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The Best Ideas For An Epic Glow In The Dark Party

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Holding a glow in the dark party for kids? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got everything from glow in the dark decorations to glowing food to glow in the dark activities. Click through for all our ideas. Your kids will are going to love this!

child playing with glow sticks
“glow sticks” ©2011 Alice Bartlett and made available under cc license

Have you ever noticed that kids love playing with anything that glows in the dark?  I totally get this. There is something almost magical about turning of the lights and watching things glow. A few years back I organized a very successful glow in the dark party for the library. Today I am sharing some of my ideas. We’ve got glow in the dark activities for kids of all ages. the best part? They are all easy to prepare.

A Word of Caution

Pinterest has many pins for glowing activities that look impressive. Unfortunately, they don’t work. The enchanting “fairies in a jar” doesn’t work as advertised! Neither does the glow in the dark bubbles. If you find something on Pinterest that looks like fun, you might want to test it first, so you don’t end up with disappointed children.

glow in the dark party pin

Ideas For An Epic Glow in the Dark Party

Simple Glowing Decorations For Your Party

Of course, there are all kinds of impressive glow in the dark decorations. Just look at these. Still you don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impact. Keep things simple with glowing star stickers and some glowing pebbles. Be careful about sticking the stars on the walls as they may cause damage when removed. You can sprinkle stars and pebbles on every level surface and heap them in bowls. I found a few strings of twinkly lights added enough light to keep things safe and didn’t detract from all the glowing decorations.

Fun Fact: What makes the star stickers glow? they contain phosphors (materials that soak up energy from other sources and then release that energy as light).

Kids interested in Science? Check out our messy science ideas

You are going to need glowsticks, so grab a large package of them.

Glowing Balloons: Pop a glow stick inside a balloon for some glow fun! If you want to make things easier, buy light up balloons with small LED lights inside. Strictly speaking they are not glow in the dark, but it works right?!

Tip: If you use glow in the dark decorations activated them by laying them out in a sunny spot or under some bright lights for a few hours.

glow water under a black light

Use Glow Water

I also arranged bowls and mason jars of glow water around the room under a black light. It makes an easy decoration and adds to the ambiance!

You will need a black light and some of those yellow florescent highlighters. Look for the ones labelled non-toxic. We used simple black light bulbs in desk lamps. But you can buy larger models designed for parties if you wish.

Pull off the end of highlighter pens and soak them in water for a couple of hours. So easy right? Pour the water into fishbowls or mason jars and place them under the black light. Watch them light up like magic! The highlighters are not toxic, so the glow water is safe to play with.

Fun Fact: Why do the highlighters glow under a black light? Black light produces ultraviolet light, which we can’t see.  The highlighter ink contains chemicals that soak up the UV light and change it to a light we can see.

These amazing glowing jars really intrigue me. Make them with glass jars and glowsticks. This is something adults should make and do follow the cautions.

glow in the dark party pin

Kid Tested Glow in The Dark Party Activities

These are the kid tested activities that are guaranteed to be a hit at your party.

Decorating the Skin With glow in the Dark designs

Temporary tattoos are always super popular. They are so easy as well and most kids already know how to apply them. Try  these or these.

glow water and writing

The yellow florescent highlighters can also be used to decorate the skin. Try drawing some simple doodles on your hand and hold them under the black light. You can barely see the designs under normal light, but they glow like crazy under the black light. Our kids just loved this. They would have covered every inch of their body if I let them!

Posing With Glow in the Dark Photo Booth Props

glow in the dark photo booth

Download some photo booth props. Print them onto card stock and use highlighters to decorate them. After a few experiments, the kids found that dots, stripes, and checks worked the best under the black light. Cut out the props and attach to a straw with tape. Recruit a volunteer to take photographs of everyone posing with the props under the black light. I loved the goofiness that came out even in the shyest kid!

You can find some free printable props herehere and here. 

Glow in the Dark Party Crafts and Games

  • The kids LOVED these glow in the dark eyeballs! All you need are some smooth stones, glow in the dark paint, and black and red markers. I painted the stones ahead of time as we didn’t have a lot of time. Everyone had a lot of fun adding the gory details!
  • The kids in our group happily spent time playing with the glow sticks. They made bracelets and necklaces and tried their hands at sculptures.
  • When they were ready to move on, we played glowstick ring toss and glowstick bowling. Both activities took a little preparation on my part. But they are both very easy to set up. The kids loved them.
glow in the dark party pin

A Few More Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Glowing Party Foods

tonic water glowing under black light
  • Did you know tonic water glows under a black light? It contains something called quinine which glows when placed under the light. I encouraged the kids to try the tonic water. It was fun to watch their responses!

Note: Tonic water tastes very bitter, we tried mixing it with some fruit punch. But it didn’t glow much at all. You could try placing drinks in glasses that glow in the dark. It would probably work best for clear sodas.

  • You can make glow in the dark Jello with tonic water and that was fun! Get the recipe here
  • How about glow in the Dark Cupcakes?
  • For the most part I set out large glass bowls. We activated a couple of glow sticks and made circles with them. We placed these in the bottom of the bowl. Party snacks were placed over the top and the glow sticks shone through them. It worked well for us.

If you would like to go one step further, try setting out this fun set of glow in the dark plates and cups

Ideas For Party Bags

Want to hand out party bags? Try these ideas for inexpensive glow in the dark toys and novelties

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