How To Simplify Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays

How To Simplify Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays

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Who says Christmas has to be exhausting? This easy hack will help you simplify Christmas and ditch the stress! The holiday season is here. Don’t you deserve the chance to embrace the magic and enjoy the fun with your family?

If you took a trip back into my Christmas past you would have met a frazzled Mom. I was exhausted and totally overwhelmed by my Christmas preparations. I felt frustrated by all the things on my never ending to do list. Something had to give, because I was taking out my frustration on my family. It was time to simplify Christmas.

Sucked into a trap

When I took a long hard look at the way I did Christmas, I realized that I had been sucked into the trap of more. Each year I told myself that we needed more.  We did this last year, so we have to do even more this year to make it better.

The revelation

I quickly realized that all this extra stuff didn’t actually make Christmas more magical. In fact it made it less fun for everyone. I recognized that a simpler approach worked better. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough. We had our most cherished Christmas traditions in place and didn’t need anything more.

When it comes to Christmas there is always something more you can do. Something else to decorate,  buy, bake, craft, wrap, and eat. (I’m sure that you could add my the list!)

The word that helped me simplify Christmas

I gave myself permission to say, “Enough” and suddenly found it was easy to simplify Christmas. Now I want to pass on this word to you. When you are feeling frazzled you have permission to say, “Enough!” Instead of running around like a mad fiend you could

  • Lie under the tree with your kids and look up at the lights.
  • Snuggle together as you watch your favorite Christmas movie.
  • Sit quietly for five minutes with a cup of your favorite beverage.
  • Embrace the imperfection
  • Read a book.
  • Have a bubble bath.
  • Sit and chat with your love.
  • Focus on what’s truly important

I recently saw the Christmas season described as

“Spending days and nights in frenzied cooking and decorating, enduring crowds to buy piles of gifts, and attending to a calendar chock-full of obligations. The funny thing is, at the end of all the huzzah and hurrah, many of us are exhausted rather than exhilarated.” Donata Maggipinto

Does it sound familiar? That was me all those years ago and I was so exhausted. We are in the final weeks of the holiday preparations. Why not give yourself permission to say, “Enough?” Then go right ahead and simplify your Christmas. Maybe you could

  • Cross something off your to-do list
  • Cut back on a few gifts
  • Put up fewer decorations
  • Graciously say no to a few invitations
  • Do less baking (or do none)
  • Send out fewer cards

Then go and do something you truly enjoy with your family.

How does that sound? The holiday season is here. Don’t you deserve the chance to embrace the magic?

Now it’s your turn

How could you simplify your Christmas? In what areas of your preparations could you say, “Enough.”

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4 thoughts on “How To Simplify Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays”

  1. The graphic at the end is a perfect reminder! It’s so easy to get sucked in to the “more is more” mentality, especially during this season. We want it to be perfect and memorable. But stressed-out holidays aren’t what we what to be remembered. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. with you all the way, I have sent fewer cards and presents this year, and I never start thinking about food before 23rd. I have 8 to feed everyday and if I buy or make before Christmas It would all be eaten and I’d have to do it again anyway! Happy christmas to you #LetKidsbeKids

  3. My intentional word for the month is ENJOY. Enough is a good word. I have also had enough of running around I would rather enjoy the snuggling by the Christmas lights and watching movies or taking a family winter adventure walk.

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