Funny Bedtime Stories: 18 Silly Books That Will Make Kids Laugh

18 Short Funny Bedtime Stories to Make Your Children Laugh

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Kids love love silly books, so I’ve made a list of my favorite funny bedtime stories that are a perfect way to end the day. These are the books that always get the children in our library laughing.

Bedtime stories are a time-honored tradition. Children love to hear funny bedtime stories because they appeal to their natural sense of silliness. This post shares 18 funny bedtimes stories that will make your child laugh. It will also make their bedtime routine run a little smoother!

Do you want to make bedtime more fun for your child? Funny bedtime stories will do the trick. Children love to hear them because they appeal to their natural sense of silliness. This post shares 18 funny bedtimes stories that will make your child laugh

What are some good bedtime stories?

I’ve made a list of my favorite funny bedtime stories that are a perfect way to end the day. These are the books that always get the children in our library laughing.

You’ll find some hilarious and silly tales in this list, like “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.” Or how about “I need a new Butt?” These silly, wacky tales are sure to get everyone giggling before they head off into dreamland.

Of course, when it comes to children’s books delivery is key, so don’t hold back. Ham up the reading with silly voices and sound effects. Then enjoy all those giggles, because laughing with your child over a silly book is a great way to connect.

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18 Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds

Jasper Rabbit loves to eat carrots. He stops by the carrot patch every chance he gets. But one day the carrots start following him. Soon Jasper starts seeing creepy carrots everywhere. No one believes Jasper, so he takes matters into his own hands. Children love the absurd creepiness of the carrots and the twist at the end when you discover how sneaky the carrots are.

Chickens to The Rescue by John Himmelman

What happens when chickens try to help out around the farm? Giggle galore, that’s what. The antics of the chickens are very entertaining and this book gets funnier with every page. Further laughs can be had with the Cows, Pigs and Ducks to the Rescue books!

The Book Without Pictures by B.J. Novak

This book has absolutely no pictures. Yet, it is guaranteed to get your kids laughing like crazy. The idea behind the book is that the person reading must say every word on the page. Each one, no matter how silly. For some reason children think that grown ups reading out words like BLORK is hysterical. Of course, you can play along and ham it up beautifully. Enjoy the helpless giggles.

Ok, no list of funny betimes stories would be complete without a pigeon book. We have two.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems

Children love the pigeon books. The naughty pigeon and it’s convoluted reasoning is guaranteed to get kids laughing. In this first book, our Pigeon is filthy. The illustrations even show smelly waves coming from his body. Yet, our Pigeon does not want a bath. There are all sorts of reasons give. Eventually Pigeon is made to get into the bath and then doesn’t want to get out! Classic Mo Willems and a lot of fun to read.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Williams

The book opens with a bus driver requesting the readers not let the pigeon drive the bus. Then the pigeon appears. He pleads, wheedles, and begs his way through the book. Children listening to the story are given the role of parents. They get to tell the pigeon exactly what he cannot do. And they love it.

There is one thing for sure, any book that even hints at underpants will be a huge hit with kids. We have two delights to share.

Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman

This book introduces us to different monsters from all over the globe. They all have one thing in common. Can you guess? They enjoy being scary, but they absolutely LOVE underpants! They adore the patterns and twanging the elastic! On Saturdays the monsters get together in a secret cave for disco night. But really it is an excuse to model their underpants. The code to get in is WOBBLY PANTS!

Are you laughing already? Your kids will love this book.

No That’s Wrong by Zhaohua Ji

Most preschoolers love a book about underpants and this one is really funny. One windy day a pair of red knickers fly off a laundry line and are found by a rabbit. The rabbit immediately knows what he has in his possession. “It’s a hat!” As far as most children are concerned there isn’t anything funnier than a bunch of animals wearing underpants on their heads. This book will get everyone giggling.

I Need a New Butt by Dawn McMillan 

Books about underpants are always a big hit. But a bedtime story about bums will cause hysterical giggles. This is one of the best funny bedtime stories going.

The hero of the story discovers something horrifying! His butt has cracked in two! Did it happen on the slide or when he farted? He cannot figure it out, but one thing is for sure. He needs a new butt. Will it be a green and blue one? Maybe an arty-farty one with a mural on it? This book is almost guaranteed to be a hit! Kids love bathroom humour. This one doe a great job without being horribly gross. 

“A silly story that will cause boys and girls to giggle from beginning to end!”

Norman Public Schools

Parts by Tedd Arnold

Have you noticed that kids love body humor? Here is a funny book about a young boy who discovers that horrifying things are happening to his body. First he finds pieces of his hair in his comb. Then something falls out of his nose and there is weird fuzz in his bellybutton. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, one of his teeth gets loose. This is a very funny story and has a great ending. I think all parents will appreciate the humor of the mom holding the book entitled, “Parenting for Beginners.”

Wonkey Donkey By Craig Smith and Katz Cowley

You may have seen the YouTube video of a Scottish grandmother reading this book to her grandchild. She laughs so hard that she can barely read the book. There is no doubt about it. This is a hilarious book. The text repeats on every page with a small addition to the description of the donkey. Eventually you end up with a spunky, hanky-panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky-tonky, winky, wonky, donkey! 

Your child will love this cranky donkey who farts! Each page starts with “I was walking down the road and I saw a donkey, HEE-HAW!” You know what to do right? Create the loudest HEE- HAW you can muster! Your kids will quickly join in. 

Here’s that video, just in case you haven’t seen it.

We Are in a Book by Mo Willems

Gerald and Piggie find out they are characters in a book. They realize that this gives them power, because they can make the reader say whatever they want. Piggie chooses the word banana.  Gerald and Piggie think this is hilarious and make the reader say banana over and over. Their fun ends abruptly when Gerald realises that the book is about to finish.  He is horrified and wails, “I have more to give.” It all ends well when Piggie has an idea. They just must ask the reader to read them again. This is a funny bedtime story that will have your kids laughing. You may have to read it again. After all, who can resist an appeal by Gerald and Piggie?

Don’t Press the Button by Bill Cotter

This is a wonderfully interactive book and children love it. A likable monster called Larry explains the rule on the first page. Don’t push the button. It is not a difficult thing to do right? Just follow the rules and don’t push the thing. But what happens if we push that button? We don’t know the consequences of pushing that button. It could be terrible, but it might be nothing. Naturally, Larry talks the reader into pushing the button. This unleashes total mayhem! There is only one thing to do. Follow Larry’s instruction to poke or shake the book repeatedly until things go back to normal. As you can imagine, kids love to do this. Have fun!

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Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox

A brilliant book of misunderstanding that will appeal to your kids sense of humour. A prince rides up to Rapunzel’s tower. Our princess is complaining about the state of her hair and the prince mistakes this for a cry for help. The prince tries to get Rapunzel to throw down her hair, but she can’t hear him properly. So, she throws down all kinds of wild and silly things. 

  • Silky dresses for tresses
  • Underwear instead of hair
  • Dirty socks in place of curly locks.

This is a tongue in cheek look at the traditional story. There is a marvellous twist at the end that completes this story beautifully.

Thomas’ Snowsuit by Robert Munsch

Every list of funny bedtime stories must have one by Robert Munsch. This story is an oldie but a goodie. Thomas has a new snowsuit, and there is a big problem. It is really ugly. Thomas is determined not to wear it. His mother, teacher and principal have the unhappy job of getting Thomas into his snowsuit. Utter chaos ensues!

My boys thought this book was the best! Of course, I encouraged them all to shout out NOOOOO with Thomas! They thought the clothing swaps with the adults were so funny. This si a great read aloud.

Click Clack Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type. One day he receives a typed message. The barn is cold at night, and they need electric blankets. The farmer says no, so the cows go on strike. Then the chickens get in on the strike action. They want electric blankets too. In the end the cows exchange the typewriter for electric blankets. A silly book that is a huge favorite with kids.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas

This book is wonderful. The desperate efforts of the wolves to build stronger and stronger houses and the antics of the big bad pig are hilarious. As an added bonus the ending is a lot sweeter than the original tale. No one gets boiled alive or devoured. In fact the wolves and the pig become friends. Well worth the read.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean

Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt—the one with four, big, colorful, round, groovy buttons. Unfortunately the buttons keep popping off but Pete doesn’t mind. Children love counting down the buttons with Pete and the story has a laugh out loud surprise at the end. Check out this video if you want to learn the groovy button song. Younger children enjoy the repetition in this book and will soon “read” along with you. It’s all good.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Duncan’s crayons are on strike. One morning he goes looking for them and finds a stack of letters instead. Red feels overworked. Blue is tired of coloring water. Peach had its wrapper torn off and feels naked. This book works well for children of many ages. The younger children tend to enjoy idea of the talking crayons, while the older preschoolers find the crayon’s letters very funny.

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Why are bedtime stories are so important?

Reading at home is the perfect way to spend quality time with your child. There is nothing quite like bonding over a good story. Laughing together over a funny bedtime story seems to be particularly powerful. 

Reading to your child also helps increases their academic ability. MRI scans of young children’s brains showed that reading to them daily boosted brain development.  Other studies have shown the long-term benefits of reading aloud to children of all ages. Listen as Psychologist Collette Smart briefly explains these academic benefits

“When kids are read to every day there’s a significant positive impact on their reading skills and cognitive skills, like numeracy. We see benefits in their development right up until about the age of 11, and those benefits last later in life.” Collett Smart.

Most children enjoy books of all kinds, but funny betimes stories are particularly popular with children and will quickly become favorites. The funnier the better!

A bedtime routine is an important way for children to wind down. Most children spend their days playing, learning, and finding ways to bug the adults around them. They need a chance to relax before going to sleep. Reading bedtime stories is the perfect way to help them start to settle down. Stories provide a good transition activity between full on activity and sleeping. Snuggling up with a parent and listening to the words signals the brain that it is time to get ready to sleep. Funny bedtime stories are a good enticement for kids. They will be more willing to stop playing if they know there is a silly book waiting for them. 

Do bedtime stories help children sleep?

Bedtime reading usually occurs when a child is tired and starting to relax. This means the act of listening to a story is identified with those feelings. Your bedtime story sends signals yo your child’s body and brain that it is time to get ready to sleep. So, bedtime stories can help child relax and fall asleep faster. However, very funny bedtime stories may get your child so excited they won’t be ready for sleep. Use the funny story to begin with. The promise of a favorite is a powerful incentive to start the bedtime routine. But it is probably better to follow it with a quieter book if you can.

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48 thoughts on “18 Short Funny Bedtime Stories to Make Your Children Laugh”

  1. Karin @ Calm to Conniption

    I have had The Day The Crayons Quit on our list and have heard great things about it. Thanks for this list of a few others to keep an eye out for.

    1. Sharon Harding

      I hope you enjoy “The Day the Crayons Quit.” I read that one at our story time and the kids loved it. Then I gave them some crayon characters which they cut out and glued onto some paper. They told their parents what they wanted their crayons to say. It was fun!

  2. I love reading with my boys, now they are 9 there is less opportunity but this has inspired me to pick up the reading out loud to them a few nights a week.
    Those books sound hilarious.

    1. Sharon Harding

      Ohh I loved reading with my boys when they got a little older. I would suggest “Bunnicula” by James Howe or “Mr Popper’s Penguins” by Richard and Florence Atwater. These are both very funny!

  3. Awesome! I don’t have any of those books! My son turns two this week – I’ll check these out and add a few to our collection. We don’t have a library where we live so I consider it a good excuse to have our own huge collection of books.

    1. Sharon Harding

      Our family didn’t have access to a library for many years, so we also had a huge collection of books. I think it was the best investment we ever made. All three of my boys are adults now and they are still avid readers. Have fun adding some of these to your collection. How will you choose?

  4. The Pigeon books by Mo Willems are some of our favorite. I love them because they’re so fun to read out loud and really get into all the moods of the pigeon! “Crayons” is a great one too. I’ll have to check out the rest of these!

    1. Sharon Harding

      I love the Pigeon books … actually all work at the library grinds to a halt when a new Pigeon book comes in. We have to read it immediately!! I think my favorite is “The Duckling Get’s a Cookie.”

  5. EssentiallyJess

    I love silly books! I need to read more with my kids. They aren’t really readers, and I feel like that’s partly my fault 🙁

    1. Sharon Harding

      It is hard to find time to do everything Jess. Some kids don’t seem to take to reading. Still if you could somehow build it into your routine it is a great activity and does encourage reading. Silly books are a great favorite with kids. How old are your children? I could probably suggest some fun books to read.

  6. My boys certainly LOVE silly things right now. We’ve read a few of these, but I’m excited to check out a few more soon. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My son always loved No, David! – laughing at all the ways David managed to get in trouble.

    1. Sharon Harding

      Thanks for the recommendation Christy. I’ve not read “No David.” I’m going to check that one out.

  8. Oh I can’t wait until my little one is big enough for these books. I already have a list as long as my arm to read to her when she is older!

    I recently discovered ‘the book with no pictures’ by BJ Novak…it is hilarious, definitely one to check out!



    1. Sharon Harding

      A number of people have mentioned “the Book With No Picture.” I’m definitely intrigued and will certainly check it out!

    1. Sharon Harding

      Thanks for the reminder about the badge. Now I just have to remember how to do that!

  9. We LOVE Creepy Carrots and The Day the Crayons Quit. My kids do a book club for the Maryland Black Eyed Susan award. Both of these books were statewide winners!

    1. Sharon Harding

      I am glad that both those books were recognized. Am I right in thinking that the kids get to vote for their favorite books?

  10. These are some funny books and the kids I know love them We can’t wait for the new crayon book to come out and Mo Willems is always popular with kids. Thanks for sharing these today.

    1. Sharon Harding

      We are huge Mo Williams fans at the library. The kids always respond so well to his books and their parents enjoy the humor too!

  11. Hi Sharon,
    Silly books are a great way to get kids hooked on reading. Great list. I’ve always enjoyed the bad pig book and The True Story Of Three Pigs. (It is a fractured fairy tale). Right now, I’ve enjoyed hearing kids laugh when I read aloud- The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak
    I came via #kidlit blog hop
    Together, we make a positive difference ~ one word at a time 🙂

    1. Sharon Harding

      I definitely need to check out “The Book With No Pictures.” I’ve not seen The True Story Of Three Pigs either. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Sharon Harding

      I always listen to the opinions of children.I’m going to read that book today if I can.

    1. Sharon Harding

      My sons loved silly books too. I loved hearing them laugh when we read together.

  12. I love reading to my grandaughter!! And she has the most infectious laugh…going to check these out at the library!! Found you on Mama Buzz!! Hey I would love it if you stopped by my place and shared your stuff on My 2 favorite Things on Thursday – Link Party!! I would love to have you!!

    1. Sharon Harding

      Thanks for the invite Elaine. I hopped over and shared the link. We have a lot of grandmas who bring their grandchildren into the library and it is a delight. I love seeing them read together. Have fun with these books 🙂

      1. I will!! And Thanks for linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! I loved having you!! Hope you can join us again tomorrow!! Pinned to My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday Pinterest page!! 🙂

  13. The Day The Crayons Quit is our all-time favourite. It’s such a wonderful book and Amy and I always start giggling when peach crayon is complaining about his lack of underwear. The best book ever – thanks so much for sharing your suggestions for fun books over at Parenting Pin It Party x

  14. I will have to check these out. One of the funniest books is Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems! My oldest who is 9 still laughs so hard when I read it to the littles 🙂

    1. Sharon Harding

      I don’t know that one! I will have to check it out. Mo Willems is a big favorite at our library!

  15. I will be buying The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas for my children ‘s book collection. Thanks for the great recommendations! Following you on the blog hop.

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