Easter Science Activities For Kids: 24 Incredible Experiments

24 Of The Best Easter Science Activities For Kids

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Try these fun and easy Easter science activities for kids. Includes experiments with eggs, plastic eggs, jelly beans and lots, lots more. We’ve even thrown in some ideas to help you grow crystals and make Easter slime. Suitable for children of all ages from preschoolers to older kids.

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Easter’s coming and it is the perfect time for some fun science.

Well to be honest every day is the perfect day for some fun science, but Easter seems like a really good excuse.

Here’s the thing

Enjoying a little science really is a fabulous family activity. It’s simple to do, sneaks in some learning disguised as fun and totally impresses the most cynical of kids. It is a very easy way to seem like the coolest parent on the block.

How can you beat that?

I asked my fellow parenting bloggers to point me to their best Easter science activities and boy did they ever oblige. I’ve put together this awesome list of Easter science activities for you to enjoy with kids of all ages.

So look at this list, click on some of those links, and get ready to have some serious family fun.

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The Ultimate List of Easter Science Activities For Kids

Experiments with Real Eggs

Experiment With Plastic Eggs

For More Science Fun

Exclusive Bonus: Download a free activity sheet from the library with more science activities you can enjoy with your family

Experiments with Easter Candy

Miscellaneous Experiments

Your Turn

Do you have any favourite Easter science activities for kids? Tell me about them in the comments below.

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  1. Egg hunting is still a fun activity but I think the kids would love a new activity for easter. Thanks for sharing these activities! I’m sure the kids will love them!

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