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Free Tooth Fairy Certificates To Add A Touch of Magic

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Download our FREE tooth fairy certificates to bring a little magic into your child’s life. Losing a tooth is a special event! Why not celebrate with a certificate from the tooth fairy? In a time when it seems like magic is fading from the world, here’s a way to add a little bit of enchantment into your child’s life? All you need is a printer and some scissors! Just follow our simple steps.

close up of the different kinds of tooth fairy certificates available

For a child, losing a tooth is a special event. There’s the countdown to when the Tooth Fairy will come, exchanging the tooth for a gift and that adorable gap-toothed grin the following day! It’s a milestone of sorts, and of course, the tooth fairy is always part of the excitement!

Creating that tooth fairy magic is such a fun experience for parents. Why not take tooth fairy traditions to another level? You can create tooth fairy certificates signed by the tooth fairy themselves! It’s a fun way to add some magic and make this extra event special. All you need is a printer, scissors, and maybe some special copy paper!

Our free tooth fairy certificates printable make it super easy for parents to print tooth fairy certificates for their kids when they lose a tooth. We’ve created two main designs, and each one features two variations with different skin tones. Let’s take a quick look.

Gender Free Tooth Fairy Certificates

close up of gender free certificates

Many of the tooth fairy certificates I saw featured frilly, pink fairies. I wanted to make something that showed a different kind of fairy. Something that would appeal to children who are not the frilly type!

These adorable tooth fairies feature mischievous fairies that fit the bill perfectly. I love that they are dressed up as pirates and cowboys. One of the fairies has even created a pirate costume for the tooth. What fun! Each certificate is easily edited, so you can personalize it with your child’s name and the date they lost their tooth. See the directions below.

Traditional Tooth Fairy Certificates

close up look of tooth fairy certificates featuring fairies with pink dresses

The second set of tooth fairy certificates features a more traditional tooth fairy. She is wearing an adorable pink dress and tiara. Once again, we have featured two different skin tones and made the certificates editable.

Swallowed Tooth Fairy Certificates

Did your child lose their tooth and swallow it? Oh no! I know this happens quite often. Fortunately, the tooth fairy has magic and can retrieve those teeth with no problem. All it takes is a swish of the wand.

We’ve created two adorable tooth fairy certificates for kids who have swallowed their teeth. Both feature our magical tooth fairies with different skin tones.

pin featuring the different tooth fairy certificates

How To Make Your Certificates


click to download free tooth fairy certificates


  1. Install the fonts and Adobe Reader if necessary.
  2. Use the link below to open the printable Tooth Fairy certificates.
  3. Click the arrow icon in the top right corner to download and save the pdf to your computer.
  4. Open the file. Look for the light blue boxes. These are the editable sections of text and allow you to put in your child’s name and the date they lost their tooth.
  5. Highlight the text in the box and type in your own.
  6. Print the document. If you can adjust the print settings, set the printer for greeting card quality.
  7. After printing, cut out the certificate you want, and it is ready to use. It might be fun to roll it up and tie it with a special ribbon. I love this leaf ribbon or this sparkly gold baker’s twine.

We kept the designs simple and ensured they wouldn’t drain your ink cartridges. Of course, the tooth fairy certificates can be printed on plain white copy paper. Still, they look exceptional if you use colored copy paper. When choosing your paper, make sure the colors are light.

The certificates also use a font that is very easy to read. The names and dates are slightly fancier, but it is still easy to read.

When Do You Give a Tooth Fairy Certificate?

grinning child, with no front tooth, looking at a stack of coins with a small milk tooth on top.

The best time to give tooth fairy certificates is when any of your children loses their first tooth. This typically happens when a child is around six years old. It is quite a milestone for many children, so why not add to the magic by presenting them with a Tooth Fairy Certificate? It’s easy to make and adds an extra special touch.

Of course, you can make a certificate every time they lose a tooth, but it will stop being so special after the first few teeth. It is probably best to give one for the first tooth. After that, you can leave a simple note or tooth fairy receipt.

If your child has already lost their first tooth, you can simply award the certificate the next time you have a brand new tooth to exchange for a gift.

Parent tip: Let your child know they will lose their baby teeth ahead of time. Start talking about it early, so they are prepared. I had no idea my teeth would come loose and fall out. I discovered my first loose tooth at school and spent the whole day in an anxious state of worry. It was not fun!

What’s the Going Tooth Fairy Rate These Days?

I remember getting a sixpence (about a quarter) for my teeth. My boys got a dollar coin. Still, these days I usually hear that tooth fairies are still leaving dollar coins. Basically, the going rate is whatever you want it to be! As kids compare notes, you may want to check with the parents of your child’s friends. Remember, your child will lose 20 teeth, so pace yourself. It is better to start small and work up.

Looking for more fairy activities? Why not make a special house for your tooth fairy to use? Click here to get directions for building fairy homes. 

close up of tooth fairy certificates for aswallowed tooth

Tooth Fairy Traditions To Start

Let’s face it, playing the tooth fairy is fun, so you may want to do something more to make the experience a little more magical. Tooth fairy certificates are a great start, and here are some other ideas

  • Make/ purchase a special tooth fairy pillow or box to hold the tooth. This is an excellent idea if you have a light sleeper. Trying to find a tooth under a pillow in the dark isn’t the most straightforward task in the world. There are some attractive options online. Here are some that I found.
  • Make a trail of fairy dust. This is very easy to do with some eco-friendly glitter. Sprinkle some on the window sill, on the certificate, and around the gift.
  • Leave a note from the tooth fairy. This can be as simple or fancy as you like, but it should include how happy the fairy is to collect such an excellent tooth.
  • Occasionally leave a gift that is not money. It could be a small toy, a book, or something else that your child will love.

So parents, what do you think? Are tooth fairy certificates a fun way to add magic to the tooth fairy tradition? If you are looking for something extra special, consider giving your child one after losing their first tooth. It is easy to make and will be a cherished memory!

pin showing little girl with a lost tooth and some of the tooth fairy certificates