More Joy - Less Stress This Christmas

More Joy – Less Stress This Christmas

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Are you looking for more joy and less stress this Christmas? You don’t want to miss these four super practical reads to help you reclaim joy during this holiday season. Let’s start right now!

Are you looking for more joy and less stress this Christmas?

There is so much about Christmas that I love. The sparkling eyes of the preschoolers as they help me decorate the book cart in the library. Sharing a good cup of tea and a piece of Christmas cake with my love. The hugs of my boys as they arrive for a special meal and family time.

Those are the things that make Christmas for me and I’m guessing that it would be the same for you. We all want a Christmas full of joy and peace. The trouble is that the holiday season can so easily transform into a time of stress.

Do you want to find a way to celebrate the holidays and keep the stress at bay? I’ve found some super practical reads to  help you do just that.

A Pick Me Up For the Holiday Weary Mom

If just the mention of the holidays makes you feel exhausted, this next post is for you.  Rebecca talks about how easy it was to find the Christmas magic when we are children and acknowledges that it can be harder as adults.

“Even a less-is-more Christmas season (which I subscribe to wholeheartedly) comes with its fair share of shopping and decorating and baking. It also comes with financial pressures, relationship issues, and the worries of life that — as much as I think they should! — just don’t disappear during the holiday season.”

I really appreciated Rebecca’s reminder that the Christmas magic that is still there to be found, if we only know where to look for it. The list of places where she finds the magic warmed my heart.

Read more at Simple As That

The Show Must Go On. But At What Cost?

Brené Brown is one of my favorite writers and I am a huge fan of her work. I really enjoy the anecdotes she shares from her own life. I think it is because I see myself over and over in her stories and somehow it helps to know that I’m not the only flawed human being out there.

In The Show Must Go On Brene describes a past holiday season that went somewhat astray

” The cards went out. The presents were wrapped. The cookies baked. We were at everyone’s houses as scheduled. It was exhausting and I was just waiting for it to be over. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t the victim of this holiday circus, I was the ringmaster.”

Do you identify? I do! It is so easy to get caught up in the Christmas show and forget what is really important. Brené suggests that the most effective way out of this trap is to celebrate the holiday and give up the show. Intrigued yet? Read the post to find out what giving up the show might look like.

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Use the 5 Ds for a purposeful and peaceful holiday season

I think we all want to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful, calm, and enjoyable way. That can be a huge challenge when you have kids. I really like the 5 D strategy from Lisa Byrne. The five Ds are: Do, Diminish, Delegate, Defer, and Delete.   This post outlines a simple, three-step process for using them.

The 5 D strategy is effective when there are numerous opportunities competing for limited time, and you therefore run the danger of losing the purpose, pleasure, or peace of your days to an over-committed calendar.”

Read more at The Art of Simple.

147 Things You Don’t Need to Do This Christmas

Don’t worry! You don’t actually have to read 147 things you can do to simplify the holidays. But this post will encourage you to think about what the holiday season is really about for your family.  Amanda gives you permission to say NO, so that you can say YES to the Christmas you really want. I love those kinds of permission slips!

“I’m not advocating a Grinch-like abdication of all things festive, I’m simply suggesting that instead of trying to take in every sparkling thing that catches our eye, we spend a little time thinking about what we really want.  It’s back to my usual themes of using intention while also cutting yourself some slack.”

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Are you looking for more joy and less stress at Christmas? You don’t want to miss these four super practical reads to help you reclaim joy during this holiday season. Let’s start right now!

Now it’s your turn

Where do you find joy and peace during the Christmas season? How do you celebrate the holidays and give up the show? Please share with me in the comments.

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  1. A timely post for each of us Sharon as we begin to navigate the Christmas season.

    I remember reading that post from Brene Brown some time ago and have never forgotten her “I was the ringmaster” message, reminding us that we get to choose our experience.

    Grateful to be included here! All set for another beautiful Christmas and wishing you and your family one too.

    1. That ringmaster message is such a powerful way of describing what happens all too easily. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

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