Easter Activity Book: Puzzles and Games Your Kids Will Love

Easter Activity Book: Puzzles and Games Your Kids Will Love

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Our FREE printable Easter activity book is full of puzzles, games and coloring sheets for kids aged 6-8. Perfect for quiet indoor downtime or road trips. They can also be used in the classroom or with small groups.

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I love Easter! How about you? Not only does it signal that we are nearing the end of the long winter, but it has its own family traditions and fun. Yet somehow isn’t quite as stressful as Christmas.

The only problem? There are times when you need something to entertain your kids. You know, while you look after guests, make supper, and hide in the cupboard with your secret stash of crème eggs.

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Free Printable Easter Activity Book

Introducing our FREE Easter Activity Book. We’ve filled it to overflowing it with fun. There are 12 pages of games, puzzles, and coloring sheets for kids aged 6-8. Easy to assemble. Pop them in Easter baskets or keep them for as a quiet activity when you need some downtime.

The best news? It is super easy to put together. All you need is a printer and stapler.

Print out some copies to have on hand for your kids during the Easter celebration. Or you could pop a copy in your Easter baskets. We are fans of zero waste, no plastic junk Easter Basket ideas and this fits the bill. Use recycled paper and only print the pages that you want.

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Our book prints on regular copy paper and folds in half. It is really simple to print a bunch and assemble. Then you will have them ready for all the cousins, grandkids, or young friends that will visit.

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What’s Inside?

Firstly, we will give you a brief overview. Keep scrolling down for detailed descriptions of each page.

We got 12 pages of fun. We designed our printable to fit 8.5×11-inch paper, but you can print any size you want. You can print all the pages or select the ones you want to use.

The activity pages use color, but they are still printer friendly. We have tried to make sure there aren’t huge areas of color to print.

We created the book for 6-8-year-olds, but older and younger kids may still enjoy them.

Front pages with toys and eggs

Printing and Assembling the Easter Activity Book

To begin with, you will need to grab the free printable.

Easter Activity Book showing inside pages

Download the free Easter Activity  Book from the library. The library is my gift to subscribers. You’ll find it with the holiday printables.

You Will Also Need

Putting it Together

  1. Download the file and print it. I prefer to use cardstock for the cover (page 1 and copy paper the rest.
  2. Fold all the pages in half. Stack the sheets with the cover on the bottom (facing out).
  3. Use a long-reach stapler to put staples in the middle.

If you wish, you can print on both side of the paper. But I find that the images tend to show through, so I prefer to use one side only.

Printing on one side will leave you with blank pages in the book. Tell your kids that these pages are left for them to fill. They can draw Easter pictures, fill them with stickers or stamps or create their own puzzles.

Another option is to glue the blank page from the cover to the back of the first page. Repeat with the the blank page from the back cover and the back of the last page. I’m not sure it is necessary and your kids probably won’t mind either way.

Close up of pages in Easter Activity Book

Ready to take a quick look at all the activities inside?

A Closer Look At Each Page

We made this book for kids aged 6-8.There can be quite a difference between a 6- and 8-year-old. The first 3 pages of the printable have simpler puzzles. They would be suitable for 6-year-olds. The last three pages are more challenging and better for 7/8 year olds.

You know your children better than anyone, so choose the pages that will best suit them. Each page holds 2 puzzles or activities.

Page 1

close up pages in free printable book

This page has two simple Easter themed math puzzles. In the first children are invited to count the eggs in the Easter basket. Then match them with the numeral and the groupings of Easter eggs in the right column. The second puzzle is the same, but with chicks in a birdhouse

Page 2

Easter activity book close up

Features two simple Easter searching games. Count the butterflies, eggs, and flowers and write the correct number in the boxes below.

The second puzzle asks kids to look in the Easter garden and find 10 hidden eggs. This one is actually quite tricky!

Page 3

close up pages in free printable Easter book

The first puzzle has a simple maze. Children are asked to help the chicks find their way through the maze to reach their mother.

The second activity is a coloring page featuring an egg with a simple design.

Page 4

close up pages in free printable Easter activity book

The first game is a slightly more challenging Easter I-spy game. There are 8 objects to find and count.

The second activity is a coloring page featuring an egg with a very intricate design. It should keep your kids busy for some time.

Page 5

close up pages in free printable Easter book

The first game is an Easter word search. What is it about word searches? Kids just seem to love them.

The second activity is the outline of an egg. Children are invited to design their own fancy egg.

Page 6

Last pages in Easter puzzle book

Features two Easter searching games. Both challenge the kids to find 10 differences between two pictures.

Are you ready to make your book? Print all the pages to make a 12-page Easter activity book or select a few to make something smaller. It is entirely up to you. If you didn’t get the printable file earlier, just pop over to the library to download it now.

Need Some More Easter Activities?

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