A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas

A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas

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Are you ready to reclaim the joy and wonder of Christmas ? Follow this one tip and create a magical Christmas for your family. It’s time to simplify Christmas and leave the holiday stress behind.


A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas

Are you dreaming of a magical Christmas?

We want to make Christmas magical for our family.  We have this mental picture of laughing children, glowing decorations and chestnuts roasting on an open fire.After all it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But then the Christmas craziness kicked into high gear.

You have a to do list a mile long, unwrapped presents mock you from the closet, and you have two Christmas events to attend every night.

Yet somehow amidst all this insanity the laundry still needed to be done!

That’s why when I discovered this program, I was quite excited.

Practical suggestions for simplifying the holidays? Are you kidding? YES, PLEASE.


A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas


One sentence spoke immediately to my heart and mind.

“Before deciding how to simplify, take a moment to reflect on what kind of holiday celebration you want.”

Decide how you want your Christmas to look and then work backwards.


Pause to reflect


In a nutshell here’s how it works. Grab a pen and journal (or notebook), make a cup of your favorite beverage, and answer the following questions. Do it Today, before you get sucked into the madness. (Note: some of these questions were inspired by the publication “Simplify the Holidays” available free from the New Dream.)

What do you want Christmas to look like this year?

  • What kind of Holiday do you really want?
  • Which are the most MEANINGFUL aspects of Christmas for you?
  • How can you focus on those things?
  • Think about your childhood memories of Christmas. What do you remember most? What was magical for you? Can you learn from that?
  • Are you able to make a few changes in order to create a Christmas that is meaningful for your family?

My thoughts

My family celebrated Christmas in simple ways. We had one box of decorations. We enjoyed a few traditional treats and some special meals, but it was very minimal. My parents didn’t make elaborate Advent calendars or purchase hundreds of dollars worth of gifts under the tree.

And yet I have very happy Christmas memories.

I can’t honestly recall one gift I received, but I vividly recollect the feelings of anticipation and excitement. I reminisce about the time I spent with my grandparents and the big family gatherings that happened in their house.

My Auntie D would play the piano and get all the cousins singing and dancing. I remember the laughter and the joking. I also remember the smells of Christmas oranges, turkey cooking, and the taste of fruitcake.

Those were the things that were meaningful to me and they made for a magical Christmas.

Those are the things I want to give my family. In order to do that I had to makes some changes and I needed to give up doing some things. But then I rediscovered the joy and wonder of Christmas.

What will make Christmas magical for your family?

I understand how easy it is to pack the season with social obligations, Pinterest-perfect projects, and festive activities. But is that what’s really important?

Will this frantic activity really create the kind of memories you want your children to carry into adulthood?

Christmas magic is not found in expensive gifts, elaborate Advent calendars, a perfectly decorated house, or mounds of gourmet food. Children will experience the magic in the joy of family and the time they spend with you.

Now It’s your Turn

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are some of your fondest memories of Christmas? Can you envision a magical Christmas without the pressure to buy and be Pinterest perfect? What would it look like?

A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas

4 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Reclaim the Magic Of Christmas”

  1. Christmas is definitely what you want it to be. We love spending time together and we now have lots of traditions which I think will create lovely childhood christmas memories (I hope). We enjoy doing christmas crafts together, it probably does make it a little busy, but that is part of the magic to us.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Love this, Christmas can be as magical as you want. No need for expensive things, even 2nd hand items are fine, kids don’t care really! 🙂 x

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