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For The Children’s Sake Please Let them Play

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Play is more than just fun for children. It’s how they learn and develop and is as important as exercise or healthy diet. We can relax and let our kids play to their heart’s content. Turns out it’s good for them!


For The Children’s Sake Please Let Them Play

My boys spent hours in imaginative play. They raided the dress up box and spent the afternoon fighting imaginary foes in a place called, “Dragon Land.” They draped blankets over the table to create caves and secret lairs.

I loved watching them.

There is something magical about children engrossed in serious play. The cares of the world disappear and anything seems possible.

Recently I have seen many articles talking about the need for play. And I am glad for that.

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You see it turns out that play is vital to children’s well being. It is just as important as exercise or healthy diet.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn.” O. Fred Donaldson

Why is this good news?

It means we can relax. We do not need to worry about creating enriching educational activities, or trying to persuade reluctant kids to do extra study. There is no need to schedule their every waking moment. Instead we can give our kids time and space to play.

For The Children’s Sake Please Let Them Play

This is important to remember

  • When we are tempted to sign our kids up for myriads of extra curricula activities
  • Our children want to join every sports team and activity group going

For The Children’s Sake Please Let Them Play

Will Our Children Miss out?

Are worried that your children will miss out? What happens if they don’t have the opportunity to do all these extra curricula activities or enriching educational activities? Let’s turn the question around. What will our children miss if they don’t have plenty of time for free play?

It seems as they WILL MISS OUT if they don’t have the chance to play.

Giving your children time to play is probably one of the best things you can do to help them do well at school  and in life.

And the best thing?

We can give the gift of play to our children without worry or expense. Isn’t that a relief?

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For The Children’s Sake Please Let Them PlayWant More?

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Your Turn

How do you make sure your children have the time and space to play?


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  1. Ya, back in my days playing is an interactive ways of getting in touch with my friend. But now, children are glued in their laptop, tablet, ipad, iphone and that practically kills the connection and real experience of playing. Everything is virtual, and I think that will hit their social skills eventually when they got older, so that is why playing in a more interactive way is more important that just playing in their gadgets.

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