Mother's Day Crafts: 26 Simple Gifts That Kids Can Actually Make

26 Easy Gifts That Kids Can Make For Mom

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Want some easy gifts your kids can make their mothers? We’ve collected the best DIY Mother’s Day Crafts for Mom or Grandma. We’ve got everything from flower pots to footprint art. And the best part? They are super easy for children to make. Click over and check out our ideas. Which one will you choose?

One year during my childhood my Dad was away on a business trip for Mother’s Day. This meant we couldn’t go shopping for flowers to give my Mom on her special day.

At that time, my brothers and I had no money to buy a gift. Nevertheless,  I was determined to give my Mom flowers for no matter what.

I secretly gathered supplies and fashioned some flowers out of Kleenex and straws. I remember sprinkling them with talcum powder to make them smell good! They were the oddest things ever, but I poured all my love into those blossoms.

Then on Mother’s Day I made breakfast for my Mom and gathered up my brothers.  We took her breakfast in bed and presented the flowers. She responded as if it was the most exquisite bouquet in the world.

Many years later my mom reminisced about that day. She told me how touched she was by the gesture. As my dad was away, she did not expect to receive anything. The little bouquet of lop-sided paper flowers meant everything to her.

Child With Mother's Day Gift

 Homemade Gifts Touch The Heart

That is the power of home-made gifts isn’t it? They can be made of cheap materials and look decidedly peculiar. But they have a way of conveying deep love. It doesn’t matter how odd they are.

The best gifts I’ve received from my kids are the quirky handmade ones. I still use the bookmark my son made me for over 20 years ago. And I confess that I still cherish a few hand-print gifts lovingly created by my boys. They mean the world to me.

A collection of Mother's Day Crafts

26 Beautiful Hand made Gifts That Kids Can Make Themselves

So,  I decided to scour the Internet for some Mother’s Day crafts  that can be given to Mom. I had two criteria

  • They had to be something kids can make themselves
  • They had to be made from easy to find supplies.
Children making Mother's Day Crafts

I’ve found 25 Homemade gift ideas that made the cut. Some go together quite quickly, so they are perfect for last minute rushes. Others will take more time (mostly for drying) so you will want to adjust your schedule accordingly.

A few of the projects are better suited to older kids, but many of them can be made by preschoolers. You know what your kids can do, so look at the instructions and decide which projects will work for you.

Mother's Day crafts using hand prints

Mother’s Day Crafts Using Hand, Finger, and Thumb Prints

Let’s face it, any gift that captures hand or fingerprints will always be a winner. I kept a few that my boys (all adults now) gave me. They are wonderful keepsakes of their childhood.  Take a look at these.

Mother's Day Crafts

Beautiful Art that Mom Will Love

Kids love making art and so these Mother’s Day crafts will be a hit. The great thing about these projects is that they are super easy to do and very pretty. Moms and Grandmas will love them.

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Flowers the Perfect Mother’s Day Crafts

We don’t have any flowers made from Kleenex, but each of these are lovely. I can tell you that kids love making flowers for their Moms! We would make flowers with the preschoolers each year and they LOVED it!

flower craft for kids
Mother's Day Crafts

Recycled Mother’s Day Crafts For Mom

I’m a huge fan of  crafts made from recyclables, so I couldn’t resist these two brilliant ideas.

Practical and Wearable Gifts For Mom

It is always nice to get something homemade and practical. The pipe cleaner and pop pom crown isn’t really practical. However, I knew it would thrill younger kids and it didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Looking For More Ideas?

Here’s a fun idea

Check out my Pinterest board full of gifts that kids can make

A collection of Mother's Day Crafts