Fall Acts of Kindness For Families

39 Fall Activities To Help Teach Kids About Kindness

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Raise compassionate kids and show them how to give back with these Fall acts of kindness for families. There are lots of suggestions and ideas for reaching out to help others during the season. Make kindness a family affair! How many will you do? (Includes free printable)

39 Awesome Ways To Show Kindness This Fall

I loved random acts of kindness that kids can do. As we move into a new season this week I thought it would be fun to have a Fall edition.

Fall acts of kindness for families

  • Make some cinnamon apple muffins or gluten free pumpkin muffins  for someone who would appreciate a home baked treat.
  • Buy or pick some fall flowers and give them to someone who can’t get out very easily.
  • Plant some spring bulbs for someone.
  • Try this thankful nature walk.
  • Help your elderly neighbor rake leaves or clean up the garden.
  • Make fall gift boxes and fill with treats. Leave them as unexpected surprises.
  • Drop off some coloring books, crayons, and fall stickers at a women’s shelter or organization that helps families.
  • Donate spare garden produce to the food bank.
  • Harvest flower seeds, place them in envelopes, and give away
  • Make a bookmark from small fall leaves and give them away
  • Set up a bird feeder
Fall trail mix
Image by Make, Bake, Celebrate
  • Mix up some fall trail mix and deliver it to those who serve your community, such as Firemen, police, library staff, or nurses.
  • Make a batch of Fall scented play dough and drop it off at a daycare, women’s shelter, or other place where children gather.
  • Make turkey fingerprint notes. Use them to send notes of appreciation to those who help such as teachers, faith leaders, doctors, nurses, or mail carriers.
  • Give away a copy of your favorite fall picture book
  • September is hunger month, so pick up some extra food items to give to the food bank
  • September is hunger month, so visit The Hunger Site and click on the link to help feed hungry families (it doesn’t cost you anything).
  • Invite your children to help you put together a fall sensory bin (there are loads of ideas on Pinterest). Give it to a family with preschoolers.

Free printable

We even created a free printable that you can download and print. We also have a blank template that you can use for your own ideas. The printable doesn’t have the helpful links, but it is handy to put on the fridge as a reminder.

fall acts of kindness

Being kind doesn’t necessarily mean grand gestures.  It can be something as simple and sweet as smiling at everyone you meet.   The goal is for your family to join ours, so we can light up our communities with compassion and caring.  Are you in? Will you join our conspiracy of kindness this fall?

39 Awesome Ways To Show Kindness This Fall

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  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for including my cinnamon apple muffins. I pinned this to my seasonal board on Pinterest.

  2. Lovely ideas. It is important to remember kindness throughout the year.
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  3. Some beautiful ideas.
    I love that you finished it by saying that it’s not all about grand gestures. That’s so true.

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