6 Sensational Winter Activities Your Children Will Really Love

6 Winter Activities Your Family Will Love

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Have fun with your kids this winter. Six winter activities for families to enjoy together. Most of them will help get you outdoors, but there are a few indoor activities for those really cold days.

6 Sensational Winter Activities Your Family Will Really LoveWinter has arrived

Last Monday we woke up to find that snow had transformed the landscape into a winter wonderland. My inner child still delights in that first snowfall each year.

There is something magical about the transformation and when the sun shines it is absolutely beautiful. Winter in northern climes can be challenging. Winter comes early and leaves late.

Still snow is a lot of fun when you don’t have to shovel it! If the temperatures aren’t too frigid, bundle up the family and head outside for some winter fun together.

It time for some awesome winter activities!

6 Sensational Winter Activities Your Family Will Really Love

1. Snow Painting Happy Hooligans describes how to have fun painting the snow.  You could make a snow man and add some color!

2. Ice Lanterns I really like ice lanterns. They are so pretty and fun to make. You will find instructions over at The House That Lars Built.  If you would like to add some colour try these

3. Paper Snowflakes Remember making paper snowflakes as a kid? This tutorial at Frugal Fun For Boys tells you everything you need to know to create gorgeous snowflakes. Where will you display your collection?

4. Examining Snowflakes Teach Preschool has some simple instructions to help you examine snowflakes. If you don’t get much snow you can see some truly breathtaking pictures of snowflakes here.

5. Bird Feeders Winter can be very challenging for our feathered friends, especially when it is very cold and food is scarce. This post from Crafty Crow lists some wonderful ways of feeding the birds. Ideas include bird food wreath, bird seed ornaments, and bird food garlands.

6. Winter Sun Catchers I really like these Winter Sun Catchers . They look so easy to make and are very pretty

I’d love to hear from you

What are your favorite winter activities? What helps you to embrace the season and enjoy the snow? How do your children respond to the first snowfall of the winter?

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18 thoughts on “6 Winter Activities Your Family Will Love”

  1. This is a fun post! I especially like the bird feeder ideas. The birds become the only color we see in the winter when the flowers are dormant. It is fun to watch them through the window!

    1. I love watching the birds too. They do brighten up the yard and it is fun to see their antics.

  2. I love, love ice lanterns! So pretty on a dark winter’s night. They are calling for a snow storm tonight where I live (western canada) so we will see what it is like outside in the morning. Visiting via “charliebethwalkers’ link up from over at http://www.ritewhileucan.com

    1. Me too!! Me tooo! They are so pretty and as we approach the winter solstice we need all the light we can get!

  3. Thank you for linking up to Family Friday. I love the bird feeder idea. My little guy is in love with cardinals, and that would be a fun project for him.

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