17 Fabulous Dance Songs for Kids And Parents

17 Fabulous Dance Songs for Kids And Parents

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Family friendly dance songs for kids that will get everyone moving. We scoured the Internet to find songs for kids to dance to that won’t make parents cringe. Click through to get our Spotify play list and crank up the volume.

When was the last time you held an impromptu dance party with your kids? Children have oodles of energy, so why not take advantage of it and build some memories? If you have had a hard day, then a good song with a fast beat can quickly turn the mood around. You are not imagining this. Research shows that dancing really does make you feel better!

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When my kids were little, I would have dance parties almost daily. We all felt better for it. Of course, in those days we had to make mixed tapes to make a playlist of songs. Now it couldn’t be easier. All you need is an inexpensive smart speaker and a Spotify or Amazon music account.

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Why You Want to Try This Activity

The best thing about this activity is that it is super easy to do. Just put on your favorite music, crank it up, and yell “dance party!” Invite everyone to shimmer and shake with you. You don’t have to impress anyone, so let go and show your kids some of your famous dance moves.

To help get you in the mood I scoured the Internet in search of some great tunes to help kids AND parents rock out together. I had some stiff criteria. The songs needed to be adult enough that parents wouldn’t be left cringing. However, the lyrics and message needed to be clean and family friendly. I also wanted a strong rhythmic beat that started immediately. It makes it so much easier to dance when there is a good beat to follow.

So here is my list of upbeat dance songs for kids with clean language. Your kids will love them and perhaps more importantly so will you. So clear everything off the floor. It’s time to kick up your heels, crank up the volume, and have some fun.

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17 Dance Songs For Kids

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Perfect for dancing, this song features a contagious rhythm and family friendly lyrics. What else can you do when you hear the words dance, dance, dance! As an added bonus, you kids may recognize the song from the movie, “Trolls.” Check the lyrics here.

Twist and Shout – The Beetles

This song is a must on any playlist! The Beatles music never gets old, and this is such a fun song. So, grab you kids and start twisting. Don’t forget to shout! Check the lyrics here.

Get Yo Body Movin’ – Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

Get everyone dancing with this addictive action song. Most kid’s love music by Koo Koo Kanga Roo. Put this on and you’ll get the whole family bopping in no time. You can see the lyrics here.

Better When I’m Dancing – Meghan Trainer

Isn’t everything better when you are dancing? This fun song has a lovely mixture of beats and will get even the most reluctant kid up and moving.

“Feel the rhythm getting louder
Show the room what you can do”

Check out the lyrics here.

Shooting Star by Owl City

It is really hard to stay still when you play this song. The beat is energizing, and I love the lyrics. The message is positive and uplifting.

“Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
‘Cause it’s time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are tonight”

I am a big fan of Owl City and this song is bound to be a favorite for the whole family. You can see all the lyrics here.

Firework by Katy Perry

Not every Katy Perry song has family friendly lyrics, but you don’t have to worry about this one. In fact, the message of this song is fabulous.

“You don’t have to feel like a wasted space
You’re original, cannot be replaced”

This song is fast and catchy. Pair that with an uplifting message and you have the perfect dance song for kids. You can read the lyrics here.

Brave -Sarah Bareilles

Another inspiring and catchy dance song for kids and parents. The music is perfect for all ages and will get everyone moving. So, crank up the music and enjoy the beat. I love that the video shows so many different people dancing. You can check the lyrics here.

Something That I Want -Grace Potter

An upbeat song that is a lot of fun to dance with. Grace Potter has a great voice, and the lyrics are family friendly. This is a great pick-me-up tune that you can put on anytime you need a injection of fun. Your kids may recognize this song from the Movie Tangled. You can see the lyrics here.

Sky Full Of Stars- Coldplay

My nieces and nephew introduced me to this song. It doesn’t have a strong rhythmic beat at the start, but it gets there. The quieter parts of the song just make me want to twirl. Coldplay has some great songs. You can see the lyrics here.

Footloose- Glee Cast

The whole family can bust some moves to this song. The music is catchy, and the rhythm makes this one of the best songs for kids to dance to. The Glee cast does a great job.

I love the Glee videos because they also include a teen in a wheelchair. I think the lyrics are fine for kids, but the song does talk about breaking free from the rules. Check them out here to see if you feel comfortable with the message.

I am a Believer -Smash Mouth and Eddie Murphy

I grew up with this song. Of course, it was originally recorded by the Monkees in the 60’s. This version was recorded for the Shrek movie. It still has that groovy 60’s feel and will get you moving in no time. You’ll find the lyrics here.

Shake it Off –Sing

You want to be careful which version of this song you choose. Some of them are not at all kid friendly. Still song from the movie sing is full of life and has a beat that will get your feet tapping. Check out the lyrics here.

I Got a Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Another one of my favorites. I can’t imagine anyone sitting still for this song. The strong beat makes it easy to follow the rhythm. Get your dancing shoes on! You can find the lyrics here.

Splish, Splash – Bobby Darin

We’ll go back to the late 50’s with this classic song. It may be an oldie, but it is a goodie. Children may get a kick out of dancing to a song that their great grandparents enjoyed. I think it is great that something that was released over 60 years ago is still one of the great songs for kids to dance to. What fun. The lyrics can be found here.

Happy- Pharrell Williams

Kids and parents will love dancing and being silly to this song. One of my friends made a dance move that she would do if her kids were in a funk and she needed to change the mood. Brilliant tip! You can see the lyrics here.

I Like To Move It  by Will.i.am

We go back to the movies with this lively song from Madagascar. Turn up the volume and enjoy the jungle beat and silly lyrics. You can see the lyrics here.

Taron Egerton – I’m Still Standing

Another song from the movie Sing. It has an irresistible beat and I love that the song is all about standing strong in the face of difficulties. It makes a great dance song for kids. Check out the lyrics here.

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Bonus Dance Activity: Learn The Charleston

What images does the Charleston invoke for you? For me it is the dance that captures the spirit of the roaring twenties. It conjures up images of young women in fabulous dresses, dancing with carefree abandon. It brings back memories of my grandmothers as this was their dance; the one they learned in their teens. It is fun, lively and makes me smile. 

One summer the library where I worked rang to the music of the Charleston as children aged 6-13 dressed up 1920’s fashion and learned some basic Charleston steps. There was lots of laughter and they did so well. It was wonderful.

If you want to do something a little different, why not learn how to do the Charleston with your kids? All you have to do is to learn a few basic steps.

There are lots of videos that will show you how to do the dance. These are my two picks.

This one gives instructions for dancing solo or with a partner.

Costumes are optional but do add to the fun. All you need are some headbands, beads, and a mustache. Cut mustaches out of black construction paper and stick them on with a loop of tape or use washable markers and draw them on.

So, gather your children, strap on your dancing shoes, move back the furniture, and start dancing. The idea is to have fun, so don’t worry about getting the steps exactly right. Just give it a try and enjoy the missteps and laughter. 

Your Turn

What are your favorite dances songs for kids? Share in the comments below.

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