20 Uplifting Acts of Kindness You'll Love To Do This Summer

20 Uplifting Acts of Kindness You’ll Love To Do This Summer

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20 Uplifting Acts of Kindness You'll Love To Do This Summer
The young tween was dancing with excitement as she greeted her mother.


She was invited to help the younger kids at the library summer reading program.

“Mom I got to help the little kids,” she exclaimed with a million dollar smile. She radiated pride and happiness.

Kids love to help and be kind

Kids love to help. We see it all the time.

I saw it when my own children were small.

The amazing thing about kindness is that it grows and grows. I’ve seen it ripple out into the community and multiply in amazing ways.

And it turns out that being kind is really good for our children! Which is a total win for everyone.

Those long summer days are a wonderful time for families. We fill them with camping, swimming, playing, and campfires. What bliss!

Want to make summer even better? How about adding some acts of kindness into the mix?

I’ve gathered together some family acts of kindness that are perfect for the hot summer days. I have kept them simple and doable. Which ones will you do with your kids?

20 Uplifting Acts of Kindness You'll Love To Do This Summer

Family acts of kindness for the hot days of summer

  • Leave encouraging chalk messages and pictures on the driveway and sidewalk around your house
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood.  As a precaution wear gloves and supervise children.
  • Leave bubbles on someone’s doorstep (or at the park).
  • Do yard work for an elderly neighbor.
  • Pick some flowers to take to someone who cannot get outside very easily.


  • Make a bath for the birds or butterflies.  Be sure to keep them clean and full.
  • Dry the slides and swing seats at the park with a towel after it rains.
  • Share ice pops/popsicles with friends.
  • Water a neighbor’s garden if they are away.
  • Buy a glass of lemonade from anyone who sets up a stand.
  • If you go for ice cream, pay for the family behind you.

encouragement word rocks

  • Make encouragement word rocks and leave them in random places.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Invite your neighbors over for ice cream floats.
  • Offer to wash someone’s car

Amy's Light

  • Buy a summer themed book for your local library like this one (affiliate link).
  • Donate bottles of sunscreen to organizations that help families or children.
  • Set up a table for surplus garden produce, so people can help themselves.
  • Buy or make a solitary bee house and put it up in your garden.
  • Offer a cold drink to the trash collectors or mail carriers on a hot day.

Free Printable

To help you I created a printable that you can download and print. The printable doesn’t have the helpful links, but it is handy to put on the fridge as a reminder. You can download it here.

20 Uplifting Acts of Kindness You'll Love To Do This Summer

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Giving doesn’t have to be extravagant

Acts of kindness do not have to be grand gestures to make a difference. Actually it is often the small things that can make a person’s day brighter. Things like a drink of water on a hot day or an unexpected gift of bubbles on the doorstep.

What we want is to see our children grow up to be kind and generous. The great thing is we can light up our communities with compassion and caring as we do that.

Are you in?

Will you join the conspiracy of kindness this summer?