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Spend Time With Your Family & Watch Love Grow

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Are you looking to nurture family connections? If you can only do one thing each day I would urge you to spend time with your family. Nothing is more important.


This summer it has been my joy to watch deep family connections being forged in our library.

  • I saw mothers sitting in the overstuffed, faded, reading chair in our children’s room- reading one book after another with their children
  • Smiled as a preschooler and his dad brought in armloads of Zucchini that they had grown in their garden. Little T excitedly explained how he had planted the seeds with his Dad. They tended the garden together and picked the fruit when it was ready.
  • Watched as a Mom and her two daughters spent an hour in our children’s room playing with our toys and having a tea party together.

None of these moments cost a lot of money, perhaps the cost of a package of seeds. Still for each of those families they were priceless treasure. They were moments of connection that built memories, cemented relationships and built a solid foundation for the future.

Spend Time With Your Family

The precious gift of time and presence

They did however, require one priceless commodity- that of time and presence. These parents all chose to spend time with family.

The things our children long for, the things that make them feel loved are not hard or expensive. In fact they are really, really simple.

The most important thing your children want is your time and presence. They just want to be with you. If you can only do one thing each day I would urge you to make time for them. Slow down, shut off the outside world for a while, and enjoy their company. You won’t regret it.

I think we all recognize that the best way to build relationships is to spend time with the people we love. I know this can be a challenge in our fast paced world, but in the end what do you want your children to remember?

What will your children remember?

That you were held captive by your to do list, always trying to tick off “just one more thing” or that you invited your children to put on their old clothes and go out into the bush for an impromptu adventure ?

That you were too busy answering numerous texts and e-mails to even notice your children calling your name – or that you pulled out the action figures and helped them win the battle for the future of the universe?

Watch the magic happen

When you slow down and make time to be with your family, you’ll find your life becomes rich and full. You’ll experience precious moments of connection, which are all too easy to miss in our distracted world. You will discover what is really important.

Isn’t it worth it?

A free resource to help you spend time with your family

Now it’s your turn

Tell me how do you create time for your family? What are your favorite things to do together?

13 thoughts on “Spend Time With Your Family & Watch Love Grow”

  1. Sharon, this is what I just wrote on my timeline when I shared your post, “My blogging friend, Sharon, tells the tales of what she witnesses in her library – the precious ways families make lasting memories together by sharing gifts of their time and presence. A short & sweet read. Priceless!”

    Love how you weave the sweet vignettes into the post, really enlivens the message!

    ~ Dena

    1. Thank you Dena 🙂 I love watching the families come into our library. I have found that families that use the library tend to be really engaged with each other. It is wonderful to see.

  2. Emma @ P is for Preschooler

    This is a reminder I think we all need sometimes. I’ve been surprised to find that kids really are happy with just your undivided attention – not new toys or games. They really just want to be with *you*!

    1. This is so true Emma – I suspect the toy makers would rather we didn’t discover this! I love your recycled butterfly craft! I’ll find a way to use it with the preschoolers at the library.

  3. I love this “If you can only do one thing each day I would urge you to make time for them. Slow down, shut off the outside world for a while, and enjoy their company. You won’t regret it”. It is so important. We try and do this as much as possible after the working day. And weekends for us are all about family time. A good reminder for all parents. It is very easy to try and do it all and ignore the simple things. Great post. #TeamMM

    1. Welcome team MM! I love that your weekends are all about family time. What a great gift for your family.

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  5. I totally agree, we need to spend quality time with our children, turn off the technology and properly be with them. It may be hard, but it’s important.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  6. Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for sharing this post at the Family Fun Friday Link Up! What a great reminder for all parents and guardians of children! I will be featuring this post at this week’s link up on my blog. Blessings, Misty

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