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How to Make A Reading Spot Your Kids Will Really Love

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Looking to make a cozy reading spot for your kids? Click through to get dozens of ideas and suggestions for all budgets. We’ll show you how create a book nook in the smallest of spaces. DIY ideas for everything from corner nooks to shelves.

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Do your kids love dens and cozy nooks? Mine did. It didn’t matter if it was a pile of cushions in a closet, a large box, or an elaborate blanket fort. They gravitated there and would always end up reading in these special places.

One way to get kids excited about reading is to leave great books around. Pair those books with a cozy book nook and you will be onto a winning combination.


Let’s face it our homes can be busy places at time. It can be hard for kids to find a quiet spot away from all the hustle of family life and distraction of screens. A dedicated reading spot helps

  • Conveys the idea that reading is valued in your family.
  • Provides a space for a collection of interesting top-notch books is likely to encourage reading.
  • Sends the message that reading was what they are supposed to be doing.
  • Allows for retreat into a quiet spot free of distractions.


You need a spot that is

  1. Warm and comfortable, but not too hot
  2. A place that is quiet and away from the main bustle of family life.
  3. Is well lit
  4. Has some basic storage for books
  5. No electronics allowed
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1. Pick a Spot

Keeping our checklist of essentials in mind, find a special place for your reading spot. Is there a corner that could be used? Do you have a closet that can be transformed? I’ve seen pictures of nooks created under stairs, in corners and in window seats. Here’s two ideas using corners.

Recreate the simple corner above with a hanging canopy, bright rug (check the size will fit in your space), pom pom garland and oblong cushion

You can create a similar look to the one above with floating picture ledge shelves, floor lounger, fruit decals, cute prints and the cutest wooden stacking toys.

2. Make it comfortable

Your reading spot needs to be comfortable or it won’t get used. Beanbags, floor loungers , and a pile of cushions all work perfectly. Here’s two ideas

Make a sweet spot like the picture above with a round faux fur rug and floating picture ledge shelves. That’s all there is to it!

Get this look with a hanging pod swing chair, triangle bunting and floating picture ledge shelves

Here is a quick video tutorial for making a reading tent or teepee.

3. Arrange your book storage

You need a place to store those books. I love shelves that show the books face out. This makes it easy for kids to pick the book they want. Still a book crate or classic bookcase works just as well.

The books are easy to see in the simple arrangement above. Create this simple nook with a reading teepee, floating picture ledge shelves and storage basket.

The book shelves above are made from Ikea spice racks. Add a personalized wall hanging, a one of a kind soft toy (that helps feed hungry children) and a wooden stacking rainbow to complete the book nook.

Another teepee and some canvas hanging shelves make a snug spot for reading.

4. Make it Your Own

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to decorate! Keep it simple or it will become distracting! Still a few prints, wall decals, or stuffed toys can make a huge difference. Let you kids choose the decorations if you can. It will give them a sense of ownership and they are more likely to use it. here are some cute and inexpensive ideas.

This video shows how to use tape and paint to make a simple corner nook. It would be done in a few hours.

Look at this adorable corner reading spot. It wouldn’t be too hard to recreate the tree with paint and small floating shelves. If you are feel intimidated by the thought of painting a tree, you can buy a white tree sticker and add the shelves.

5. Fill It With Books!

Ok maybe this is the best part! You can’t have a reading spot without books! I used to work in a public library and worked with a lot of kids. Here are my top tips.

  • Provide a variety of reading material. Don’t just stick with fiction, try to include comics, graphic novels, non-fiction and kid’s magazine. Your public library will let you do this easily and cheaply. Take advantage!
  • Find out which books are popular with your kid’s age groups and include some of them. Yes I used to cringe over the Rainbow Fairies and Captain Underpants, but I saw those books get dozens of kids reading.
  • Non fiction books with great photographs, joke books and comics will help entice reluctant readers (particularly boys). Dinosaurs, gross body science and space are very popular.
  • Make sure you have some good literature, but allow your kids to choose most of their books. I cannot stress this enough. Studies indicate that children who choose their own books are more likely to read them.

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How to Make a Reading Spot When Money is Tight

All these beautiful reading spots are lovely to look at, but what if you have no money? Is it possible to create a special book nook for your kids with a no budget? You bet it is! It’s going to take some creativity and thinking outside the box.

The first step is the same, you need to choose a spot. Corners are free! Now it’s time to “shop your house.”

  • Do you have spare cushions or pillows for seating?
  • Are there any rugs you can re-purpose? You can substitute a blanket or quilt if you have one.
  • Do you have a play tent you can use?
  • Find some free printables and pop them into frames for decorations. Check out these or these.
  • Gather up some soft toys for few extra decorations
  • Use a plastic tub or cardboard box to store your books. You can decorate the box if you wish, but honestly your kids won’t care one way or the other!


Do your kids have a special reading spot yet? What tips do you have? Which of these ideas did you like best? Please leave a comment below.

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