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Do You Know What Happens When You Put Down Your Phone?

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The Problem With Phones

I recently read a heartbreaking post on the blog Hands Free Mama. The post “The Children Have Spoken” contains some quotes from children about the impact of electronic devices on family relationships. Here are two of them

“My mom talks on the phone the whole time she is driving. She doesn’t even say ‘goodbye’ when I get out of the car.”

“Sometimes I say something and my dad doesn’t hear me because he is typing on his phone.”

You can read the full post here .

I work in a library and have seen this happen over and over. Families come in together, but there is little or no connection. Mom or Dad (or both) are totally distracted by their phones, even as their children desperately try to get their attention. It makes me so sad. There are times I wish I could grab the phones and drop them in the nearest fish tank, but alas that would probably cost me my job!

What happens when you put down your phone

I know that we live in a busy world and it can be important to stay connected. I appreciate my phone for its convenience, but sometimes it seems as if they have taken over our lives. I have come to realize that when we put down our phone we can be present with the people around us. When we choose our families over our phone over our families we are sending some positive messages.

  • You are more important than my phone
  • I am interested in what you have to say
  • I really value you
  • My relationship with you is my top priority

Isn’t that what we want to be telling our children, our loved ones, our friends? Of course if we don’t put down our phone we are sending a very negative message.

Create phone free zones

I would like to make one simple suggestion. When you are with your family PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. Put it down when

I love my children and I know you love yours. We want our families to know that they are important to us, that we love them, and we value our relationship. It is important to tell them these things, but we must also demonstrate the truth of it by our actions. Putting down our phones will show our desire for connection and make it clear that we value family relationships over everything else. Put down your phone today- your family will thank you.

How do you feel you when are with someone, but their phone constantly distracts them? Do you have phone free zones in your house? When do you feel it is important to turn off your phone? Please join the conversation.

“Turn your phone off when you’re with people. The people you’re with also know the difference. If you’re outdoors tossing a ball with your kid (or even your dog) and you can’t help but gaze into the soulful eyes of your iPhone every minute, whomever you’re with will know that you’re not really playing with them.” Mark Sisson

8 thoughts on “Do You Know What Happens When You Put Down Your Phone?”

  1. I LOVE this. I know some personalities struggle more with the draw of socializing (I’m introverted, so naturally want breaks), but I’ve had this conversation with my hubby. He now turns his phone to vibrate during dates and explains any time he chooses to answer, which is rare. It’s a new, gray area many people are thoughtlessly not exploring, so thanks for raising awareness. I believe most people have good intentions – “I should answer this – they might need me…” forgetting that the person next to them needs them too.

    1. I agree that most people have good intentions and I understand how hard it is to ignore that phone. What if it is something important? Still as you so rightly point out the person with them is important, especially if that person is family 🙂

  2. Paula Jo Nyman

    I totally agree with this article and wish more people got it! I have to get my hubby’s attention and then wait till he puts down the phone to talk. I think he understands now. Thanks for raising this issue and I hope lots of people read it!

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