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Printable Resources (simply download and print)

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Printable Play Cards

Kids love to play and it is a great way to spend time together! These 32 printable Play Activity Cards make it super easy. The activities do not require any preparation, so you can get going in a moments notice. Just print and cut the cards, then place them in a basket or bag. When you have a few minutes to spare grab a card and go play. Includes a blank sheet, so you can add your own activities.

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Books To Help With Your Parenting Journey

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Happy You, Happy Family
A Book Just For Parents

Your recipe for finding happiness in the chaos of parenting life is yours and yours alone. Kelly Holmes from The Reformed Idealist Mom will show you how to create a personalized plan to find your own happiness sweet spot as a parent. Like a personal trainer but for happiness. (Includes  printables)

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Helpful Phrases
A Lifesaver For Parents

Parenting little ones can be crazy at times, but these proven phrases will teach your kids to listen. After countless hours of research, real-life experience, and talking with other moms, Helpful Phrases was born to help you learn the best ways to respond to your kids in any situation!

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Courses That Will Help Make Your Life Easier

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Freezer Meals 101
never have to worry about supper again

Want to make meals that you knew your family would love in a fraction of the time and save a lot of money in the process? What if you could wake up in the morning and pull something out of the freezer and know that you didn’t have to think about making dinner again? Freezer Meals 101 walks you through everything from shopping lists to prep to assembling the meals. Watch the videos at your own pace. Includes meal plans, shopping lists, and valuable time saving tips.

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Dress With Less
And Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Overwhelmed with closet chaos? Does the idea of getting dressed in the morning with ease sound appealing? How about saving time, money and mental energy? This course will tell everything you need to know about creating your own capsule wardrobe. It’s time to enjoy the beauty of less. The course includes inspiring PDFs, audio recordings, playlists and recorded webinar. At $19.99 it’s a real bargain. As a bonus you also get access to an exclusive and supportive Facebook community.

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