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Making Books With Children (Spring Project)

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Have you ever tried making books with children? Need a fun Spring activity? We’ve got an awesome spring book that is really easy to put together.  Just grab the FREE printable, assemble the book, and fill with all kinds of information about spring. We’ll show you how to make a mini spring book with kids. They are a great low prep craft and kids love making them.

front cover of spring book for kids

It happens every year. You’ve had. it. with. winter! The tangle of boots by the front door is driving you mad, your kids are vibrating with pent up energy, and the mere hint of another snowstorm sends you running for your stash of dark chocolate.

But then … you see the first signs…. the longer days, the first signs of green shoots and temperatures that creep above +1C.

Ok, so +1 might not seem very warm to you, but to us northerners  it is definitely worth celebrating.

Spring is looking for tadpoles

Ahh the joys of spring after a long hard winter and oh how I wish it were spring right now. The snowbanks may be 4 feet high in our front yard, but I know that spring is unfolding in many places, because friends and family are posting pictures.  So I figured it was time to share one of my favourite spring activities.

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Making Books With Children

Making books with children is a really fun project. Homemade books can be used for short stories, drawings, art projects. Children can can also make a book about a particular subjects that interests them. As we are entering a new season I thought it would be fun to make some books about spring. Keep scrolling for the FREE printable.

book open with a decorated page

How to Make Books With Children?

Making a book doesn’t have to be complicated. To make it super easy I have created some free printables.

What Will You Get in The Free Printable?

You will get everything you need to make this spring book.

close up of front and back covers
  1. Front and back cover in color and black and white for coloring. The front just has the word spring on it and the back features a nest.
  2. Inside pages that are very simple. They have the phrase, “Spring is” and they ar left blank for the children to decorate or write in.,
  3. One coloring sheet of spring pictures. Children can color in and cut out the pictures to decorate their books.
coloring page with spring clip art


  • Free printable File (see below)
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Stapler
  • A variety of art supplies
pin for making books with children

Assembling the Book

  • Download the free file
  • Print one copy of the front and back cover (pages 2-3)
  • Cut as many pages as you need of the inside pages and coloring sheet (pages 4-5)
  • Cut each page in half (except for the coloring page)
  • Stack the pages with the front cover on top and the back cover on the bottom (designs facing out.
  • Staple along the left-hand side of the book.
book pages stacked and ready for stapling

Using The Book With Children

Now the fun begins! Sit down with your child and show them the cover and pages of the book. Explain that you are going to decorate them and fill the pages with things that remind you of spring. You could use

  • Spring stickers
  • Drawings of things you see or do in the spring
  • Spring words
  • Photographs showing signs of spring– if possible, let your child take the pictures.
  • Pictures cut from magazines/catalogs
  • A page filled with the colors of the season
  • A page filled with spring shapes
  • Spring stamps
  • Foam flowers and bugs

Let your child take the lead and be prepared to act as scribe if needed.

Spring is playing in puddles

Making Books WIth Older Children

Older children enjoy making books as well. If you want something simple, just cut and fold blank sheets of paper. Then invite your kids to design and write their own spring book. They can use the covers and pages we’ve provided or create their own. Older kids can make some pretty fancy books. This blog has all kinds of ideas for making books with kids.

pin for making books with children

Making Books With Children Is A Really Easy Project

This is definitely a fun thing to do with children. I make books with children at the library and they love it every time. It seems to be something all ages enjoy. I watch with delight as parents and kids work together on the project. It provides opportunity for all kinds of informal chatting and connection and they have a lot of fun!

child holding cut out bunnies over book page

It is also a great way to get kids excited about books and provides the opportunity to be creative and practice writing.

When you are done see if you can share the book with someone else. Most family members, neighbors, friends, and even friendly librarians enjoy seeing these creations and will give lots of encouragement.

Have you ever tried making books with children? I hope you’ll give this activity a try!  Please let me know how it goes! What did your child put in their book?

Spring is …picking dandelions

Your Turn

What are your favorite spring activities? How would you complete the sentence, “Spring is …

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