Mother’s Day Flower Craft for Kids: A Heart Bouquet

A Mother’s Day Heart Bouquet for Kids To Make Themselves

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Are you looking for a sweet Mother’s Day gift that your kids can make by themselves? Our easy heart bouquet Mother’s Day flower craft with pictures makes a personalized gift mom will love. Click through for heart flower templates and instructions.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

I always loved handmade Mother’s Day gifts from my children. Even though my kids are adults now, I still have some of those priceless gifts in my memory box. And I still use a bookmark that my middle son loving made for me 25 years ago. We mums are sappy like that!

I know that moms always appreciate store bought stuff that their partners and spouses arrange. After all no one is going to complain about a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of chocolate. Am I right?

But those crooked handmade gifts that our kids excitedly gift us on our special day? Those are the things that end up being kept in our memory boxes. Most younger kids adore their mothers and love to take the time to craft something special for them. The expression on their faces as they give their special presents.


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A Simple Mother’s Day Flower Craft for Kids

Today I’m sharing a simple Mother’s Day flower craft that kids can make themselves. My boys made me a set of these one year.

Simple craft supplies such as craft foam, skewers, and a few pictures make this sweet Mothers Day bouquet that will last for years. Mine did!

Kids of all ages will love this craft. Younger kids can make them with just a little help. Older kids will find it easy peasy. I made this craft with a children’s groups, so I know that it works for larger groups as the preparation is minimal. Kids loved choosing the right colored hearts and setting everything up for their moms.

Each child can make a separate bouquet of heart flowers if they want. My three kids decided to make one between them, so I got one lovely bouquet of love from the three of them.

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How to Make Our Heart Flowers (Step by Step)

Are you ready to get going with this simple flower craft for kids? Let’s dive in

heart flower craft for kids materials


*Use things like aquarium gravel, colored rice, colored sand or playdough. If you use playdough, fill the bottom of the pot with small stones or pennies to add weight.

Want to make some colored rice? Check out this simple tutorial. You can also make  colored sand.

Free Heart Flower Template

Download my Mother’s Day heart bouquet templates from the library. You will get templates and a full set of instructions.

The FREE download with instructions and heart flower template can be downloaded from the library. Click here for access.


Trace around the heart template onto the craft foam. Cut out one heart.

Use the circle to trim your photograph to the right size. Stick in the middle of the heart

Tape the heart to the blunt end of the skewer.

Cut out leaves from craft foam if desired. Wrap them around the “stem” and secure with a dab of glue.

Fill the pot with your chosen medium. Push the pointed end of each skewer into the pot.

finished heart flower craft for kids

If you wish, you can make extra heart flowers. Use different colors! Write loving messages on them if you wish.

finished heart flower craft for kids

Want to make this gift extra special? Decorate the pot with the foam stickers or craft paint.

Making This Flower Craft At The Last Minute?

Don’t have all the supplies?


  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Clean glass jar (small)
  • Fill with rice, dried lentils, or clean sand from the sandbox
  • Stickers (optional)
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So, what do you think?  I LOVED how these flowers turned out.  They are so sweet.  And the best part is that they are super easy to make as well. They also work well for the other mother figures in our lives. Grandmas, aunts and caregivers would all love this personalized gift from the kids that love them.

Now that you have finished this beautiful gift, why not make a card to go with it? Our FREE printable Mother’s Day coloring cards 4 Adorable Mother’s Day Cards For Kids to Color would be perfect. Download your set today.

heart flower craft for kids pin