Why You Should Slow Down And Enjoy The Ordinary Days

Why You Should Slow Down And Enjoy The Ordinary Days

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Celebrations are great, but they bring a certain amount of pressure with them. Ordinary days help us slow down and lean into the daily rhythms of work, family, and friends. That’s when truly wonderful things happen.

A few days after the New Year I  put away the Christmas decorations. Christmas had been wonderful, but it was time to put it away for another season.

There is a part of me that is always sad to see the Christmas decorations go down, but there is another part of me that likes to return to the simpler routines of ordinary life.

Valentine’s Day Already?

Almost immediately I started seeing Valentine’s Day popping up everywhere. Now I expect this in the stores. After all Valentine Day is a huge money-maker and I suppose it makes sense for the stores to push all that heart shaped stuff as early as possible.

What I couldn’t quite reconcile was the number of Valentine’s Day stuff I was seeing on the Internet.

At this point February 14th was still SIX WEEKS AWAY.

Six weeks to go and all I see are posts pushing Valentines decorations, food, treats, gifts, crafts, printables, and even sensory bins.

I was quite astonished.

Celebrations are wonderful, but so are the ordinary days in between

Now I want to be clear that I am not against Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of setting aside a day to acknowledge the gift of love in our life. But do we need to start six weeks ahead of time?

I understand the need for celebrations, particularly at this time of year. Winter is long and dark and those celebrations are like little beacons of light. They give us something to look forward to and brighten up the days.

Still there is something to be said for taking a breath and enjoying the ordinary days in between these celebrations.

Slow down

The quiet beauty of ordinary days

There is a simple beauty in those ordinary days. They provide us with a quiet space to create a life of deep connection and love, and of giving to others. A life where you have the time and the energy to be fully present with your family.

Celebrations are great, but they bring a certain amount of pressure and expectations with them.

Ordinary days  give us time to lean into the daily rhythms of work, family, friends, and love. And instead of constantly looking for the next celebration, we can find happiness and contentment in that – because it is enough.


Why we should slow down and embrace the ordinary days

I understand that day-to-day life can be come rather mundane at times. It’s often tempting to think that we need to do something extraordinary in order to spice things up and make it a little bit more memorable.

Still I have found that when I am content in my ordinary days, I free up time and energy to embrace opportunity, create, be idle, and dream.

And that’s when unexpected and extraordinary things can happen.

What happens when families slow down

The same thing is true in our families. We don’t need to be always rushing towards the next celebration, or the next special day.

Instead we can simply slow down and enjoy the quiet beauty of the simple day-to-day life with our families. And that’s when wonderful things happen.

Things like deep soul connections, laughter, contentment, and true intimacy.

So I won’t be posting anything about Valentines Day until the week before – maybe we’ll see. Instead I will be writing and sharing resources to help you enjoy the ordinary days and make the most of the time you have with your family.

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26 thoughts on “Why You Should Slow Down And Enjoy The Ordinary Days”

  1. Hi Sharon! I think it is important to try and be present moment to moment and be grateful for what we have. Not always easy but experience has shown me that it is these simple things that bring us happiness – so it is worth the effort. It’s when we let our minds wander to worries for the future or dwelling in the past and we’re not living in the now that happiness becomes elusive. Here in Australia I haven’t seen Valentines day stuff but I am shocked to have seen easter eggs and hot cross buns already at the shops!

    1. I completely agree Min. It’s something I have been practicing and it does bring a great deal of contentment and peace. It sounds as if Australia skips Valentines day and goes straight to Easter. It seems sad to me that there is this frantic push to so far ahead of time. By the time we get to the holiday it isn’t special anymore.

  2. Yes, yes and yes. I’m just nodding all the way through this. We were tripping over Easter eggs at the checkout counter on BOXING DAY and that freaks me out so much. My husband’s work colleague was scoffing into hot cross buns on Thursday last week. I wouldn’t have been able to watch that without saying something. I like the everyday days best. If only our whole lives weren’t a marketing opportunity… x

    1. “If only our whole lives weren’t a marketing opportunity” sums it up beautifully! If only that approach didn’t work for stores! It is lovely to realize the beauty of everyday days isn’t it?

  3. Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    The shops always have to be pushing some gimmick don’t they? I’ve noticed Hot Cross buns for sale too and Easter is near 3 months away!
    I love the idea of simple beauty in the ordinary days. I’m enjoying the ordinary days at the moment. They feel reflective and slower in some way. There’s more time for connection and just enjoying one another. Perhaps the sunshine is assisting this mood, I’m not sure but it feels satisfying.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the ordinary days Vicki. It is lovely to be able to slow down and take some time to reflect. I love the idea of taking time for connection and just enjoying one another. It is definitely satisfying 🙂

  4. Love this so much. We ended up not going anywhere this summer break and instead the time has been filled with relaxing, game playing, friends and our little family unit. Hubby did not even want to go to the beach on his break- just home and the above- we enjoyed it so much. Sometimes the ordinary days become extraordinary memories xxx

    1. It sounds as if you have had a wonderful summer Deb. It’s amazing how the ordinary can be so relaxing and lead to extraordinary memories.

  5. We’re in summer here and so there is an extension of the Christmas break but it’s all about relaxing, and those lazy, hazy ordinary days. Hubby was working on the weekend and I had the kids on my own – no regular activities as they are still on holidays and I’m doing a cleanse, so just laying low. Hanging out, swimming in the pool and pottering was so lovely. So here, here to more of that presence, and gratitude for it, in our lives.

    1. That sounds like Bliss Kathy!It’s wonderful how those lazy, hazy, ordinary days can bring so much contentment.

  6. Being content with ordinary days sounds absolutely perfect to me. Life has already started to speed up a little too fast for me this year and I’d like to slow it down that’s for sue. It is crazy to see hot cross buns and easter eggs around already. I haven’t seen any valentine’s stuff yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. #teamIBOT

    1. I hear you Renee. Time seems to fly past, especially when you have a family. Embracing the ordinary days can help slow things down a little.

  7. I love ordinary days and the simple life! It’s true that big gatherings and celebrations take a lot of energy from us. Though I have always been very social, I’m noticing as I get older I prefer more the simple, quiet days at home.

    1. I love the ordinary days and simple life too Lindsey! They suits my very introverted heart very nicely. I do like the celebrations when they come, but enjoy the ordinary time so much.

  8. Yup there are reasons why half the church year is holy days and getting ready for them…but half of it is Ordinary Time.

    1. Good to see you here Donald 🙂 I had that exact thought in mind when I was writing this. Those folks who created the church year knew what they were about eh?

  9. Ordinary days are great. After all the chaos of christmas, this year I definitely felt relieved to get back to ordinary routine things and cherish more ordinary moments with my children.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  10. Ah, yes, I love an ordinary day. Celebrations are fun but it always seems the deepest moments, those that connect us most, come on ordinary days.

  11. I love the pictures of the post. They remind me of my childhood.
    I got a little upset when I saw the first Christmas cookies in the shop at the end of September. With all the hustling and bustling around Christmas it often feels more stressful than festive. I miss a lot when I am only looking for the big things and neglect the daily beauties, be it birds or flowers or a nice chat. There can be a lot of beauty in the day to day routines.

  12. Lovely post. We’re just wrapping up the school holidays which we mainly spent at home just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I felt the pressure to plan a getaway, take the kids to every water park, bowling alley, to see every movie and go to all our favourite eating spots, but everytime I asked the kids what they wanted to do they loved just being able to stay home in their pyjamas playing game boards and reading books. Thank you for reminding me to cherish the everyday.

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  14. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    I completely agree with you, Sharon. I was astonished to find hot cross buns in the store a week or so after Christmas. Even this week I noticed Easter Eggs around the place and it’s ridiculous. I’m definitely all for living in the moment.

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