When the Good Crowds Out The Best

When the Good Crowds Out The Best

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I really enjoy gardening. And I particularly relish flowers. I love the splash of colour and beauty they bring to the garden. At the front of the house, in the shade of a birch tree, is one of my favorite flowerbeds. The light is soft and dappled there, so I can plant shade-loving flowers to my heart’s content.

This spring I set out my plants. I chose the varieties I particularly love and planted them with care. As I was planting I noticed that there were a number of poppies also growing in the soil. I like these poppies. They produce gorgeous bright blooms and bring a welcome pop of color into the garden.

Look at them! Aren’t they lovely? How can I resist such loveliness?

Four weeks later my flowerbed looked like this! YEEK!

The poppies had taken over. They had crowded out all the plants I had lovingly planted. It was time to take action! I had to choose. It was the poppies or my flowers. The poppies had to go!

While I was pulling out the poppies I started thinking that this flowerbed had a lesson to teach. (Yes my mind constantly makes connections like this!)

I have found that if I’m not careful all kinds of things can creep into my life.  Given time they start to crowd out the most important parts of my life. The difficulty is that those other things can often be good and beautiful and helpful.

  • Volunteer work
  • Sports
  • Extra curricula activities
  • D.I.Y. projects
  • Helping others

Our lives are a little like flower beds. There is only so much space available. If we are not careful our lives can become overfull and the things that are really important will slowly be crowded out until they almost disappear. Things like

  • Nurturing family relationships
  • Time spent with family
  • Cultivating our spirituality
  • Friendships
  • Developing our own creativity
  • Looking after our bodies

It’s not easy to balance everything is it? But the truth is that we have to choose. The flowers in my flowerbed would not have done well if I left the poppies in place. My flowers needed space to flourish. In the same way we need to make space for what really matters to us. We need to choose.

Is it time to make room in your life for what matters most?

Some Helpful Resources

Here are a few resources to help you in your journey

What things crowd your life? How do you decide what needs to go? What challenges do you face?

3 thoughts on “When the Good Crowds Out The Best”

  1. Such a beautiful post Sharon!
    And such beautiful poppies but you are right, life is already so full of beauty, there is only so much that can take up our focus before other areas start to suffer.

    Deciding what needs to go can be a great challenge. I mostly find the answers, when I intentionally create quiet space. Everything that is important to me, shows up there.

    1. Sharon Harding

      Thanks Liz. The quiet space is so valuable. I need to create more time for that.

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