Tired Parent? Remember This When You Feel Like Nothing Got Done

When The Day Is Long And You Feel Like You Got Nothing Done

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Are you a tired parent? Do you feel as if you never get anything accomplished now that you have kids? Nothing seems to stay clean, or tidy, or organized for more than two seconds. I’ve discovered that even in the middle of the mess and muddle we still accomplish something vitally important. If you are an tired mom or dad looking for a word of encouragement – this is for you.

Tired Parent

I was browsing the Internet when, quite by chance, I discovered something that really spoke to my heart. Noticing the Seeds: A Mantra for Parents Who Feel They Haven’t Accomplished Anything Today by Amanda Morgan.

The Work is Never Finished

I’m going to quote a few excerpts, so you can get a taste of what she wrote. Amanda writes about the endless tasks of parenting. How you can spend the whole day working and yet feel as if you have not accomplished anything.

“The work is never finished.  You can spend the day wiping tables, wiping faces, and wiping bottoms just to do it all again tomorrow.  You may get a slight thrill as you fold the final piece of laundry, only to curse at the pair of socks staring back at you from the hamper as you walk by.”

“I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve collapsed on my bed at the end of the day and asked, “How can I feel so exhausted but have gotten so little done?

Sound familiar?

Tired Parent

I think I found the seeming lack of accomplishment one of the hardest things about parenting. The to do list was endless and nothing seemed to get done. Nothing stayed clean, or tidy, or organized for more than two seconds.

So I was reading along, nodding my head, and then Amanda shared a powerful quote that just blew me away.

Quote for Tired Parent

Do you hear how powerful that quote is? It’s not the things you get finished each day that are important. It’s the number of seeds you plant that counts.

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Tired Parent? Remember This One Important Thing

Seeds of love- connection- encouragement and affirmation.

You may not check off all the items on your to do list. But don’t judge your day by those checked jobs. Instead judge the day by the seeds of connection you planted.

You may go to bed with the house in a mess and the laundry undone. But that isn’t as important as the seeds of love you planted today.

Seeds are such tiny things, but they have the power to turn into something AMAZING.

The small seeds of love and connection we plant each day have the power to TRANSFORM the lives of our children and our relationship with them.

An Easy Way To Plant Seeds of Love and Connection

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Your Turn

What seeds of love and connection have you planted lately? Have you found any quotes that brought encouragement on a hard parenting day? Please share them in the comments below.

A message for the tired parent

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  1. Each day really can seem like a never ending struggle , but you are right, these are not the important things, the seeds we plant and nurture, connect with and grow are what matters.
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