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20 Easy Easter Snacks Your Kids Can Actually Make

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You’re going to love these easy Easter snacks your kids can actually make without much help! Chose from 20 simple DIY Easter treats that are cute, fun and easy for families to put together.

Easy Easter Snacks

Do you bake with your kids? My boys loved helping me in the kitchen. Over time we even developed little rituals. Our favorite was sneaking a handful of chocolate chips when we were baking cookies.

Cooking with your kids is fun when you keep it easy. So I pored over dozens of recipes, and I put together the ultimate list of all the best recipes for kids to make. These were my criteria:

  • They had to be easy enough for kids to use. It is not fun for them to watch you do the work. We want to them to get their hands into the ingredients and put them together.
  • I also wanted recipes with easy to find ingredients.
  • They needed to be cute and Eastery!

I waded through pages and pages of ideas to find the absolute best recipes for your kids to make. The final list includes 20 easy Easter snacks that you and your kids can make together without any difficulty at all.

So get out your aprons, call your kids, and make something yummy. I’ve divided the post into 3 age groups to make things even easier. Use your own judgement. You know what your kids are capable of doing. Pick a recipe you know they can manage and help out as needed.

Easter Treats Preschoolers Can Make

Easter Treats To Make With Preschoolers

Preschoolers LOVE to help in the kitchen. We want to encourage that enthusiasm, but keep it safe for them. All of these easy Easter snacks are no bake. None of them require any heat. There is no intricate decorating. Most preschoolers can help spoon pudding into the cups, tip ingredients into a blender, and roll a mixture into balls.

Just make sure you have a damp cloth on hand to wipe sticky fingers.

  1. Soft, sweet and just delicious, no-bake Carrot Cake Energy Balls made with all HEALTHY stuff are perfect snack or dessert.
  1. Looking for an adorable and easy snack for an Easter or spring themed party? These Carrot Patch Pudding Cups are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! 
Easy Easter Snacks fro preschoolers
  1. If you are looking for a fun and easy spring dessert that is just as adorable as it is delicious, then you will love these Easy Flower Pot Pudding Dirt Cups. Not only will your kids love eating these, but they will love making them as well!
  1. Looking for something a little healthier? Try these no bake chocolate fruit and nut balls.

There were not many recipes that fit my no heat rule. Preschoolers could help make many of the recipes listed in the Primary section, but you would need to be a watchful when handling the hot ingredients. Use your own judgement and choose recipes accordingly.

Bonus Video

This quick video show you how to make some fruit and peeps kebobs. Children love to help thread fruit pieces onto a skewer for a easy Easter snack that has a little less sugar.

Easter Treats To Make With Primary School Kids

Primary school kids are not quite ready to cook by themselves, but we don’t have to worry quite so much about handling hot ingredients around them. There is no baking involved, but some of these recipes require microwaving ingredients to a melting point. This is hot enough to burn, so supervise your children carefully. Here’s 10 easy Easter treats that are a snap to make

  1. Fun and festive Easter Muddy Buddies get the kids in the kitchen! A treat or party favor everyone will love.
  1. These peanut butter nest cookies make the perfect treat for Easter and are the perfect size for primary kids to enjoy and help make.
  1. These marshmallow pops are so easy to put together. All you need are marshmallow, sticks, melted chocolate and a few sprinkles.
  1. This Microwave Mini Egg Fudge is a really easy Easter snack to make; three ingredients: condensed milk, white chocolate and mini eggs made in just two minutes. It is absolutely fool proof and makes the perfect Easter gift or treat.
  1. Super simple and easy to make, topped with candy eggs, chocolates, mini MaltEaster bunnies and sprinkles, this Easter chocolate bark is a no bake, must make for the holiday.
  1. Yummy Easter Chocolate Truffles are a snap to put together! Kids will love making them and rolling them in sprinkles!
  1. These No-Bake Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies are quick and easy to make with melted chocolate chips and pretzels broken into pieces.
  1. Try switching out Fruity Pebbles for Rice Krispies and you have a colorful and yummy treat. Kids will love making ( and eating) Easter Egg Fruity Pebbles Treats
  1. Delicious and no bake Easter confetti chocolate bars! Ready in few minutes and fun to make with kids!
  1. These cute Rice Krispies Nests are easy enough for primary kids to make! Tasty and fun. Everyone will love them!
  1. Try our super easy Rice Krispies Easter eggs for another no bake treat.

Looking for more Easter activities? Try our Easter Science Experiments.

Dying Eggs With Onion Skins

Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without decorated eggs. Try decorating your eggs with a natural dye, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. This video show you how to use onion skins to dye your eggs. It is a craft you can eat! Besides eggs make a healthy Easter snack!

Easter Treats To Make With Tweens and Teens

Easy Easter Snacks

This age group are fun to cook with. They are old enough to handle baking and can manage simple decorating techniques. Here are 7 easy Easter snacks for them to try.

Cooking with a tween/teen is a sneaky way to get some connection time. Working on a project together opens up lots of time for informal conversation. As you bake, take the time to catch up with your child’s life.

  1. Peeps chicks houses are a fun no bake Easter treat that tweens will love to make. It takes a bit of a deft hand to pipe the chocolate and put together the house, and that is why it is in this section. Younger siblings would enjoy making the nests. Easy to find ingredients make this the perfect Easter recipe for young cooks.
  1. Your kids are going to love making these fun sugar cookie Bunny Easter treats!
  1. These bright color donuts are perfect for Easter morning. With super simple ingredients and a whole lot of decorating fun!
  1. These chick and bunny cupcakes are so easy to decorate. I think that even I could give it a go. Don’t have time to make cupcakes? Why not buy them ready made?
  1. Tweens might enjoy making these Hershey’s Kisses Carrot Easter Treats. There is no baking involved, but it does require some pretty intricate folding skills. younger kids could manage with a little help.
  1. These yummy looking Easter Bunny cupcakes are a fun way to entice tweens into the kitchen. They require basic baking skills and are super easy to decorate.
  1. We’ll finish up with some super cute sheep cupcakes. They are really easy to bake and decorate. The candy clay is genius!

Before You Go: Some Tips to Make Cooking With Kids Fun

Easy Easter Snacks
  • Set aside plenty of time. This kind of activity always takes longer than you think. You don’t want to be rushed.
  • Embrace the mess. You know it is going to happen. Having damp cloths at the ready helps, but there will be a mess to clean up. You probably want to tie back long hair.
  • Have all the ingredients and equipment ready to go, so kids don’t have to wait around.
  • Teach your children good food hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands before you start and after handling raw eggs.
  • Make it fun and only step to help when it’s really needed, otherwise let your kids do most of the work.
  • Talk through the recipes before making them. Show younger kids the pictures and explain what you are making. Older kids can read through the recipes and talk through the processes.

Your Turn

What do you think? Are you ready to try some of these recipes with your kids? Leave a comment below.

Easy Easter Snacks

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