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Spend Quality Time With Family: 18 Super Easy Ideas

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Looking for simple ways to spend quality time with family? Look no further — here are 18 awesome ideas for you to enjoy with your kids. Bonus: They are all really easy activities, so you can start having fun with your children today.

When you become a parent something amazing happens. You set out on a journey of wonder and discovery. Suddenly you start to see things from a new perspective. You have the privilege of watching your children learn and grow before your very eyes.

But parenting also has its difficult moments. It is exhausting and at times challenging beyond words. There are tantrums, sleep deprivation, squabbles, mess, and never ending laundry. It can wear you down. You know that you should carve out some time to build relationship and connect with each child, but that just seems to be another thing on your to do list.

18 super easy ways to spend quality time with family

  1. Give your child a bear hug; you know the kind that squeezes you tight and make you giggle.
  2. Introduce your kids to the joy of secret codes and send messages back and forth.
  3. Tell jokes… I loved it when my boys were just learning how to tell jokes! Children love puns and sometimes my boys would laugh so hard at their own jokes you couldn’t understand what they were saying! Giggles are infectious though and I would be laughing alongside of them with no idea why! Instant connection 🙂
  4. Read a book together.
  5. Have a  dance party with them- even if you think you look and sound horrible.
  6. Get messy with them, splash in puddles, finger paint, make mud pies, or something gooey to eat.
  7. Visit the library together. Look at the new books together, giggle at the comic books, and find books on the child’s latest interestor play with the library toys.
  8. Turn off your phone
  9. Share your music. Introduce them to the music of your teens, who knows they may like it! Listen to their favorite tracks even if they set your teeth on edge! Ask them what they like about their music.
  10. Talk together. Let your children tell you about video games, books, and friends at school. Ask questions and encourage them to share their dreams, hopes, and concerns. LISTEN!
  11. Do chores together. It may take a little longer, but you can cross something off your list and have an informal opportunity to chat as you do dishes or fold laundry.
  12. Use car rides as an opportunity to connect. Sing silly songs, play word games, or chat together.
  13. Do an art project together and learn more about your kids in the process.
  14. Leave love notes in their lunch box or on their pillow.
  15. Play together
  16. Be available when they get up in the morning and have breakfast together. If you have to leave early for work leave a note wishing them a good day.
  17. Get active with them, skip rope, play ball, roll down hills, go cycling, roller-skating, or tobogganing.
  18. Have a special bedtime routine.

Ditch the guilt and celebrate every moment of connection

Any of these suggestions can help you spend time together. As you look back over each day I would encourage you to DITCH the parent guilt. Instead of focusing on everything you didn’t do, or the mistakes you may have made,  instead celebrate what you accomplished.

  • If your house is a mess, but you got down on the floor and played with your child YES! Remember that!
  • If you had one of those days when bedtime couldn’t come soon enough, but you gave your child a hug YES! Remember that!
  • If you spoke harshly to your child, but went back and apologized YES! Remember that!

Celebrate all the ways you connected with your children and acknowledge every one of them. They are the things that will strengthen your relationship.

Looking for more ways to spend time with your family?

The activities in the book don’t require much preparation, in fact many of them require NONE at all. Some require a few materials and a little planning, although not too much I promise.

I would love to hear from you. What are your best tips for spending quality time with family  ?


26 thoughts on “Spend Quality Time With Family: 18 Super Easy Ideas”

  1. Lovely post with a great list of ideas. It was quite refreshing to think I do most of the things in that list, though we all need reminding.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. I’m glad it was encouraging Karen. We all need reminders that we are on the right track as parents.

  2. Thank you, Sharon. I really needed a list like this. I am just starting out my new family day care business and sometimes I worry how my son might feel having to share his mummy with other kids all day long. But doing simple but meaningful little things like this might help me sprinkle some love throughout the day.

    1. I think that your son will be quite fine. He’ll enjoy playing with the other kids, but still have those special moments of connection. I love the idea of sprinkling love throughout the day 🙂

  3. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Yes yes yes, turn off the phone, to me that is the best way to connect – Must try and do way more of that! Great post 🙂

  4. Actually Mummy...

    That quote scares me! I do so many wrong things that it’s easy to focus on what harm I might be storing up in their memories! I think as a parent it’s important to focus on what you do that is good, and helpful, and your tips are great for that. When we’ve had a fraught day together, sitting down to read a book before bed is really bonding, and as you say, most ways to connect are simple and not time consuming – in fact, they’re what a good parent does pretty much naturally.
    I’m pinning you to my parenting tips board, as I found you on the Parenting pin it party 🙂

    1. I think we all worry about the harmful things our children may be storing in their memories… we all make mistakes. I also believe that most caring parents are helping their children store good memories and perhaps it is encouraging to think about that. I’m glad that you sit down and read a book after a fraught day. I think that reading a book with your child is one of the most powerful things a parent can do. It always brought calm and turned things around (unless they were getting sick). There is nothing like a cuddle and a good story.

  5. What a brilliant list – an I so agree with the turning off the phone thang…we are far too connected to the online world these days and sometimes we just need to take a step back. Thanks for linking to the parenting pin it party this week xx

    1. Those phones are a two edged sword… I see how helpful they are, but one of the saddest thing I have ever witnessed happened at the library where I work. A little girl tried really hard to get her dad’s attention, but he was engrossed in his phone. I watched her give up and fight tears as she withdrew into herself. It broke my heart 🙁

  6. Such a simple and lovely list of ideas. In our home we often connect with our children through music and as our teen heads towards the end of adolescence, we connect more and more in this way.

    1. As you make a point of connecting everyday she will come to understand that she is greatly loved. It is a wonderful gift 🙂

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  9. These are such great reminders! Thanks for sharing. I am adding this to my buffer to share on social media.

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Hope to see you linked up again later today!

    Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =)

  10. Helen @ Peakle Pie

    Thank you for linking up to We Love Weekends last week. I have had a difficult time this week and your post made me realise that although all our planned activities had failed to emerge – spending time with my daughter was more valuable. Please join us again soon to share some of your family friendly posts. 🙂

    Your posts has been featured in this weeks We Love Weekends

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  12. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    Oh the parent guilt…and I’m glad to say I’ve gotten better at kicking it to the kerb! This is a wonderful list and gosh it gives me such a wonderful warm feeling in my belly when I stop and connect with my son and I can see the smile on his face, it’s just priceless. Your post was the most popular on Mummy Mondays last week so I’ve featured it today! Thanks so much Sharon.

    1. Kicking it to the curb sounds like a good way to handle it 🙂 Thank you for featuring my post- it’s a honor 🙂

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