAA batteries for each child, though, so you may want to get some rechargeable ones.

IROO Balance Stepping Stones for Kids

Use IROO balance stepping stones inside and outdoors. They are great for playing lava games or making mini-obstacle courses. The stones are made of durable plastic and are stackable for easy storage. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Door Pong Game

Are you looking for a fun and active gift for the kids? Look no further than Door Pong! This easy-to-use game attaches to any door and lets you play ping pong without a table. Just attach the clamp to the top of any doorway, adjust the length of the string, and play. The idea is to keep hitting back and forth until someone misses, but you can also practice alone. The best part? You don’t have to go fishing for the missing ball under the sofa.

Gifts For Active Kids – Water Play

There’s nothing like water play on a hot day, and these toys are guaranteed to get kids moving. I found that pairing water and kids were always popular. These gifts will make a splash with an active kid!

Double Slip and Slide

Double the sliding and double the fun! This slip and slide allows two people to go down simultaneously. This water slide is made of sturdy material and has a protective covering to ensure it lasts for years. Reinforced holes for the stakes prevent ripping and tearing. A sprinkler is incorporated into the design to keep both sliding lanes wet. This water slide is great for those hot summer days when you want to cool off and have some fun.

Super Water Blaster Soaker

Kids love these things! They are perfect for hot summer days when water fights are in full swing. The super soaker holds 36 ounces of water, and the pump action will drench your opponents. No one will be safe from getting soaked! If you have an active kid, this is the toy for them.

Reusable Water Balls

Water balloons are always popular, and kids love them. However, the latex variety are a chore to fill and leaves you with a mess to clean up. Not to mention that they are not environmentally friendly. These reusable water balls are a perfect alternative. They are made from highly absorbent cotton, so dump them in a tub of water, and you are ready to play.

Large Splash Pad

Where was this toy when my boys were growing up? Doesn’t it look like fun? The large splash pad is an excellent gift for any active kid! It is easy to use. Just attach it to any garden hose and watch the water spray up. Want a higher or lower spray height? No problem, adjust the water pressure. This splash pad is an excellent alternative to baby pools, and your kids will have a blast!

Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler

My boys loved running through sprinkler sprays. It was the most effortless activity for hot days. Attach to the garden hose and turn it on. The Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl is a great spinning water toy for active kids. It attaches to any standard hose and has six different wiggle tubes that create a water whirl. Your kids will love running through and dodging all the swirls of water.

How Do Kids Benefit From Being Active?

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I think all parents know how important it is for kids to be active, but sometimes we need a reminder of all the benefits. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children over six years of age participate in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. So what are the benefits?

Active Play = Better Health

This one is a no-brainer. The studies are clear that active kids are healthier kids. The Centre for Disease Control explains.

“Regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions.”

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Active Play = Better Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Active play is a fantastic way for kids to develop gross and fine motor skills. These are the skills they need for everyday activities such as feeding themselves, getting dressed, and tying their shoes.

Gross motor skills are the ability to use large muscles in the legs, arms, and torso to perform tasks like climbing, running, and throwing a ball. These skills help your child ride a bicycle, participate in sports, and use rollerblades.

Fine motor skills are the ability to control the small muscles of the hands and feet to make precise movements. These would include buttoning up clothes, writing, or cutting with scissors.

In other words, active play helps kids develop the skills they need for everyday life, school, and playing with friends.

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Active play = Children That Sleep Better

This is one that I know from experience. My boys always slept better after a busy day of running and playing. Sleep has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Our bodies can focus on growth and repair during sleep, and our brains can rest and process the day.

Exercise releases chemicals that help us relax. It can also help with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy. Also, active kids are going to use up energy and get tired. This will help them fall asleep faster.

Outdoor play also gets kids out into natural light during the day. Scientists have found that this helps children fall asleep better. Exposure to natural light during the day develops the internal body clock that makes us alert during the day and sleepy at night.

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Active play = Children That Do Better In School

You may not know this, but there is a strong link between physical activity and academic achievement. Scientists have found that being active helps strengthen the parts of the brain involved with memory/learning and executive function.

Executive functioning describes the skills needed for cognitive control and self-regulation. You can learn more about it here. Scientists now think children with better self-regulation will do way better in school.

In a recent study, scientists looked at the connection between physical activity and how well children did in school. They were looking at three things.

  • Executive functioning
  • Attention span (how long children can focus on a subject)
  • Academic performance (how well children did at school.

They learned two things. The first is that children could focus for longer after a single burst of activity. However, you needed consistent activity over several weeks to notice any improvement in executive functioning and academic performance.

Secondly, the type of active play is also essential. In a nutshell, activities where children have to pay attention, take risks, and work things out will help them do better at school.

What does this mean? There are two main conclusions

  • Children who enjoy active play every day will do better in school.
  • Active play that challenges children is better than just straightforward exercise routines. Examples of this kind of play would be playing street hockey, using a zip line, or a ninja obstacle course.
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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite gifts for active kids, it’s time to start shopping! I hope this list has given you some great ideas for gifts to keep your kids moving and help them stay healthy and happy. And don’t forget you can benefit from regular activity as well. So get outside and play with your kids today!