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Organize Family Life

Do you long to simplify family life? We want to help you focus on making life easier, so you can ditch the stress and spend more time with your kids.

Embracing a Slower Pace of Life

How fast is your life moving? Do you ever wish you could slow it down? Do you feel that you need more hours in the day so you can get everything done? What if we stopped rushing and embraced a slower pace of life?

Why You Should Slow Down And Enjoy The Ordinary Days

It was a few days after the Christmas holidays and I was already seeing Valentine’s Day merchandise in the store. Celebrations are great, but they bring a certain amount of pressure with them. Ordinary days give us time to lean into the daily rhythms of work, family, and friends. Instead of constantly looking for the next celebration, we can find happiness and contentment in that – because it is enough.

5 Practical Ways to Simplify and Slow Down

Are you exhausted just thinking about what is on your plate these days? Do you long for a more relaxed family schedule? Here are five ways to help you simplify your life and slow down.