It's Time To Ditch the Pinterest Ideal

It’s Time To Ditch the Pinterest Ideal

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All your kids really want to do is to spend time with you. Stop trying to measure up to everything you see on Pinterest and go do something fun with your kids instead. It’s a lot simpler and your family will thank you for it!"
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Can you believe this is a child’s bedroom? I found it on Pinterest.

I have to admit that I am glad Pinterest wasn’t around when I was raising my children. Although it can be a wonderful source of ideas, a quick visit can leave you feeling totally inadequate as a parent.

Pinterest Pressure

Last week when I was thinking about this post I did a quick search on Pinterest for children’s birthday parties. Hundreds of pins popped into view, many of them quite astonishing.

There were decorations, games, crafts, food, and amazing cakes. Then there were the party bags, some of them hand-sewn! Many containing handcrafted favors, and intricately decorated cookies. It was quite amazing. Many of these parties would take hours and hours to prepare.

Then I did another search for children’s bedrooms and found a similar phenomenon. Myriads of pins showcasing exquisitely decorated children’s rooms that must have taken goodness knows how much time and money to create. I could see how ordinary parents might worry they just aren’t measuring up.

The time we have with our kids is limited

One of the realities we have to face is that we have a limited supply of time. We only have 24 hours a day in which to get things done and not a minute more. This means we all have to make careful choices about how we allocated those hours.

  • Do we want to spend hours creating the perfect party, or would the time be better spent connecting with our families?
  • Do we want to spend time and money creating a spectacular room complete with castle, or would it be better to spend that time with our children?

What your children will remember

I know how easy it is to get sucked into a “more is more” mentality, but is it really worth it? It’s time to take back the fun! A minimalist approach to family life dispenses with the fuss, expense and unrealistic expectations, so you can focus on your family relationships. The reality is that in the end, your children won’t remember the elaborate parties you organized for their birthdays. What they will remember is the

  • books you read to them
  • games you played together
  • time you spent with them
  • whether you were available to talk with

This is good news

This is good news for over stressed parents. If you want to be a great parent just let go of the Pinterest ideal and go play with your children.

All your kids really want to do is to spend time with you. Stop trying to measure up to everything you see on Pinterest and go do something fun with your kids instead. It’s a lot simpler and your family will thank you for it!"

10 thoughts on “It’s Time To Ditch the Pinterest Ideal”

  1. I think it gets confusing when our kids are confused about what they want, possibly begging for things their peers seem to be enjoying. My son observed that his friend had so many more Legos than he does and was pretty sure it was a reason to be unhappy. I think that’s when we have to be the grown-ups, who aren’t confused about where happiness comes from (possibly the hardest part) and guide them to things that satisfy. They may be mistaken about what makes them happy, already believing advertising. It’s our job to show them the truth and meet their need for connection. If we can hand down the key to happiness, so they don’t waste years looking in the wrong places, what more could we hope to give them?

    1. Sharon Harding

      Oh I understand, especially when it comes to Lego. As far as my boys were concerned you just couldn’t have enough of the stuff! All you can do is model a simpler approach to life and trust that eventually they will come to understand that happiness doesn’t come from stuff. I have grown children and I can tell you that they never reminisce about the toys they had. The memories that are precious to them revolve around time spent with family and the things we did together.

  2. I love the eye candy on Pinterest, but have long since let go of rising to that ideal. Especially for birthday parties! I actually cancelled my daughter’s two-year-old party (with some relief) because she had the flu earlier in the week and just wasn’t up to it. But I hopped on pinterest to get some alternative cake ideas and ended up with a new birthday tradition for our family: Donut cakes! She’d never had a donut before and thought the whole experience of going to the shop, picking her sprinkles and eating her donut was awesome. We didn’t miss the party at all.

    1. Oh I love the idea of the donut cake. A wonderful way to celebrate a second birthday and so simple. I guess there are some simple ideas on Pinterest 🙂

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  6. Yes! Just…yes! I think parents are more likely to aim for the perfect craft and the perfect home decor. Kids just want your time – imperfections and all!

    1. Sharon Harding

      You are so right Emma. I think this realization is very liberating! It’s so easy to give your time and not to have to worry about doing things perfectly!

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