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Organize Family Life

Do you long to simplify family life? We want to help you focus on making life easier, so you can ditch the stress and spend more time with your kids.

How to Create a Simple Christmas You Can Actually Enjoy

Simple ways to make Christmas easier this year! Here’s how to keep the Christmas magic alive for kids without burning yourself out at the same time. Follow our three step process and learn how to have a holiday you can actually enjoy (it’s totally possible).

When The Day Is Long And You Feel Like You Got Nothing Done

Are you a tired parent? Do you feel as if you never get anything accomplished now that you have kids? Nothing seems to stay clean, or tidy, or organized for more than two seconds. I’ve discovered that even in the middle of the mess and muddle we still accomplish something vitally important. If you are an tired mom or dad looking for a word of encouragement – this is for you.